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Today’s Photo

Latest photo shared on social media today. Taken on Johnny’s flight to the US, to join Jeff Beck on tour.

The flight attendant commented on what a pleasure it was to fly with ‘the real Captain Jack Sparrow ‘ and how polite and lovely he was.

Of humbleness, gentleness and held hands (Martina’s encounter)

Somehow I had forgotten everything only 5 seconds after meeting Johnny on the Tourist Premiere, Dec. 14th in Berlin, so overwhelmed I was. But I give my best to write about my encounter.

I appeared in the Sony Center Berlin at 13 o’clock, December 14th, 2010. It was incredibly cold, below 0°C, and I realized (disappointed), that the girls from our German board were divided into two groups. After I gave our special Johnny hats we made to the girls, I had to decide, so I stayed with Ina at the entry to the cinema. The others were where the cars should arrive. I hoped, I could see the press better here at the entry.

After some hours one of the carpeters tol us we could not stay there (and this after Ina had made sure in the morning we COULD). But we could be on the other side of the carpet. So we ran there, and only BonBon and Conny (Elisa) stayed on this side, because they were so much at the left that they were allowed to stay. Once there on the other side, security came and told us, we could not stay there, but on the other side. Hey wait – we did hear that before – just vice versa. On the other side already other people were waiting. They had our place. The security guy told us why we’re waiting that long for such twerps, and that it stays exiting if everybody says something else.

However, at the end we moved away from the entry to a place in the near where the cars should arrive, without red carpet, without view on the press. But we were in the first row. What did we want more?

At about 17 o’clock Jerry arrived and was leaded around. And standing right in front of us, he said Johnny would first go to the red carpet, then come to us and then to the other side. So we were even first to get to see him right in front of us.

At about 18:30, Angelina and Brad came and people suddenly started screaming. Loud. Both leaved the car and Angelina, with only a bit of cloth, started signing autographs. But – she did not sign ours. It seemed to be beneath her dignity to sign Ina’s wonderful the Tourist painting with only Frank on it. “that’s Johnny!”. And my simply print was not good enough. Brad followed her and seemed to be so under her control, he also left us out. Or was it because of our Johnny Depp hats?

What to say – I did not care much. The feeling I had towards her (arrogant?) for years seemed to be true, and having her and Brad Pitt only 30cm did not exite me. I wasn’t there for them. They left me cold, and so I froze and hoped for a Johnny with more warmth.

10-15 minutes later, another car arrived. In the front we saw: Jerry. This had to be Johnny.

The car  passed us and a bit away Johnny left the car. With his hat! It was about 3 times as loud as when the other two left their car, and I feared, it would again happen all that fast. But Ina told me, Johnny would wait.

The crowd hooted when Johnny went to press first. The girl behind us screamed “Johnny cares about nobody than himself!” and such things. On the big screen we could see him giving interviews and the crowd shouted “Johnny! Johnny”. And suddenly it went louder on our left. Johnny started giving his autographs.

It happened so fast.

Suddenly he was so near already and I could put my camera away to see it with my own eyes. Ina left to me was next in row. She gave him her paintings, got an autograph and got his praises and that he wouldn’t deserve it.

Then it was my turn.

He was right in front of me. I said “Hey Johnny, I’m the owner of Johnny-Depp(dot)org, the site that worked with Shaw”. He said “oooh, great!” and while I listened to Johnny’s praises, Jerry asked, if the gift (3 hats) were for Johnny. I said yes, wanted to add more words, but it was already taken away. Johnny took my right and into both of his and thanked me multiple times while bowing down. They remembered me I had to turn my autograph pics around so he could sign them, and while he still held my hands, I pointed to my own hat and said “it’s one of these..”  and Johnny thanked again. Then he went away and I shouted “Can I get another autograph for my co-administrator?” (I thought, Sarfania deserved it most of all, serving you for years with the latest pics here at JDorg) and he signed it.

I don’t know the exact chronology of the facts, what words he said, when he held my hand. He told me all that with such an honesty and admiration and thankfulness, that I asked myself, who came here for whom.

He held my hand so tight….all other senses had a blackout. My eyes could not see anymore…I only felt his hand and heard his voice. His voice, not his words.Only his voice. He was so soft and humble, so so so soft. Like the hand of a baby which holds your finger as tight as it can, but not thight enough to really hold you back if you only jerked….or breathed. He held my hand for a whole felt minute but it certainly was only a few seconds.

And even if he held my hand only seconds…in these seconds I had the feeling to be carried on his hands.

Then he moved on and I thought “oh shit…now I forgot to tell him everything I wanted…to thank him for coming to this damn cold place, that it is the wrong weather to come as a tourist to Berlin, to tell him whom the hats are from etc….) – I had it so well in my mind. And that i should have listened to him to hear WHAT he says. I should have savoured the moment with all of my senses. Save his view into my eyes. But too late…for another 15 years…and again I began frozing and chattering my teeth again. I completely had forgotten the cold.

And I asked Ina, what Johnny said to me.

New Encounters Added

I have finished adding all the old fan encounters that I had to the fan encounters section, and that makes a total of 126 beautiful tales, so be sure to check them out!
Also, just another reminder that if you have ever met Johnny Depp and would like to share your experience with other fellow fans you can just visit the apposite section and contact me via e-mail!


I actually met him in an airport in Ohio. It was amazing because I was having a terrible day – my flight had been delayed forever, then I ended up having to take a different plane that went through Ohio instead of Atlanta- I was on my way to Lexington, Kentucky from California, where I went to school, to visit family for Christmas. Johnny was actually on his way from Lexington (where his mom lives also)to California. I was walking through the airport to catch another flight when I spotted him out of the corner of my eye! I just happened to turn my head and look into a bar and there he was sitting behind a post at a table with several other men. I nearly died, as I am a HUGE fan. Before that I always wondered if I would actually recognize him if I ever saw him in person, but at that moment I had no doubts. He looked exactly like he did in the movies, but as I’ve told people after, who never believe me, I think he’s actually more gorgeous in person- which is very intimidating! I was freaking out and started pacing up and down in front of the bar trying to decide what to do. I saw a woman in the bar go up and shake his hand and decided I would do that (even though at the time I wasn’t even old enough to legally enter)! After briefly looking for a pen (which I couldn’t find) I marched up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around kind of surprised and I immediately started gushing like an idiot. I’m not sure what I actually said to him but he was very gracious and humble. He asked me about myself and where I was going and was surprised when I said Lexington. I told him I was a film major at school and how much I admired the quirky parts he played in his film, how talented he was, blah, blah, blah. He said he had been extremely lucky and couldn’t believe he kept getting offered such good roles. He then shook my hand!! It was really great for me, I remember seeing that he wore lots of rings and had a tatoo on one of his fingers. He was smoking a cigarette and was dressed very nicely, with his hair about ear length and falling in his face just like it always does in pictures. He had a really heavy beautiful coat on, that was black – so did all the men at the table who were staring at me like I was a nuisance. Johnny didn’t treat me that way though, he was really very sweet and understanding for someone who has to deal with this sort of thing all the time. I started feeling very silly, so I said I had to go catch my plane (plus I was carrying a big bag full of Christmas presents). I didn’t really want to leave because when would I get a chance to ever be about 6 inches from his face again (he was sitting on a bar stool and was exactly eye level to me standing)! I left though and when I was a little bit away and just about to turn the corner I decided to look back one more time and was so surprised to see him still watching me – and then he waved! I smile and waved back and then left. Hmmm. I wish I could do it all over again – it was such a lucky chance and I was so silly and flustered. Oh well, it was still an amazing experience, but next time I think I would have gone for a hug (as one of your other writers got) and not just a hand shake! Sorry this came out kind of long, and unfortunately I have no pictures to go along with it but I thought I would share my experience with you. Most people are only mildly amused when I tell them (including the forty people near the pay phone in the airport who laughed when I called my mom screaming to tell her who I met:), but I still get giddy when I think about it!

ST Premiere London by Iceflower

I am to excited to write but I will write before I loose all words. I will try to write as good encounter as possible. I am on on cloud nine at the moment, and going to be the next weeks, months maybe years. This has been surreal and unbelievable, can’t believe I actually were there. I will post some pics in here, I have many of him

Lined up and waiting:

At 11am did we line up and met, Sandra, Nicki, Marja, Kitty and many, many others from the zone. At 11.55am they opened the gates, we all were showed in in different groups. As we stayed not to long from the front, we got fast in. We stormed to get some good places at the front line. And everyone in our group got some good spots. We made ourself comfertable and found some chocolate and biscuits. Four people joined us in our little circle we made, here is us waiting, with Norwegian flags and T-shirts we made:

And we talked all the way throught the premiere. As the hours passed did we (Depp Tunes, containing: Mette (mettiz), Grete (Icarii), Regine and me. )sing songs which had something to do with the Johnny Depp movies. And one of the people we met, Joane, was a proffesional singer, so she thaught us how we could sing a song for Johnny. We choosed Cry Baby, the first song in Cry Baby, and we learnt the five or six first sentences by heart. And then we made it sound like harmony (hard to explain). Around twoish is started to rain a lot and we all went under our umbrellas. We stood or sat and waited, and waited. Around 3pm everyone stood up and went closer together, only three and a half hour to go. We made sure we didn’t get to close in the beginning but as the clock got closer to 5pm, everyone was squeezed together. We started to sing just to have something to do and practice for the moment later that day. 5.30 some press people caught us singing, and started to film us singing. That was only the beginning, we were filmed by 10 or 11 different television shows, and interviewed by three of them.

6.30 the first stars appeard, some of them I had no idea who was, but I got autograph by two of them and Timothy’s (he who plays Wormtail in Harry Potter). Finally we heard some extreme screaming, and we understood this is it! He used ages getting from the entrance and to us. He was getting interviewed by many. We just wanted him to come over to were we where. We could see him in the distance:

He got closer and closer, and when he was standing with the weird guy Nicki was talking about, did we start to talk to each other. Shall we really do this? Shall we really sing to him? And shall we start now? And then we started to sing, because we had been sinign to the TV stations earlier, did we feel more comfortable singing to him. We started to sing, took some seconds for him to realize which song it was, but then he looked about still singing autographs and smiled at us with a childiss, laughing look and those eyes was amazing. He got to Grete, and we were still singing. And he said: ” I will never forget this”. Grete handed him a drawing of Van, and he loved it. When he got to Mette and me, he said he loved the song and looked us in the eyes. He has amazing, star like eyes. And then are just so calm. I can’t describe it. It was unbelievable, amazing, fantastic, surreal, a dream come through, wanted to pinch my self. I can’t believe we managed to stay calm and sing and not scream. When the fantastic moment were over we started the sing the song once more and in turned over still laughing and smiling and looking at us with those amazing eyes. His smilie is just… and it looked like he wanted to come back to us and talked, but he was dragged on and continued to sign the rest of the things people had with them. He signed all the lines. He is amazing. He is just a sweetheart! I got signed, one of the Kaori Suziki pictures, eventhough the rain destroyed it a little am I framing it and putting it on my wall.

He walked over a bridge like thing, and I caught some pictures of him waving:

We stood there like forever afterwards, just couldn’t believe we had done it and made such an impression,a nd that we were there. I loved it and I want to do it again. I have lack of words describing my feelings from that moment, but I have tried. We have been singing ever since that moment, the song over and over again and it sounds great now. The song will never be the same or my life either.

I still floating on cloud nine and trying to believe this just happened.

PS: One more thing, the rain stopped when Johnny arrived

See the pics here

Pinewood Encounter of Jacks Wench

On April 26th, 2007, Jacks Wench, a member of the JohnnyDepp-Zone, met Johnny Depp at the Pinewood studios, and I am happy I am allowed to post her story here:

“Ladies, my dream came true today! I’m not as good as Jomel at writing these things up as this is my first experience of it, so be gently with me.

My Pinewood encounter ? 26th April 2007

25/4/07 ? I arrived at Pinewood at 3:30 with a couple of friends and about an hour later we were joined by Maria and her mum Cheryl, who had travelled from Spain hoping to meet Johnny. Between us we manned both gates. At 7, they closed the gates on the VIP entrance so we all moved round to the timekeepers entrance. At 7:40 Gerry (Johnny?s security guard) came down and told us that he would have come to see us earlier but he thought we were Take That fans, because apparently Take That were at Pinewood filming a video. He said there was no way Johnny was going to be able to stop that night because he was going straight from the studios to do ADR for Pirates. We were all devastated! He then said that if we came back the next day, he would take our pictures for Johnny to sign then he would bring Johnny round to the VIP entrance so we could have our photos taken with him. He asked us to move on because he said Johnny would be very upset at having to go past us. So, we all went off home.

26/4/07 ? I arrived on my own at Pinewood at 4:30 and felt very conspicuous stood there alone. Luckily, around 5:45 Maria and Cheryl arrived. I was so relieved. About an hour later, Gerry came round the corner. My heart went up in my mouth as I knew then that it was going to happen. I was going to meet Johnny!!

He took our photos and said that Johnny was taking his make up off then would be round to see us. About half an hour later I saw the car pulling up.

Now, I?m trying really hard to remember everything that happened, but it all happened so quickly and I was trying to absorb every tiny detail. Gerry got out the car first and opened the back door, and there he was! Johnny Depp was stood in front of me. I still have that moment stuck like a photo in my brain. He walked towards me, gave me a peck on the cheek and a tight hug. He then looked at Maria, who was a bit emotional. I kinda lost the plot here a little bit and I now feel more than a little stupid, but I found myself touching his arm and said ?Oh, wow?. My legs had also gone slightly jelly-like!

Johnny gave Maria a hug and a peck on the cheek and said something to her like ?Aww sweetheart?. He then hugged Cheryl.

All the time Gerry was in the background trying to move things a long but I didn?t get the feeling that Johnny wanted to hurry. His PA guy (sorry I can?t remember his name) took a picture of me and Johnny, then I asked Johnny if I could take a photo of him on his own, and he said ?Of course?. I asked him how filming was going and he said it was going really well. I also asked him about the singing and he said ?It?s all finished now, all over? and I have to say there was definitely a sound of relief in his voice.

Next I took a picture of Maria with Johnny and Cheryl asked Johnny how Lily-Rose was doing. He said ?she?s doing great?. Cheryl also asked him if there was going to be a Paris or London premiere of Pirates 3 but Johnny said no. Cheryl asked him if there was going to be a UK premiere for Sweeney Todd and he said ?yes?. She asked him if he was going to be there and he said ?if they?ll have me?.

It was time for him to go but before he did, we all got another hug, then he was in the car. He rolled down the window, put his head out and waved as they drove him away.

I can?t describe the way I?m feeling right now. It?s a dream come true and something I am never going to forget?.ever. He is a very special man, and although I thought I would fall apart when I met him, he actually had a very calming effect on me. I keep relieving the moment over and over again and I think I will be doing that for a long time to come. I keep saying in my head, ?I met Johnny Depp?”

later, regarding the Sweeney Todd shooting, she tells

“(…)Gerry said to us on Wednesday that filming would finish next week.

I’m 80 miles from Pinewood and I went by train.(…)”

Jacks Wench also allowed me to add her photos to this site, you can see them here in the galleries

Thanks a lot to Jacks Wench for sharing this wonderful encounter with us all fans <3