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You can contact the JDorg staff for whatever reason. But before contacting us, please read this carefully:

  • » we cannot donate money to you!
  • » you cannot contact Johnny Depp himself through our site.
  • » we do not have any contact to Johnny Depp, we really don’t! – we are just a group of admirers (means fans).
  • » we cannot forward ANY message to Johnny Depp or his management or any of the movie productions.
  • » this means, we cannot send you any Johnny Depp autographs (or forward autograph requests), special items for a fundraiser, charity, sponsor something, help you with getting on a film or casting. And as much as we would love to, also not help you with an ill child with the last wish to meet Johnny Depp. Sorry!
  • » we can also not give you any interviews…at least not if you want to interview Johnny and not us “boring Johnny Depp website administrators”.
  • » Click here for our Contact Johnny Info site.
  • » any mail with above content will not be answered.
  • » I’m sorry if this sounds rude (we’re nice!!), but even with a note right above the contact form we’re getting such e-mails at least once a day, all getting disappointed once we answer them.

If you read all this, feel free to contact us using the form below or via e-mail.


  • God bless you.I pray you find peace. Focus on your children. Forgive. Move forward. Life too short. Help people without anything they deserve some joy. You are talented focus on that and God loves you. Not everyone is about money. There are more good people than bad. Amen.

  • Hey man, Youll probably never see this but just wanted to say i hope your doing okay. I recently heard about the situation with your ex wife and looked alittle into it, granted its not my place to say anything, after seeing the good you have done in the world and now seeing how your are being treated, man it makes me feel horrible, ive never reached out to anyne like this and i hope this gets to you so you know you do have people out here that still belive in you. Nobody is perfect and everyone has their flaws. But nobody should be put down as much as you have been. Here’s nothing but the best wishes for you. Stay positive and keep your head up. Your not alone 🙂

  • Hello Johny. You are a beautiful man. 😉


  • Hi Team
    Appreciate your prompt information.
    I want to know how to contact Johnny depp official team
    Do we need to pay for them.
    Any mail id for management

  • Mr johnny please help me

  • Mr.johnny please help me

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