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The only way to be sure you have contact to him is…go to a premiere…or an award ceremony…or visit a set – only then you can tell it is him. After all you can try writing him, there are a few addresses available which have been tried out. Sadly, ALL of them just auto signed pics – Johnny stopped signing by himself some years before, and it is unsure the letters are forwarded.

Anyway – IF you want to get such an autogsigned photo…make sure you send a letter including a Self Adressed Envelope (SASE) AND properly stamped. If you live outside USA, make sure, you add some International Reply Coupons instead of stamping the Envelope.

Spanky Taylor Correspondence Director wrote once by email (shortened):

On behalf of Johnny Depp we thank you for your autograph request. We assure you that we will make every effort to respond as promptly as possible. Johnny is happy to send an autographed photo upon request.  (…)

The quickest way to receive this photo is to send a self addressed stamped envelope (US Postage please) to the folllowing address:

Johnny Depp c/o Ms. Spanky Taylor

3727 West Magnolia Ave.

Burbank, CA 91505

Please be patient and allow at least 8 weeks for your request to process.

Johnny thanks you for your continued support!

Spanky Taylor Correspondence Director

As of 2021, the Spanky Taylor address still works, thanks to Dreama Collins Williamson:

Hi You asked for anyone to let you know if an address worked? A couple months ago I sent a letter to JD via the Spanky Taylor address and within a a few short weeks I received a signed (auto pen I’m sure) ‘pirates’ postcard. I knew he hadn’t signed it himself and prob never saw my letter, but it was still nice of them to respond and so quickly too. Which honestly kinda shocked me.

So, please send your mail to the listed address above. Do not use one of the other addresses, even if they still work, they don’t have enough room to put the incoming mail and you make it only more difficult for them.

The (new) official address of Johnny’s agency is

701d1aee742aJohnny Depp
United Talent Agency
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604

There have been several recent successes (Source) with autograph requests, like the one from She sent July 27, 2013 and received it November 4th, 2013 (autopen of course)

But as you can see, the address they stamped on it, is again the one above from Spanky Taylor’s email, so they probably work both (please mail me if you had success and share your pics!)

Contacting Johnny by Mail or Social Network

I heard many fans telling me, they have contact to Johnny Depp by email. If you are one of them: don’t believe it!!! You can be sure, it is NOT Johnny. I am sure, he HAS an email address, but I am as well sure, only close friends have this email address. So what to do if someone tells you by email, he is Johnny? Tell him to prove it by holding up a paper with your email or name on it and making a photo of it. On that Jack Sparrow with guitar pic he has a MacBook Pro or new PowerBook behind himself, they have a built in camera and it is a thing of seconds to make a photo.

Johnny does not have an official website, nor Facebook, Twitter or other social network account. Those facebook users claiming they’re Johnny are all fake. There’s only the official Infinitum Nihil website.

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