Documentary about Johnny Depp’s and Amber Heard’s legal battle

I so hope this is not true.

The two parts film will be produced by Optomen and will premiere on streaming service Discovery+.

“Through the tapes, home videos and text messages shown in court, these films give viewers a rare and important insight into a marriage that went tragically wrong, and to better understand the hugely important issue of domestic violence,” says executive producer Nick Hornby.

The film will throw light on both perspectives.

Dior 2021 Pics

I added some pics from the new Dior Commercials 2021 over here.

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View the Dior Sauvage Elixir commercial here. Or should I say the Johnny Depp Elixir 2021?

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Dakota Johnson Comments on Allegations Against Her Former Co-Stars


Author: Just Jared

Dakota Johnson is reacting to allegations made against some of her former co-stars.

The 32-year-old actress opened up in an interview with THR.

During the interview, she was asked about starring in movies like Black Mass alongside Johnny Depp, Wounds with Armie Hammer and The Peanut Butter Falcon alongside Shia LaBeouf, all of whom are now embroiled in various controversies.

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“I never experienced that firsthand from any of those people,” she said of the various allegations against the actors.

“I had an incredible time working with them; I feel sad for the loss of great artists. I feel sad for people needing help and perhaps not getting it in time. I feel sad for anyone who was harmed or hurt. It’s just really sad,” she continued.

“I do believe that people can change. I want to believe in the power of a human being to change and evolve and get help and help other people. I think there’s definitely a major overcorrection happening. But I do believe that there’s a way for the pendulum to find the middle,” she went on to say.

“The way that studios have been run up until now, and still now, is behind. It is such an antiquated mindset of what movies should be made, who should be in them, how much people should get paid, what equality and diversity look like. Sometimes the old school needs to be moved out for the new school to come in. But, yeah, cancel culture is such a f–king downer. I hate that term.”

Dakota Johnson also opened up about 50 Shades of Grey, and whether she has regrets.

Johnny Depp Attends ‘Puffins’ Premiere in Italy


Author: Just Jared

Johnny Depp is celebrating Puffins.

The 58-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor was spotted taking photos on the red carpet at the premiere of Puffins during the 19th Alice Nella Città 2021 at Auditorium Parco Della Musica on Sunday (October 17) in Rome, Italy.

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Puffins follows the adventures of a bunch of funny little birds, minions of the sly walrus Otto. Main characters of the series are five Puffins: Johnny Puff, two males, Tic and Tac, and two females, Didi and Pie.

Johnny Depp voices the character Johnny Puff in the animated series, a mobile-first, short-form toon series consisting of 250 five-minute episodes.

If you didn’t know, Johnny Depp is also starting a new venture.

The actor announced the launch of a new development fund for movie and television projects, headed by his own IN.2 Films and Adolfo Blanco’s A Contracorriente Films in Spain. Get the details.

Amber Heard Drags LAPD Further Into $50M Legal Battle With Johnny Depp, Subpoenas Cops Over 2016 Domestic Disturbance


Author: Dominic Patten

Editor’s note: An error was made in the initial publication of this post. We apologize. Amber Heard is the one seeking LAPD records, not Johnny Depp. Months after first going after the Los Angeles Police Department in her legal battle with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has doubled down on the cops. In a subpoena approved […]

Johnny Depp Says Cancel Culture Is “So Far Out Of Hand” & “No One Is Safe”, Asks People To “Stand Up” Against “Injustice” – San Sebastian


Author: Tom Grater

Johnny Depp went on the record today saying that he is a victim of cancel culture and that “no one is safe” from the movement, calling on people to “stand up” for people facing “injustice”. “It can be seen as an event in history that lasted for however long it lasted, this cancel culture, this […]