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Game over, Amber Heard!

In a lengthy statement shared Monday on Instagram, Heard explained her decision not to pursue the appeal she filed shortly after the jury awarded her $2 million and Depp more than $10 million in June. The Daily Mail reported that Depp and Heard reached a settlement in which Heard’s insurance company will pay Depp $1 million.

“After a great deal of deliberation I have made a very difficult decision to settle the defamation case brought against me by my ex husband in Virginia,” Heard announced Monday. “It’s important for me to say that I never chose this. I defended my truth and in doing so my life as I knew it was destroyed. 

In a statement provided to The Times, Depp attorneys Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez said they are “pleased to formally close the door on this painful chapter for Mr. Depp, who made clear throughout this process that his priority was about bringing the truth to light.”

“The jury’s unanimous decision and the resulting judgement in Mr. Depp’s favor against Ms. Heard remain fully in place,” the statement continued. “The payment of $1M – which Mr. Depp is pledging and will (actually) donate to charities – reinforces Ms. Heard’s acknowledgement of the conclusion of the legal system’s rigorous pursuit for justice.”

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Judge finalizes jury verdict in Johnny’s trial

Johnny is now officially “innocent”.

Judge Penney Azcarate didn’t enter the jury verdict into the docket immediately. She gave Johnny and Amber until yesterday, June 24, to come up with a settlement. But they didn’t.

So Azcarate entered the jury verdict into the docket, making it official.

The Jurors took Johnny’s side in all three of his claims against Heard and granted him $10 million in compensatory damages and an additional $5 million in punitive damages. They gave Heard just one victory out of her three counterclaims and granted her $2 million in compensatory damages.

A representative for Heard indicated she plans to appeal the verdict. She has 30 days to file a notice of appeal.


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Jury WRECKS Heard, Revealing SHE LOST the Trial HERSELF!

New interesting youtube video from the Umbrella guy.

and Good Morning America

Juror in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial speaks out for 1st time about verdict “a lot of Amber’s story didn’t add up” and “the majority of the jury felt she was more the aggressor

A juror in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial said in an interview that aired Thursday on “Good Morning America” that when the actress cried during her testimony the jury saw only “crocodile tears.”

“It didn’t come across as believable,” he said. “It seemed like she was able to flip the switch on her emotions. She would answer one question and she would be crying and two seconds later she would turn ice cold. It didn’t seem natural.”



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Johnny Depp Supporters Raise $128K For Children’s Hospital

As a way of saying thanks for all the support they received from viewers throughout our YouTube live streams of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial, Rick Hoeg of Hoeg Law/Virtual Legality and Alyte Mazeika of LegalBytes have co-hosted a charity live stream to benefit the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on June 11, 2022. The fundraising goal was $35,000, but now it is at $142,875 already.

This is not yet the $3,5k that Amber Heard pledged, but $1 donated is better than that. If you want to donate, you can do so here.

Stevie J. Raw also made a fundraiser with over 1000 supporters already.


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‘Where’s Johnny Depp’s Justice?’ Amber Heard’s ‘Aquaman 2’ Role May Increase Despite Lost Case

Amber Heard’s part in Aquaman 2 was said to be cut down to just 10 minutes of screentime. However, Mensxp tells, that her screentime at recent screenings was about 20-25 minutes.

This would be a shame, now that she is even officially an abuser and husband beater, while Johnny Depp was removed from Fantastic Beasts 3 just with a slight (obviously wrong) suspect. That’s not justice!

If you haven’t signed the petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman, please do so. It’s at 4.5 mio. right now, which seems to be not enough for Warner Bros to remove her.

Wonderful alternatives would be Emilia Clarke, Blake Lively or as a special punishment Lily-Rose Depp.


However, as featured image, the wonderful Jason Momoa in Aquaman.

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Johnny won the libel case against Amber Heard

The verdict is in: the jury has ruled that Johnny has proven all elements of defamation in his case against Amber Heard and awarded him $15 Mil.
10 Million in Compensatory Damages.
5 Million in Punitive Damages.
(Punitive damages in Va. are capped at $350K so these will be limited)

Heard did win one claim in her case and was awarded $2 Mil.

Congratulations Johnny!

May your life continue where it ended before you met Amber and may it be an example for many other domestic abuse victims of whatever gender to step forward, because TRUTH WINS!

Thank you so much jury, attorneys, judge, witnesses, courttv and all you (us) supporters who did believe into Johnny, into the truth, for the last 6 years.

You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

And now, a mega pint of wine. Drinks all around!

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