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Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires 2023

Johnny is not just an actor, but also a great musician and everyone should look in those facts about his life. Music was of course his first love. Here a list of all his musical works as well as a Narrator discography (other than the soundtracks from the movies where they put some movie lines in)

Bands in his youth (1980-1988)

In his early years, Johnny was a member in several Bands. His first band, Flame, he joined 1978, and he went through several other bands as Zaphyre, Bitch, Bad Boys. In 1980 he joined the band “The Kids” to become their lead guitarist. With the Kids he moved to LA, but they broke up in 1984. There are still some records available from the Kids, which you can find in our downloads section. In 1986, Johnny joins the Rock City Angels. He is also listed as one of the authors for the song “Mary” on their album “Young Man’s Blues” (1988).

Cry Baby (1990)

In this movie he does NOT sing. It seems as if, but no. It is just a perfect lip synchro. Only in the car he sings the first few words parallel to the radio.

Music Videos (1991, 1992, 1994)

Johnny appears as an actor in some Music videos, but he never sings by himself, even if it looks as if. There is the music video “Into the great wide open” from Tom Petty and the heartbreakers in 1991, “Its a shame about Ray” from the Lemonheads in 1992 and “That woman got me drinking” from Shane MacGowan in 1994. He is also listed as guitar noises for the Shane MacGowan song “Snake”.

the Band P (1995)

P is a US rockband formed by Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes in the year 1993. Johnny’s 21 Jump Street costar Sal Jenco became the band’s drummer, with Depp on guitar, vocals and bass, Haynes on lead vocals and Bill Carter on guitar and bass. Their debut album was produced by Andrew Weiss (ex-Henry Rollins Band, currently of Ween) at Oceanway Studios in Los Angeles. In 1995 a whole album is released. There’s also a Bonus track called “Mumble” which is written by P.

Playing guitar for Oasis (1995 & 1997)

Multiple times Johnny played guitar for the band Oasis. 1995 they recorded the song Fade Away for a help project, one year later he plays slide guitar for Fade In-Out. The album “Be Here Now” is released in 1997, containing that song.

Madroad Driving (1997)

Johnny performs on the Kerouac CD Kicks Joy Darkness as a narrator.

Producing Extremely Cool (1999)

Johnny is executive producer of the Chuck E. Weiss’ Extremely Cool album, song Devil with Blue Suede Shoes, released on February 2,1999

A Hollywood affair (1999)

November/December 1999 Iggy Pop releases his single Corruption containing the beautiful Song “Hollywood affair”, on which Johnny plays guitar and is credited with writing the music. It is also released on the 2001 CD “Hollywood goes wild”. He’s also credited as “Scaramanga Bros.”, a producing house he created with his brother.

Iggy Pop concert (1999)

December 12th, 1999 Johnny plays the guitar in an Iggy Pop concert in Paris, Vanessa Paradis is singing.

Vanessa Paradis Songs (since 2000)

Johnny co-wrote the songs of the 2000 published album Bliss: Bliss itself and St. Germain and played the guitar in Firmaman – he also directed the music videos for Pourtant and Que fait la vie in 2001. In the same year he performs at Vanessa’s show at the Olympia in Paris the song Fais Pas Ci Fais Pa Ca.

Chocolat (2001)

Johnny plays guitar in the movie Chocolat and on the soundtrack album of it. It is the first and the last song on the CD: Minor Swing and Caravan.


Sands Theme, Once upon a Time in Mexico (2003)

Johnny composes his own theme, the Sands Theme, for the movie Once upon a time in Mexico. I quote the album’s cover:
“Written and Produced by Johnny Depp, Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and Ruth Ellsworth
Performed by Tonto’s Giant Nuts”

Pirates of the Caribbean

You all remember Johnny dancing around the fire and singing “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me” on the island in Pirates of the Caribbean – the Curse of the Black Pearl, don’t you?

Secret Window (2004)

Johnny sings a few lines of “Shortnin’ Bread” after the credits of the movie Secret Window

Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (2006)

Johnny is (together with Gore Verbinski) executive producer of the 2006 released CD “Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys. You can buy the album at amazon.com

Band “the Kids”

even if “the Kids” are a band Johnny was a member of in his youth, they are still playing time by time for the “Sheila Witkin Memorial concert”, so in 2006 and 2008. Sheila Witkin was the mother of Bruce Witkin, one of the band members, who also taught him singing for Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney Todd (2007)

Johnny was playing Sweeney Todd in this movie made from a musical and did sing all the songs by himself, after he did some time training with a friend (Bruce Witkin)

Too close to the sun (2009)

Johnny narrates on the CD to the song “Too close to the sun” on the CD Pandemonium Ensues from Glenn Tillbrook & the Fluffers.

When You’re Strange (2010)

Johnny reads all the poems in the film When You’re Strange about the Doors.

Life  (2010)

Johnny reads Keith Richards’ Autobiography, which was released November 16, 2010, which won several awards.

Babybird: Unloveable (2010)

Johnny directed the music video for the song Unloveable and also played guitar for it.

L’ incendie (2008)

Johnny supposedly directed the music video of Vanessa Paradis’ single L’ incendie of the album Divinidylle.

I put a spell on you (2010)

Johnny performs on the guitar for the Haiti Support Single “I Put A Spell On You” (feat. Johnny Depp, Nick Cave, Bobby Gillespie, Glen Matlock, Chrissie Hynde, Mick Jones, Paloma Faith & Eliza Doolittle). Direct links to buy the single:

The Rum Diary (2011)

For the soundtrack of the Rum Diary, Johnny is credited as executive producer and composer for the song “Kemp in the Village”. He also performs on two songs – piano for the Mermaid Song by Patti Smith and a guitar duet for Kemp in the Village together with JJ Holiday.

From Gainsbourg To Lulu (2011)

Johnny sings and plays  bass, drums, percussion, and guitars with leading voice Vanessa Paradis in the song Ballade de Melody Nelson for the Album “From Gainsbourg to Lulu“. Lulu’s words: “Johnny is a musician in his own right. He has the soul and is quite a character. It was he who rebuilt the music. And the voice, I found it fun to switch roles: Jane is sung by Johnny and my father was taken by Vanessa. But it’s true that it is sacred first to have both as a duo.” He also plays in the song Sous Le Soleil Exactement. Also available on US iTunes  September 25, 2012
[amazon-product region=”us” text=”Buy at amazon.com” type=”text”]B005SZ1ZN8[/amazon-product]

Babybird: The Jesus Stag Night Club (2011)

Johnny plays guitar in the song “The Jesus Stag Night Club” on the latest Babybird album The Pleasures of Self Destruction, which brought him “into hell” as some extreme Christian groups stated. Stephen “Babybird” Jones has released an official statement, “Some people have no sense of humor.”

My Valentine Video  (2012)

In a beautiful music video to promote Paul McCartney’s CD. Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp use sign language with the  lyrics to My Valentine while Paul sings. Johnny also plays guitar part way  through this adds a special feel to the song. The CD is called Paul McCartney Kisses on the Bottom DVD (blu-ray) was  released on November 13, 2012.

MTV Awards Night  (2012)

Johnny plays drums and guitar with band Black Key. Photos in the gallery under Appearances

Johnny with P Band do a documentary (2012)

Playing guitar with P doing a documentary were joined by Johnny Depp who stepped in to play guitar with his friends in the band.

Aerosmith Band asks Johnny Depp to play (2012)

Johnny joins Aerosmith front man Steve Tyler on stage near the end of the concert to jam along on guitar once again rocking up a storm

Video of the Day: Johnny Depp Jams with Gore Verbinski at The Lone Ranger wrap in NM (2012)

Angel Fire, New Mexico – not just for bears anymore…the NM leg of Disney’s The Lone Ranger shoot is rapidly coming to a close. Time to let loose? Or at the very least take a moment to party responsibly with local cast and crew.

Click here to watch the clip!

“Collective Bargaining” by Jup and Rob Jackson with narration by Johnny Depp (aka Mr. Stench) (2012)

William “Billy” Rassel; a nephew of Johnny Depp; got Johnny to guest star on the song “Street Runners”. Depp’s (aka Mr. Stench) narration can be heard all throughout the song. Brashk Inc released the company’s first album September 20 2012, “Collective Bargaining” by Jup and Rob Jackson, now available on iTunes.

Johnny Depp on Aerosmith backup vocals (2012)

Aerosmith recorded their latest album, Music From Another Dimension, Depp did some backup vocals for the guys on the track “Freedom Fighter.” Aerosmith open up about how their collaboration came about: “[Depp] came down [to the studio] with one of his guitars and it got late, and it came time for the background vocals. We asked him if he’d sit around the microphone. He did and that’s how he ended up on the song.” Easy as that, folks. Just be Johnny Depp and the world is your oyster. Source

Update: November 6, 2012 From Another Dimension is released Johnny does backup vocals for the song Freedom Fighters. The full song is on YouTube and here is the press release for the album.

Playing with Patti Smith and Flea at the Wiltern, Los Angeles on Oct. 12 2012

Johnny rocks with Patti Smith during her concert in L.A.
Where will Johnny turn up next…stay tuned!

West of Memphis Voices For Justice Soundtrack (2012)

There is a new movie trailer available on iTunes for the West Memphis Three documentary, West Of Memphis. At the end of the trailer, there is a brief talk about the soundtrack. Called Voices For Justice. It is described as “a new compilation and companion piece to the film West Of Memphis, featuring music from and inspired by the film, and a new essay from Damien Echols.”.  Bill Carter reportedly contributes 2 songs: Anything Made Of Paper and Road To Nowhere; Johnny is said to have participated on the tracks. The film will be in theaters on December 25, 2012. Source (update CD Unknown release Jan.15/13)

El Rey Benefit Concert- 2012

Johnny at the El Rey in a benefit concert for the Sandy (Hurrican) harmed people playing his guitar.

West of Memphis CD Voices of Justice soundtrack -2012

Johnny shows his support and love along with other major artist playing guitar on songs  Little Lion Man (no.5) and Damien Echols Death Row Letter Year 16 (no.14) for the Memphis 3. (CD release date Jan.15/12)

Alice Cooper Concert Los Angeles ( November 29 2012)

Johnny joins Alice and the Band on stage at Orpheum in LA. Playing gutiar for the Raise the Dead section(8 songs in all) of  the show to the end. Schooools out forever!

Shane MacGown Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski Tackle “Leaving Liverpool” (2012)

This Music CD filled with Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys is on the  high seas Feburary 19 2013… Keep a weather eye open!

Johnny plays with Areosmith at Staples Centre in Los Angeles (2012)

Johnny picks up his guitar once again to rock with Areosmith. He reportedly played “Stop Messin’ Around” and The Beatles song “Come Together”

Johnny at The Mint-Los Angeles (2012)

Bill Carter was joined by Johnny playing gutiar(the blue one my favorite) at The Mint in L.A.

Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding (2012)

Johnny plays guitar with Alice and the band at the Comerica theatre in Phoenix, Arizona for Alice’s charity ” Solid Rock”. Found here http://www.alicecoopersolidrock.com/

Johnny works with Alice Cooper on New Album (2013)

In a video interview  with Alice Cooper last week, it was reported he and Johnny had been in a studio for two days working  on Alices new album. Alice said “Yeah, right, we’re writing for my new album. He came up with a good song- a really good song. Yeah, he wrote it- I wrote the lyrics, he wrote the music, and it’s really gonna be good. It’s the title track, actually, for the new album.” And went on to compliment Johnny on his guitar playing and musicianship. article on mydesert.com (go to page 2).  Stay tuned for more about Alice’s album later.

Son’s of Rouge Gallery-Pirate Ballads Sea Songs and Chanteys (2013)

February 19 2013 is the release date of this sea faring CD. Be prepared to set sail with such pirates as Patti Smith and Johnny Depp on The Mermaid then share a ballad as Tom Watts and Keith Richard sing Shenandoah. Get ready to rock as Shane Mac Gowan with Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski play Leaving for Liverpool are just some of the priate treats in store for you. signed Scarbrow Jinni

Late Night with Daivd Letterman (Feburary 21,2013)

Bill Carter and The Blame with Johnny on guitar play ” Any Thing Made Of Paper”  on Late Night with David Letterman

Working With Keith Richards (2013)

Johnny records and films with Keith and friends March 23th in L.A.

The Manhatten Blues Project ( April 2013)

Steve Hunter is joined be Joe Stariane, Joe Perry, Marty Friedman Johnny Depp, The 2 Cellos and many other friends to create the Manhatten Blues Project CD to be released later in April 2013

Vanessa Pardis New Album Love Songs (2013)

Johnny and Lily Rose join Vanessa on the song ” New Year” on the 2 CD of  her new album  called “Love Songs”. The album is a in different formats including vinyl(haven’t seen that in years) available May 13,2013. US release to most outlets May 21,2013


Vanessa Pardis in a recent interview with Elle Magazine talked about the song “New Year.” Co-written by her daughter Lily-Rose who found the melody and the first line to the song when she was six years old. ” We finished the song with family seven years later” say Vanessa. Vanessa also describes coming up with chords with Johnny and Lily-Rose singing along. Ruth Ellsworth Carter helped finish the song.

Lone Ranger Soundtrack ( 2013)

On the Lone Ranger soundtrack Johnny joins Shane Mc Gowan playing guitar. The release date for the music to the movie will be released June 25 2013. It is not certain the song will be ready in time…hopefully it will fingers crossed.

Johnny Depp shows up on Hookah Lounge CD

A surprise guest appearance by Johnny is on the New CD The Hookah Lounge Vol.1

Click here for the article

The Lone Ranger Soundtrack

The Lone Ranger soundtrack available July 2 2013 in CD and mp3 format, has Johnny listed as arranger and producer.

It is not known whether Johnny plays on this soundtrack.

The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles

Johnny gives tribute to the Beatles during the grammy awards January 28 2014

Johnny At Duesenberg Concert In Anaheim

Johnny joined Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and other well known musicians for a concert at Servite High School in Anaheim.pl

Johnny performs at Rodeo Austin, March 9 2014

Johnny joined Willie Nelson on stage play lead guitar and looks like he had fun too!

Chuck E. Weiss Ropes Johnny Depp and Tom Watts to Play on his new album “Red Beans and Weiss

Veteran Blues Player Chuck E. Weiss rangles Johnny and Tom Watts who both serve as executive producers to help with his new album.

Hollywood Vampires

Johnny teamed up with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry to form the Hollywood Vampires in 2012, and they were joined by Tommy Henriksen in 2015. They have released two albums, the self titled ‘The Hollywood Vampires’ and ‘Rise’. The band are going on tour in 2023, in Europe.

Jeff Beck 

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Johnny worked with Jeff Beck (RIP) on some music, and they released ‘Isolation’ in April 2020. After this successful collaboration, Johnny and Jeff have continued to work together, and in July 2022, released their album ’18’. This album includes two songs Johnny wrote himself: This is a song for Miss Hedy Lemarr, and Sad Motherf*****g Parade.’




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