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infinitum nihil
“force is force…matter is matter…will is will…the infinite is the infinite…nothing is nothing” – tolstoy

Is it possible for Johnny Depp to keep a secret? Well, possibly, but his production company Infinitum Nihil is no secret, even though he has tried to keep it out of the spotlight. Johnny does not talk about his company much if at all and there is not that much information out there to find. Here is the basic rundown on Infinitum Nihil and it’s projects. You will notice different connections to Johnny in many forms and artists connected with these projects at present. I.N. was founded in the year 2004 along with Johnnys sister Christi Dembrowski and Sam Sarkar. Sam Sarker, who’s Director of Development, is a writer who has done projects such as Caliber (comic book Caliber is the tale of Excalibur contained in five issues from radical comics.) The production house has a three-year deal with Graham King’s Initial Entertainment Group (Graham King also was responsible for the movie The Departed). The very first film from I.N. will be the well publicized Shantaram which was scheduled for release in 2008, before the writers strike.
Infinitum Nihil is Latin for Infinite Nothing, although on their official website they do have the actual quote, “force is force…matter is matter…will is will…the infinite is the infinite…nothing is nothing” from Tolstoy’s Confession. Where Leo asks “What is the meaning of my life, beyond time, cause, and space?” in which he answers, “none.” His reasoning being Infinitum Nihil.
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(The domain is NOT affiliated with Johnny Depp in any way. If you get mail from them, they are not Johnny’s people!)


In Development – The Novel is written by author Gregory David Roberts who is of course using his own personal life experience to convey this story to the reader and now the future viewer. Roberts is Australian born and is one of the founding members of the Anarchist People’s Liberation Army of 1969. Throughout his life in Australia he was married and then divorced and began a heroin addiction in 1977 which led to a bank robbery career to support his addiction. He was imprisoned in 1978, but escaped from the Maximum Security Pentridge prison two years later in 1980. He was helped by the motorcycle gang, BLF Union, & revolutionaries to escape and then fled to India. He was imprisoned there for four months and then recruited by Bombay mafia, training in currency crime, gold smuggling, passports and joined a gunrunning operation to unit of mujaheddin fighters in Afghanistan. He was wounded in action, evacuated to Pakistan to recover and returned to Bombay. He went to Germany and smuggled in and out of Europe where he was then captured in Frankfurt in 1990, imprisoned in Preungesheim prison with terrorists for a year where he taught himself to read & write German. He won concessions and was extradited to Australia the end of 1991 where he then served 2 years solitary confinement, 4 years mainstream prison in Australia,. He began his novel and wrote from 1991-97 while developing the philosophical and cosmogical model, “Resolution Theory”.He was released from prison and began the Shantaram novel in 1997, ended parole in 2002. He sold the rights to Shantaram, in the USA (St. Martin’s Press) & UK (TimeWarner Books UK) and published the Australian edition of novel, Shantaram, August, 2003. During his tour of Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong during 2004 he sold the movie rights to Johnny Depp, Brad Grey, Graham King, Warner Brothers. Shantaram is narrated by Lin, an escaped convict with a false passport who flees maximum security prison in Australia for the teeming streets of a city where he can disappear. Accompanied by his guide and faithful friend, Prabaker, the two enter Bombay’s hidden society of beggars and gangsters, prostitutes and holy men, soldiers and actors, and Indians and exiles from other countries, who seek in this remarkable place what they cannot find elsewhere. As a hunted man without a home, family, or identity, Lin searches for love and meaning while running a clinic in one of the city’s poorest slums, and serving his apprenticeship in the dark arts of the Bombay mafia. The search leads him to war, prison torture, murder, and a series of enigmatic and bloody betrayals. The keys to unlock the mysteries and intrigues that bind Lin are held by two people. The first is Khader Khan: mafia godfather, criminal-philosopher-saint, and mentor to Lin in the underworld of the Golden City. The second is Karla: elusive, dangerous, and beautiful, whose passions are driven by secrets that torment her and yet give her a terrible power. You can see the parallels in the authors experience above as the story is based on the life of the Roberts it is a wonderful read and will be a great motion picture.


Written by Alan Cowell who is a British journalist also known for writing, “Killing the Wizards: Wars of Power and Freedom from Zaire to South Africa.” Simon & Schuster 1992 and , “The Walking Guide,” for the New York Times. Cowell began his journalism career as a reporter for The Rueters. He joined the New York Times in 1981 and has reported from Turkey, the Middle East, central and southern Africa, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. He has also won the George Polk Award and was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for foreign reporting This is one interpretation of the true story of Alexander Litvinenko. A Russian Spy who was poisoned to death in 2004.There were large amounts of the radioactive substance polonium-210 were found in the body of the fiercely anti-Putin spy when he died Litvinenko alleged that the FSB, an agency that replaced the KGB, was responsible for the bombings that killed more than 300 people in 1999 in Russia. The attacks were blamed on Chechen separatists. Two different books have been written about Litvinenko and, of course, both books have been bought by different studios intending to turn them into movies. Warner Brothers purchased Sasha’s Story: The Life and Death of a Russian Spy, which has already been turned over to Johnny who may plan on playing the spy himself. There is a third book in the works written by the spy’s widow. Although all three accounts will of course be different, it is a story well worth the telling.

Johnny Depp’s Production Co. Teams With Yellow Bird Prods. & Tom Fontana For Series Based On Shakespeare’s Plays

EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Depp‘s Infinitum Nihil has partnered with leading Scandinavian producer Yellow Bird Productions, which is behind the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo films, and Emmy-winning writer-producer Tom Fontana for a scripted series based on the plays of William Shakespeare.

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Johnny is getting into publishing business

Johnny Depp, actor, is now also Johnny Depp, book publisher.   Publishing giant HarperCollins is partnering with Depp to create a book imprint, called Infinitum Nihil, which vows to be “authentic, outspoken, and visionary.” The first book released by Infinitum Nihil/HarperCollins on February 5, 2013 was Woody Guthrie’s “House of Earth: A Novel”. Another project, to be released in 2015, will be The Unraveled Tales of Bob Dylan by historian Douglas Brinkley, who recently wrote a profile of Dylan for Rolling Stone based on interviews with the singer/songwriter in Paris and Amsterdam.





  • I just want Mr. Depp to be aware that there are so many of us, myself included, that do not believe he is guilty of everything the media, press or anyone says about him. He is the absolute best actor in my opinion! I’m so upset and sad to think of him not playing Jack Sparrow. It definitely will make any further ‘Pirates’ movies less enticing, if I bother watching them! I am also an avid ‘Potter’ fan and was so thrilled when Mr. Depp was exposed as Grindelwald and couldn’t wait for the 2nd ‘Beasts’ film. When I found out that he was being replaced in the 3rd film, and why, I was livid!! They use you up and spit you out on a whim. Mr. Depp, if you read this, please know that you are so much more than any role you play or anything anyone has to say about you! I hope that you go on to have many more successes in life and work. This world may have forgotten ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but I, and hopefully many others, have not! I am very sorry that the people in this life will not let your personal life stay personal and that everyone is so eager to pull others down. I’m sorry for any suffering you’ve had throughout these events…. this too shall pass!! I wish you all the best and hope to see you in many more films in the near future and into the distant future!! Very sincerely!

  • Hello Johnny,
    I simply wish to give you my heartfelt support during this trying time. I have been watching the trial and have realized three things. One, your courage is helping so many people right now. Gentle men have been taken advantage of and you are setting the standard for true strength and masculinity. Two, it is obvious that Ms. Heard has deep problems. I feel she tricked you, and your trust in humans blinded you to her game. I hope she gets some real help. Lastly, I have learned my lesson regarding jumping to conclusions about anything the media has to say. I too like to keep a low profile to avoid anyone’s prying into my life. I am not a celebrity so I can only imagine how difficult it is for you. Just know you are not alone and have so much support. You are helping all of humanity and especially men!
    Blessings and love to you. Holly

  • I truly see Johnny Depp as a great man a real man a empathetic man who is more down to earth than Hollywood wants..

  • We love you and support you. You are worthy of of our our love and belief. The storm has shaken your frame, but it has not destroyed the foundation. Now, it time to to take care of you and not the not the needs of others. Self love Johnny, coming from a nobody in the world, to somebody with a gift that has been given to you for good reason. I love you dearly, because you’re worth it.

  • The truth always comes to light. I believe you are not guilty. My heart aches for what you have been through. I hope only happiness & peace finds you, moving forward in your life.

  • Someone wise once said, “I will not be defined by this moment.” I Believe that was you, Mr. Depp -Your Supporter since 21 Jump Street

  • We love you Johnny. You saved my life when u starred as Edward Scissor Hands. I Will never forget that. Everything is gonna be okay.

  • You have so much support here in little old New Zealand. Keep shining mate.

  • Johnny this storm is almost over. Know that you are loved beyond measure. Many have walked walked the rods of this journey with you, but now you must walk the road alone, but know this you will never be alone. I your distant friend will always be by your side. All my support and love. You take care of yourself.

  • I’ve always liked Johnny Depp as an actor, I always thought that he would be a cool person who seems down to earth. After watching the trial that has been televised this last month I’ve come to the conclusion that Johnny Depp is a fucking rockstar. Keep doing you.

  • I had 100 percent faith Johnny Depp would be set free from the chains of lies that bound him. I wish him all the best which is yet to come! Thank you for staying true to yourself and having the guts to make a stand. Inspiration NOT isolation!! Although I do love your remake version!!🤣❤️‍🩹🙏🎉

  • Johnny,
    You are an amazing man!!! You deserve ro be treated the way you treat everyone! You have done so much for so many people. I also am a domestic violence survivor. I wish I could meet you, it would be nice to converse with someone who understands what we both went through.

  • Dear JD, May you Continue to be Blessed in your new beginnings, please don’t allow any negativity in your life. Positive thoughts always .

  • Johnny

    Glad you had the chance to say the truth. Congratulations.
    p.s. Let me know when you are next in England. Mega Pints all round.

  • “Nurse! She’s outa bed again” springs to mind. The world is at your feet, squidge it between your toes, enjoy the moment, it’s yours. Lots of love chuck x

  • I’ve always been a Johnny Depp fan since twenty one jump street and he’s still a good looking handsome man and decent kind generous caring gentle loving man and when I first watched that courtcase with his exwife I knew from the very beginning that he wasn’t guilty I couldn’t believe he was a wife beater he wouldn’t be the type to beat any woman I felt very sorry for the way his slut snake of his exwife the terrible way she treated him if I was married to him I’d respect and honour him for the rest of my life I believe in commitment marriage I don’t believe in divorce he’s certainly not a bad man he’s a lovely kind gentle man hope he has good future and meet the right woman to love and respect him he deserves every happiness

  • I’ve been Johnny Depp fan for a very long time since he was in twenty one jump street he was a good looking young man he’s still got his good looks and he’s great singer and actor I felt very sorry for him going through that courtcase with his slut snake exwife Amber Heard I never believed those lies she was spreading about Johnny I knew he wasn’t guilty he was an innocent man I couldn’t believe him being a wife beater he didn’t look the type to beat a woman he’s a gentle kind loving caring man

  • I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing he’s not going back into pirates he made that character how dare they not put him back into that film I have to blame his exwife for ruining his acting career he played that character Jack Sparrow and he suited that role nobody else would be the same as Johnny he’s a great actor I say that’s their loss I wouldn’t be interested in watching somebody else playing that character

  • I’m so glad that u were found not guilty of being a wife beater I never ever thought u were u don’t look the type to beat a woman Ure a decent loving gentle kind caring man and I knew from the very beginning that u weren’t guilty because u believe in the truth u would never lie and I can’t believe what ur exwife did to u which was very cruel I believe in respect if I was married to u I wouldn’t be so cruel I don’t believe in divorce I believe in marriage love and commitment

  • Movie ideas

    Richmond Va

    The dark humor of The Professor and acting was very entertaining

    A view into another’s mind is a gift a miracle of sharing souls. A artists work.

  • Hi, I’m Sandra Mickle a fan of Johnny’s, since 21 Jump Street in 1987. I have followed him for many years. I want to meet him for my birthday, on October 6th, 2023, because I’ve wanted to, and because I’ve been trying to connect with the REAL Actor for over 3 years. I recently have been chatting on Google chat but have found out this person is a scammer, he even sent a video chat call to me. Looked identical to the Real Actor.unfortuately we never talked. I also sent his manager 100.00 to secure a meet and greet through Jdmanagement. But now not sure this is legit, because it was gift cards, unstead of actual cash. My question is Do you have to have a Fan Card to meet Johnny??? Thank you ,

    • Hello Sandra, what you request, does not exist. Johnny does not chat with fans, he does not sell himself for a meeting. Only possibility is to go to a concert or movie premiere and wait on the red carpet. There’s also special meet and greet cards at some concerts.

  • Concerned/ interested in JCD2’s health and well being. The leg issue was a real concern but he soldiered on with the HV tour.

    His emotion (soul) suffered terribly over the last 7 years. How can he endure ? Does he pray? Meditate?

    Just interested in the humanity of this remarkable man.

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