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The only way to be sure you have contact to him is…go to a premiere…or an award ceremony…or visit a set – only then you can tell it is him. After all you can try writing him, there are a few addresses available which have been tried out. Sadly, ALL of them just auto signed pics – Johnny stopped signing by himself some years before, and it is unsure the letters are forwarded.

Anyway – IF you want to get such an autogsigned photo…make sure you send a letter including a Self Adressed Envelope (SASE) AND properly stamped. If you live outside USA, make sure, you add some International Reply Coupons instead of stamping the Envelope.

Spanky Taylor Correspondence Director wrote once by email (shortened):

On behalf of Johnny Depp we thank you for your autograph request. We assure you that we will make every effort to respond as promptly as possible. Johnny is happy to send an autographed photo upon request.  (…)

The quickest way to receive this photo is to send a self addressed stamped envelope (US Postage please) to the folllowing address:

Johnny Depp c/o Ms. Spanky Taylor

3727 West Magnolia Ave.

Burbank, CA 91505

Please be patient and allow at least 8 weeks for your request to process.

Johnny thanks you for your continued support!

Spanky Taylor Correspondence Director

As of 2021, the Spanky Taylor address still works, thanks to Dreama Collins Williamson:

Hi You asked for anyone to let you know if an address worked? A couple months ago I sent a letter to JD via the Spanky Taylor address and within a a few short weeks I received a signed (auto pen I’m sure) ‘pirates’ postcard. I knew he hadn’t signed it himself and prob never saw my letter, but it was still nice of them to respond and so quickly too. Which honestly kinda shocked me.

So, please send your mail to the listed address above. Do not use one of the other addresses, even if they still work, they don’t have enough room to put the incoming mail and you make it only more difficult for them.

The (new) official address of Johnny’s agency is

701d1aee742aJohnny Depp
United Talent Agency
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604

There have been several recent successes (Source) with autograph requests, like the one from She sent July 27, 2013 and received it November 4th, 2013 (autopen of course)

But as you can see, the address they stamped on it, is again the one above from Spanky Taylor’s email, so they probably work both (please mail me if you had success and share your pics!)

Contacting Johnny by Mail or Social Network

I heard many fans telling me, they have contact to Johnny Depp by email. If you are one of them: don’t believe it!!! You can be sure, it is NOT Johnny. I am sure, he HAS an email address, but I am as well sure, only close friends have this email address. So what to do if someone tells you by email, he is Johnny? Tell him to prove it by holding up a paper with your email or name on it and making a photo of it. On that Jack Sparrow with guitar pic he has a MacBook Pro or new PowerBook behind himself, they have a built in camera and it is a thing of seconds to make a photo.

Johnny does not have an official website, nor Facebook, Twitter or other social network account. Those facebook users claiming they’re Johnny are all fake. There’s only the official Infinitum Nihil website.


  • Hallo
    Ich habe eine große Bitte,ist es möglich ein kurzes Geburtstags-Video für meine Frau BIANCA,sie wird 40 zu erhalten?
    Sie ist ja so ein riesen Fan
    Mit herzlichen Grüßen

    • Hallo,
      wir sind nur Fans wie deine Frau und haben leider keinen Kontakt zu Johnny Depp.

      Selbst wenn, ist es utopisch, davon auszugehen, dass er Zeit hat, allen Fans ein Geburtstagsvideo zu drehen, selbst wenn er sich sehr viel Zeit für seine „Bosses“ nimmt.

      Aber es gibt tausend andere tolle Johnny Depp Geschenke 🎁

  • I keep getting messages from supposedly Johnny Depp on Facebook but fear these are just fakes and scammers trying to get money out of JD’s fans. I have had at least 5 or 6 contacts from people claiming to be Johnny but they turn out to be fakes. Ive just received another message from Johnny Depp’s official fan page asking for me to pay for a meet and greet ticket so was wondering if this is genuine or not?

    I am a hugh fan and am tempted by this opportunity to meet Johnny in his LA California Mansion but not sure if it is true!

    I would appreciate confirmation of this and await hearing from you.

    Your truly


    • Johnny Depp does not have an official fan page. There’s just this official account by Johnny, not by fans.

    • Jeana, It was noticed that I am on several of his fan pages. This person made the mistake of telling me they wanted to get to know me, ask for my phone number, them a friend request, buy the meet & greet ticket, also told me, if I can give them some of my information, they would make sure that I got them quickly. This person was not Mr. Depp and has left me alone when I called them out. Be very careful. I will try to keep as many of those fakers off of this page. Do not give any personal information to anyone saying they can arrange a meeting, phone call or visit to any of his homes, boat, or be on the set, wherever he is filming. Mr. Depp is a very generous man, and people play on that. Mr. Depp will never be hitting his fans up for anything.

    • Please do not take that as the truth. Oh! And for the love of all that is holy Do Not give them anything. No information of Any kind, cash/ credit/debit/gift/ID licenses number, NO INFORMATION! Also do not allow a friend request or a way to your friends list. Mr. Depp loves his fans and I am sure knowing this would bother him. We will block them as we come to them. Those, and the ‘you are a winner’, comments. stay safe. And thank you for supporting Mr. Depp, just by being a fan.

    • Johnny Jheads is Not Mr. Depp, they are an extortionist they want what they can get from you and access to your friends list. Please tell them to piss up a rope, Johnny Depp would never ask anything from his fans. I am sorry, trying to get rid of them.

  • I had commented on Johnny’s NFT and his Paintings. There is a person out there saying they are Johnny Depp. They wanted me to take out a DBA and asked if I would be the “Sole Proprietor” .
    Also said it was for the children. I have kept them stringing along to possibly catch them in the act. I Hope someone does. . I asked for Proof, But none was provided, keeps trying to escape the questions I ask . I have alerted certain entities of this. I am a disabled person and I would like someone to stop this person from impersonating the Real Johnny Depp. They even send me flowers every morning with a Love letter. which is complete BS. This person is contacting me using this address. johnnychrisdepp65 [at] gmail [dot] com , along with Johnny’s pic next to it. Please help me to trap this person. Johnny does not deserve this and I will not let it continue. I am Playing along for now. But… I need your help to catch them. I will do my part from this end. Thank you !

    • Hello T.R.
      Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. We have no contact to Johnny or his management. Did you try contacting the team from his NFT site?
      Kind regards, Martina.

    • Oh No my lovely, do not give this person anything! Please do not friend request him, it will give him access to your friends list as well as other files you consider confidential. If you have accepted him, please do not let him stay on your account any longer. There is a person pretending to be Mr. Depp he goes by JohnyWheels something of that nature. Thank you for visiting us. I will be making a post in a bit (I am behind some) I have the great fortune to speak with some streamers off facebook who are covering the defamation case. This means you can come here and watch news, updates, the entire trial filmed live, from where every you are. Please be careful and stay safe.

  • Hi,ich bin seit über 30 Jahren ein Fan von Johnny.und ich bin genau auf 121 Fakes reingefallen.Da ich sehr lange kein Internet hatte habe ich die ganze schreckliche geschichte die Johnny durchmachte erst vor 3 wochen erfahren.Es hat mich dermassen umgehauen dass ich seither an Panik attacken leide.Ich wollte so gern wissen ob es ihm besser geht.
    Ich lebe in Frankreich und bin auch wie Johnny am 9.6.geboren.Ich würde mich riesig freuen wenn mir jemand antworten würde.Danke

  • Johnny you are the kindest person that I ever Noam cause you are so funny when you are in the pirates of the Caribbean and have a lovely smile and heart to show you can paint your idols or fans

    • Thank you very much, the appreciation goes both ways. Mr. Depp stands by his words – you, my fans, those of you who have been with me on all of my crazy journeys and who have and do love me still. Those are the people I work for.- We will have the defamation case posted here as it goes live daily.

  • Hi Capitan Jack, I have lived the same life of abuse for many years as you. I was put in hospital many times an some I can’t remember from the abuse I received. I have many scares inside and out and still suffer still to this day 20 years later and I have so much trouble trusting people to this day. I have pstd from my ex and I don’t males but actually I don’t trust anyone to be honest but I want you to know that you are not alone when it comes to abuse it is not on in any form and you may never get over it but there is people always there for you. I am one that will help you if you need it because I know what you have felt but on the other side. Don’t ever give up. Fight hard you will win. Love you. I don’t say that often. Take care. Kerry

  • Dear Mr Depp
    I know how it feels to live with a narcissist the quiet gaslighting always video taping at the times that make you look bad and not what caused it, the confusion the loneliness feeling less n less like a good person. If you ever wanted to talk I’m always here, I am a nobody but I know how it feels, take care of you now 🤗

    • Hello lovely, we all appreciate the love, care, and support you have carried all of this time. Hopefully soon this hot mess will be over with. It is very kind of you to offer your friendship. I must tell you there is a person who is running amuck on my channel, if they ask for a friend request or ANY thing say no. It is an impostor love, and wants to get to any valuable information from you or get from your friends list. The only thing that would be asked is to keep strong in you love and support. stay safe

  • Dear Johnny I’m watching you on trial and im 52 and recently divorced. I would love to meet up with you for dinner. My heart goes out to you. I’m sorry your going through this. I just want to be your friend my name is Janeen Wead look me up on the internet you might find my photo

  • Johnny it is Janeen again I forgot to leave you my number (edited by JDorg) and no I’m not crazy I would like to meet you because you seem like a gentleman and I like that and I love your movie’s I am recently divorced from an attorney after 26 years he was narcissist I have two adult boys

  • I support you. Stay strong.

    • Hi Niki, thank you for the support, every bit helps the DeppHeads stay strong. I do not mean for anyone to send a friend request, nor do you send money, personal information, seems there is someone trying to lure visitors from my channel to talk in private. That is when the bugger will make their move. Nothing will be asked of fans to give, for you all have shown such love and loyalty, nothing else is needed. stay safe

  • You’re a legacy mate loved ya since I was toddler hope you win your court case you’ll always go down a legend

  • I just want a message to go to Johnny Depp, I want him to know he is the strongest person right now , I have always had Depp as my favourite actor and will continue to but what he is fighting for right now is something to be proud of , I am going threw a very similar situation myself im just a no body Depp and I couldn’t face the world but he has shown all the men out there ,he is a hero I wish him all the best in the world and if ever in England love for you to come round for a coffee and a chat lol ,

  • Johnny, I am so sorry you had to endure abuse as a child and now by this Heard monster. I support you all the way! Remember, so many love you! You are in my prayers!


  • Johnny, take care of yourself, you deserve peace and happiness! You will be always the best actor for us, I believe in you.

  • How can I send him a gift, I found the mega pint haha thought it would be funny to send him the same “MEGA PINTS” with a rotating decanter 😂😂😂

  • Please let Johnny know I am here for him. Just like I was there when River past. I met you Johnny while I was with River. There is something important I think right now we should talk alone. I have things I can help you now with. She spoke around the wrong person ‘ME’. I will not put anything I have to say on paper EVER… Watch who is around you and if you like , feel free to meet privately you can decide then. I also have special friends who know as well but do not want to be involved but I owe it to you to try for River.

  • From Algéria,all algérian peuple is with U,i trust in U and i love U so much ,u’re strong U are true ,please dont give UP ,be happy, bé happy,beautifull daha are comming

  • Johnny – You got bit by the 🂡POISON🂡
    psychopath. She is 23 years younger and
    has the emotionally maturity of an
    impotent child. You allowed yourself
    to get entangled in a toxic/dangerous situation. Lest you not repeat the same mistake, you need to understand what
    your underlying problems/needs are: Mid life crisis, dumbed down by drug/alcohol
    addiction, insecurity. No one needs the
    love of one person to survive, but you
    do need your health to survive – body
    and soul. Please ask yourself why you
    got so involved with a psychopath that
    you put her before your own children.
    You can recover from this – do the work
    to help yourself. You were besotted by the
    beauty, but she was the three-headed BEAST that tried to destroy you.
    I wish you the internal strength that you
    need to pull yourself through this. Don’t
    look the BEAST in the eye – she throws
    toxic vibes through the air waves.

  • Hi Johnny,
    I am from Ireland and am sending you a big hug. I think that you are a beautiful person and I am sad that you have been caught up in this chaos. I wish you well and that you will survive this difficult time. I know that you have a tremendously kind heart of gold. Living with such a high profile of fame and success must attract a lot of unscrupulous people in your path and also a rollercoaster lifestyle of fluctuating changes and opportunities. Suffice to say that I think you are very courageous to defend your good name and reputation. It would seem that this situation was circumstantial and was as a result of a lot of pain. As a mother and now a young grandmother,a singer and artiste. I am completely on your side and will send you light.

  • Mr. Depp,

  • Mr. Depp,

  • Mr. Depp,
    I saw her deposition, she is such an actress. You can look at her & tell she’s lieing.

  • Mr. Depp,

  • Why throughout this episode has no one mentioned ENCOPRISIS and you only have to google Ryan Thomas and Roxanne pallet, a prime example, lots of love mate, from one survivor to another, it can happen to any of us xx

  • I have received an emailed from:
    johnnydeppmanagement12 [at] gmail [dot] com
    Asking for payment of different amounts for fans card with benefits and to meet with Johnny and get a vacation with him! This is another scammer from instagram for johnnys official fans page, correct? They ask for specific personal info and credit card







  • Oh man I hope you and Warner get all this legal shit behind! I need more music and more movies! kEEP YOUr head up and I’ll smoke this blunt while watching your ex dig a huge hole on live television. Be strong !

  • Toasting Sir Christopher Lee’s 100 years on May 27th in Austin Texas at 6pm (midnight London time) at Casino El Camino. Just thought you might like to know.

  • Good Day Johnny,

    How does a writer contact Mr. Depp about a very original idea for one of the most original talents on screen? Johnny, contact me by email please.

    The Occident needs an ‘Embittered Female Hellion Gallery List’ everyone can access before we go deeper into relationships with the female gender. Johnny, your former takes the cake but I knew an easy Amber-type female once that needed to come with warning labels. Her name was Michelle in my case. She actually warned me she would destroy me years before she did ruin my very ordinary life. You have a massive life and I have admired your talent for years. I did not see any movies of yours past Ninth Gate and the Rum Diaries I believe I saw only short scenes. I liked the writer and watched it for that reason. Anyway, Michelle’s beauty seduced me into believing she loved me. She did the same as Amber. She would provoke and embellish on a whim. I was vilified for no reason and I left my life there entirely.

    I have been overseas so long. I had no idea about your current struggle. Boon-Boon, my local lady, she watches that infernal social network. I kept seeing you come up. We live a life on an abandoned resort on an island on the edge of the Ring oF Fire.

    Anyway, I was also falsely accused by an arrant knave of a female. I tried also to restrain her a number of times and it only made her more angry and dedicated to ruining my life. I lost family,friends and I ultimately left my home country as a result. I actually needed to leave and immigrate out. The fact is she did not have an EQ to have a relationship with you Johnny. Her EQ is so low in contrast to you that the fights came about because of that fact alone. The Emotional Quotient is needed to improve in some horrendously immature females. They truly do need a warning label for unsuspecting and innocent partners.

    I never watch great film anymore. The last good film was your portrayal of the book detective in Ninth Gate. I watched the mobster film Donnie Brasco. Screenplay by Paul Attanasio. I prefer Sunset Blvd and the Guns of Navarone. I have written something I need you to read personally because I trust you.

    Success with your trial. Warmest Tropical Regards,

    Overseas Arden

  • Dear Capt Jack Sparrow, if you ever see this, I just want you to know that I am one of the people who never saw your movies. I want to tell you that your name will never be stained because the truth always comes out, and at the end, the world knows the truth because you were strong enough to seek it and you have such a wonderful team that cares and try to help you. We truly feel bad for what happened, but we are glad you are strong enough to seek justice for it and everyone in the internet hope that you heal soon after this is all over and get better. You will always be the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow and we love you and thank you for everything!

  • from Russia with love

    Good luck fighting your ex in court !

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