Of humbleness, gentleness and held hands (Martina’s encounter)

Somehow I had forgotten everything only 5 seconds after meeting Johnny on the Tourist Premiere, Dec. 14th in Berlin, so overwhelmed I was. But I give my best to write about my encounter.

I appeared in the Sony Center Berlin at 13 o’clock, December 14th, 2010. It was incredibly cold, below 0°C, and I realized (disappointed), that the girls from our German board were divided into two groups. After I gave our special Johnny hats we made to the girls, I had to decide, so I stayed with Ina at the entry to the cinema. The others were where the cars should arrive. I hoped, I could see the press better here at the entry.

After some hours one of the carpeters tol us we could not stay there (and this after Ina had made sure in the morning we COULD). But we could be on the other side of the carpet. So we ran there, and only BonBon and Conny (Elisa) stayed on this side, because they were so much at the left that they were allowed to stay. Once there on the other side, security came and told us, we could not stay there, but on the other side. Hey wait – we did hear that before – just vice versa. On the other side already other people were waiting. They had our place. The security guy told us why we’re waiting that long for such twerps, and that it stays exiting if everybody says something else.

However, at the end we moved away from the entry to a place in the near where the cars should arrive, without red carpet, without view on the press. But we were in the first row. What did we want more?

At about 17 o’clock Jerry arrived and was leaded around. And standing right in front of us, he said Johnny would first go to the red carpet, then come to us and then to the other side. So we were even first to get to see him right in front of us.

At about 18:30, Angelina and Brad came and people suddenly started screaming. Loud. Both leaved the car and Angelina, with only a bit of cloth, started signing autographs. But – she did not sign ours. It seemed to be beneath her dignity to sign Ina’s wonderful the Tourist painting with only Frank on it. “that’s Johnny!”. And my simply print was not good enough. Brad followed her and seemed to be so under her control, he also left us out. Or was it because of our Johnny Depp hats?

What to say – I did not care much. The feeling I had towards her (arrogant?) for years seemed to be true, and having her and Brad Pitt only 30cm did not exite me. I wasn’t there for them. They left me cold, and so I froze and hoped for a Johnny with more warmth.

10-15 minutes later, another car arrived. In the front we saw: Jerry. This had to be Johnny.

The car  passed us and a bit away Johnny left the car. With his hat! It was about 3 times as loud as when the other two left their car, and I feared, it would again happen all that fast. But Ina told me, Johnny would wait.

The crowd hooted when Johnny went to press first. The girl behind us screamed “Johnny cares about nobody than himself!” and such things. On the big screen we could see him giving interviews and the crowd shouted “Johnny! Johnny”. And suddenly it went louder on our left. Johnny started giving his autographs.

It happened so fast.

Suddenly he was so near already and I could put my camera away to see it with my own eyes. Ina left to me was next in row. She gave him her paintings, got an autograph and got his praises and that he wouldn’t deserve it.

Then it was my turn.

He was right in front of me. I said “Hey Johnny, I’m the owner of Johnny-Depp(dot)org, the site that worked with Shaw”. He said “oooh, great!” and while I listened to Johnny’s praises, Jerry asked, if the gift (3 hats) were for Johnny. I said yes, wanted to add more words, but it was already taken away. Johnny took my right and into both of his and thanked me multiple times while bowing down. They remembered me I had to turn my autograph pics around so he could sign them, and while he still held my hands, I pointed to my own hat and said “it’s one of these..”  and Johnny thanked again. Then he went away and I shouted “Can I get another autograph for my co-administrator?” (I thought, Sarfania deserved it most of all, serving you for years with the latest pics here at JDorg) and he signed it.

I don’t know the exact chronology of the facts, what words he said, when he held my hand. He told me all that with such an honesty and admiration and thankfulness, that I asked myself, who came here for whom.

He held my hand so tight….all other senses had a blackout. My eyes could not see anymore…I only felt his hand and heard his voice. His voice, not his words.Only his voice. He was so soft and humble, so so so soft. Like the hand of a baby which holds your finger as tight as it can, but not thight enough to really hold you back if you only jerked….or breathed. He held my hand for a whole felt minute but it certainly was only a few seconds.

And even if he held my hand only seconds…in these seconds I had the feeling to be carried on his hands.

Then he moved on and I thought “oh shit…now I forgot to tell him everything I wanted…to thank him for coming to this damn cold place, that it is the wrong weather to come as a tourist to Berlin, to tell him whom the hats are from etc….) – I had it so well in my mind. And that i should have listened to him to hear WHAT he says. I should have savoured the moment with all of my senses. Save his view into my eyes. But too late…for another 15 years…and again I began frozing and chattering my teeth again. I completely had forgotten the cold.

And I asked Ina, what Johnny said to me.

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