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  • Hi Mr Depp,
    I’m not in love with you but I do admire the work you’ve done in the past and mostly, I’m so very proud of you for standing up for yourself in court. Abuse is abuse. It matters not what gender the victim is and I can see so many traits you have displayed that prove you’ve been through the ringer. I am a female about your age and I can tell you, at this time in our lives we deserve some peace and joy. I truly hope your family can see that we’re all human and we make mistakes. It’s unfortunate that yours are displayed for all to see and judge but you handle that like a champ. Your children should be proud of the father you continue to strive to be for them. And being a flawed human does not make you guilty of any random accusation thrown at you. Otherwise we’d all be in trouble!
    Keep your head up pal, seems you have a strong group of friends. Lean on them because I can tell you that mine have been there for me during some dark hours. And their motives are genuine and true. Either way……your a winner here.
    And your not alone in being mistreated by a partner.

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