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ST Premiere London by Iceflower

I am to excited to write but I will write before I loose all words. I will try to write as good encounter as possible. I am on on cloud nine at the moment, and going to be the next weeks, months maybe years. This has been surreal and unbelievable, can’t believe I actually were there. I will post some pics in here, I have many of him

Lined up and waiting:

At 11am did we line up and met, Sandra, Nicki, Marja, Kitty and many, many others from the zone. At 11.55am they opened the gates, we all were showed in in different groups. As we stayed not to long from the front, we got fast in. We stormed to get some good places at the front line. And everyone in our group got some good spots. We made ourself comfertable and found some chocolate and biscuits. Four people joined us in our little circle we made, here is us waiting, with Norwegian flags and T-shirts we made:

And we talked all the way throught the premiere. As the hours passed did we (Depp Tunes, containing: Mette (mettiz), Grete (Icarii), Regine and me. )sing songs which had something to do with the Johnny Depp movies. And one of the people we met, Joane, was a proffesional singer, so she thaught us how we could sing a song for Johnny. We choosed Cry Baby, the first song in Cry Baby, and we learnt the five or six first sentences by heart. And then we made it sound like harmony (hard to explain). Around twoish is started to rain a lot and we all went under our umbrellas. We stood or sat and waited, and waited. Around 3pm everyone stood up and went closer together, only three and a half hour to go. We made sure we didn’t get to close in the beginning but as the clock got closer to 5pm, everyone was squeezed together. We started to sing just to have something to do and practice for the moment later that day. 5.30 some press people caught us singing, and started to film us singing. That was only the beginning, we were filmed by 10 or 11 different television shows, and interviewed by three of them.

6.30 the first stars appeard, some of them I had no idea who was, but I got autograph by two of them and Timothy’s (he who plays Wormtail in Harry Potter). Finally we heard some extreme screaming, and we understood this is it! He used ages getting from the entrance and to us. He was getting interviewed by many. We just wanted him to come over to were we where. We could see him in the distance:

He got closer and closer, and when he was standing with the weird guy Nicki was talking about, did we start to talk to each other. Shall we really do this? Shall we really sing to him? And shall we start now? And then we started to sing, because we had been sinign to the TV stations earlier, did we feel more comfortable singing to him. We started to sing, took some seconds for him to realize which song it was, but then he looked about still singing autographs and smiled at us with a childiss, laughing look and those eyes was amazing. He got to Grete, and we were still singing. And he said: ” I will never forget this”. Grete handed him a drawing of Van, and he loved it. When he got to Mette and me, he said he loved the song and looked us in the eyes. He has amazing, star like eyes. And then are just so calm. I can’t describe it. It was unbelievable, amazing, fantastic, surreal, a dream come through, wanted to pinch my self. I can’t believe we managed to stay calm and sing and not scream. When the fantastic moment were over we started the sing the song once more and in turned over still laughing and smiling and looking at us with those amazing eyes. His smilie is just… and it looked like he wanted to come back to us and talked, but he was dragged on and continued to sign the rest of the things people had with them. He signed all the lines. He is amazing. He is just a sweetheart! I got signed, one of the Kaori Suziki pictures, eventhough the rain destroyed it a little am I framing it and putting it on my wall.

He walked over a bridge like thing, and I caught some pictures of him waving:

We stood there like forever afterwards, just couldn’t believe we had done it and made such an impression,a nd that we were there. I loved it and I want to do it again. I have lack of words describing my feelings from that moment, but I have tried. We have been singing ever since that moment, the song over and over again and it sounds great now. The song will never be the same or my life either.

I still floating on cloud nine and trying to believe this just happened.

PS: One more thing, the rain stopped when Johnny arrived

See the pics here

Pinewood Encounter of Jacks Wench

On April 26th, 2007, Jacks Wench, a member of the JohnnyDepp-Zone, met Johnny Depp at the Pinewood studios, and I am happy I am allowed to post her story here:

“Ladies, my dream came true today! I’m not as good as Jomel at writing these things up as this is my first experience of it, so be gently with me.

My Pinewood encounter ? 26th April 2007

25/4/07 ? I arrived at Pinewood at 3:30 with a couple of friends and about an hour later we were joined by Maria and her mum Cheryl, who had travelled from Spain hoping to meet Johnny. Between us we manned both gates. At 7, they closed the gates on the VIP entrance so we all moved round to the timekeepers entrance. At 7:40 Gerry (Johnny?s security guard) came down and told us that he would have come to see us earlier but he thought we were Take That fans, because apparently Take That were at Pinewood filming a video. He said there was no way Johnny was going to be able to stop that night because he was going straight from the studios to do ADR for Pirates. We were all devastated! He then said that if we came back the next day, he would take our pictures for Johnny to sign then he would bring Johnny round to the VIP entrance so we could have our photos taken with him. He asked us to move on because he said Johnny would be very upset at having to go past us. So, we all went off home.

26/4/07 ? I arrived on my own at Pinewood at 4:30 and felt very conspicuous stood there alone. Luckily, around 5:45 Maria and Cheryl arrived. I was so relieved. About an hour later, Gerry came round the corner. My heart went up in my mouth as I knew then that it was going to happen. I was going to meet Johnny!!

He took our photos and said that Johnny was taking his make up off then would be round to see us. About half an hour later I saw the car pulling up.

Now, I?m trying really hard to remember everything that happened, but it all happened so quickly and I was trying to absorb every tiny detail. Gerry got out the car first and opened the back door, and there he was! Johnny Depp was stood in front of me. I still have that moment stuck like a photo in my brain. He walked towards me, gave me a peck on the cheek and a tight hug. He then looked at Maria, who was a bit emotional. I kinda lost the plot here a little bit and I now feel more than a little stupid, but I found myself touching his arm and said ?Oh, wow?. My legs had also gone slightly jelly-like!

Johnny gave Maria a hug and a peck on the cheek and said something to her like ?Aww sweetheart?. He then hugged Cheryl.

All the time Gerry was in the background trying to move things a long but I didn?t get the feeling that Johnny wanted to hurry. His PA guy (sorry I can?t remember his name) took a picture of me and Johnny, then I asked Johnny if I could take a photo of him on his own, and he said ?Of course?. I asked him how filming was going and he said it was going really well. I also asked him about the singing and he said ?It?s all finished now, all over? and I have to say there was definitely a sound of relief in his voice.

Next I took a picture of Maria with Johnny and Cheryl asked Johnny how Lily-Rose was doing. He said ?she?s doing great?. Cheryl also asked him if there was going to be a Paris or London premiere of Pirates 3 but Johnny said no. Cheryl asked him if there was going to be a UK premiere for Sweeney Todd and he said ?yes?. She asked him if he was going to be there and he said ?if they?ll have me?.

It was time for him to go but before he did, we all got another hug, then he was in the car. He rolled down the window, put his head out and waved as they drove him away.

I can?t describe the way I?m feeling right now. It?s a dream come true and something I am never going to forget?.ever. He is a very special man, and although I thought I would fall apart when I met him, he actually had a very calming effect on me. I keep relieving the moment over and over again and I think I will be doing that for a long time to come. I keep saying in my head, ?I met Johnny Depp?”

later, regarding the Sweeney Todd shooting, she tells

“(…)Gerry said to us on Wednesday that filming would finish next week.

I’m 80 miles from Pinewood and I went by train.(…)”

Jacks Wench also allowed me to add her photos to this site, you can see them here in the galleries

Thanks a lot to Jacks Wench for sharing this wonderful encounter with us all fans <3

Pinewood encounter

On April 11th, Jo, Lisa, Ann, Natz, Mel, Lester and Patsie met Johnny at the Pinewood studios – one more meeting of 8 for some of them.
Thanks to all, and especially to Jo and Patsie for allowing me to use their pics and report.

Here is the exiting report of Jo:

“(…) We went to PW (Sweeney Todd filming) last week and were told to come back (just us, noone else) by Johnny’s bodyguard as he didn’t have time to stop that day. And we weren’t sure whether to believe him! Sorry Jerry!

We got to Pinewood (thats Ann, Natz, her twin Mel and myself at about 2.15pm. We split up as normal, myself and Ann on one entrance, the twins on the other. Lester arrived at 3pm and Lisa and PAtsie joined us at 3pm. Lisa went to the other entrance, Lester and Patsie joined me and Ann. And we waited! Finally, Johnny’s car arrived at about 6pm. And he wasn’t in it!

Jerry got out and came over to us. He took our stuff off of us to get signed and told us Johnny would sign them for us and then he’d bring him round to us for a chat and photos. He had some pirates stuff to do so he couldnt sign everything for us in front of us as it would have taken to long. So, we gave Jerry our pics and he took em. I got a Libertine pic for me signed, plus personalised autos for Allison and Bev and an unpersonalised one for Debbie.

Then, atlast, at 7.30pm, the car came back, Jerry got out, opened the rear door and Johnny got out! He was already smiling and waving and calling hello! just for fun He looked incredible!! He was wearing a white Tshirt, black jacket and blue jeans (I think they were blue) and a POTC cap!! Bless him! We all got photos with him, I gave him a thank you card (signed by all the members of my group) and the pirates book I brought for him. I told him all about you my little yahoo group and he thought it was cool! He gave me a kiss and hug hello and kept touching my arm as I was talking to him! I said it was so awesome to see him and he said “I’m the one thats honoured!!!” OMG!!!Squeeeee! Then I got my pic! The other girls all got fab meetings too. Lisa gave him a Rolling Stones T Shirt from my yahoo group.

He talked to us all about Sweeney Todd (he apologised for his singing in advance – lol!) and kept thanking us for coming. We got more kisses and hugs and then he had to go but the meeting definately wasn’t rushed in anyway. We all got our moment! He thanked us again for the gifts and got back in the car. As they drove off he wound down the window to wave to us all and thanked us yet again! love

Just amazing!! We are all pretty happy right now! (…)”

Later she added:

“(…) The Sweeney Todd bit was funny because Natz asked him, is it true you will be singing and dancing? And he answered “Unfortunately yes” and grimaced, then he said “Well, I try too anyway. I aplogise in advance for how it turns out!” I’m sure he will be just great!

At the end, as he was getting back in the car, Jerry said to us (with lots of sarcasm) don’t tell anyone about this guys!. He knew only to well we’d tell everyone and fans know ehere they are anyway! Johnny pointed to Jerry and laughed! It was so funny!”

“(…) You know, it could well have been the best meeting of all of them aswell – (tho him speaking like Capt JAck in my ear will probably remain the best moment!) He really was so happy and relaxed, it was so great to see him like that, esp after the times he’s had recently.(…)”

“(…) Both Jerry and Johnny remember us…

Jerry is the head of the largest secruity firm in London and handles all secruity for the premieres etc. We have been to a number of premieres (not just Johnnys films) so he does know us now.
Jerry also does secruity for our favourite band and we spent a week last year at Abbey Road in London when they were recording and Jerry was also there then.

Johnny does not know us by name but when we say, “We met you at the Isle of Mann etc” he always nods and remembers things about that meeting – or things that one of us have given him as a gift.

Johnny seemed in really high spirits and probably the most relaxed I have ever seen him – in the light of Lily Rose situation this was great to see (…)”

Later, Jo made a more detailed report, read here:
” You know, it?s the same week as the Isle of Man meeting was 3 years ago?? Anyway, heres all I can remember! Enjoy!!

So, Patsie, Ann, Lester and myself were sat on the grass outside PW chatting. Lisa, Natz and Mel were at the other entrance. Suddenly, Johnny?s car arrived and we all jumped up.. all trying to get our stuff together, we were all flustered!! Then Jerry got out and said, ?It?s ok, he?s not here right now!? Then he asked where the others were and we said they were the other side. Jerry was like, ?I told you all to wait at this entrance! Are they deaf!? LOL! He stomped round to fetch them and then walked back over with the others. I was talking to Terry driver at this point, about the lovely weather, getting time off of work and how long we waited. Then Jerry told us thatwe could all have 3 autos each (I managed 4, 3 personalised, 1 not). Then Jerry said he would bring Johnny round to meet us and have pics and a chat! So we all wrote our names on postat notes and stuck them on the pics and gave them to Jerry. He told us he would be about an hour and a half. And then they drove off. Before, he told us they were in a rush because Johnny had ADR to do for Pirates. Jerry said ?He never stops working on Pirates.? Lisa said that maybe Orlando could do some work instead and Jerry laughed at that!!

So, then the waiting began! Every car we were looking up and getting excited about! Then we were like, Ford NO, Mercedes NO, Saab NO. Made the clock go quicker!! Then finally, that car turned up again! We were seriously going mad! I picked up my book and thank you card and tried to look calm but failed miserably. We were all arguing over he would go first, none of us knew what to say! So Natz was like ? ?I?ll go first!? The car pulled up, Jerry got out and then opened Johnny?s door and he stepped out. He was drinking something as he moved. He called hello and waved as he got out of the car. It was amazing to see him. He smiled at me and I was shaking!

Then he was out of the car and walking towards us. Natz went to him, got a hug and a kiss and a pic on her own and one with her sister Mel. They both gave him bunches of flowers and got more hugs and kisses and photos on their own as well. I couldnt hear what they said to him apart from ?Thank you for stopping.? He said it was his pleasure.

Then, it was my turn.

I walked up to Johnny and he put his arm round me, smiled and asked me how I had been (!) I said fine, asked him how he was and he replied good. I gave him a hug and we kissed (!) I gave him the pirates book and he started flicking through it. He said it was great and that he would enjoy reading it later! I then gave him the thank you card, which he also had a quick look at. I told him all my friends from my website had signed it for him an he said ?Oh right, yeah. Thanks so much.? I told him it was brilliant to see him. He said it was a pleasure, that he was honoured.? I smiled like a loon and bless him, he grinned back. I asked for a photo and he said of course and my god, he pulls you close to him! Lisa took my pic and then I got another hug and a kiss and he thanked me again. Then Lisa went up and gave him the Stones T Shirt. He said ?Ah, a bigger bang,? and asked if she saw the gig. She said no but a friend in the states had and had brought it for him. He thanked her and she told him that Kandy in the states had measured the T Shirt up against her habby as him and Johnny were nearly the same size. Johnny laughed and said it should fit then! Lisa then got her pic, hugs and kisses. Then it was Patsie, Lester and Ann?s turn. Lester gave him letters from a fan, Ann gave him another bunch of flowers. After that, Natz asked him about Sweeney Todd and he apologised for the singing in advance. He said they were ?back on track.? Natz, Mel and Lester got pics again cos their first efforts hadnt come out properly. Johnny was so patient! But then Jerry said it was time to go (he had already handed us our autos) so it was time to say bye! Johnny hugged and kissed us all goodbye, said he?d see us again soon (!) and thanked us AGAIN for coming and for the gifts. We told him he was welcome and thanked him again for his time. He got back in the car and as he did, Jerry said, a bit sarcasticlly, ?don?t tell anyone about this girls!? Johnny pointed at him and laughed and Jerry laughed! Was a cute moment!? Then Jerry closed the door and got in the front. Johnny wound down his window and waved and thanked us again and blew kisses!! We all waved back and then he did up the window and was gone! Cue much screaming and hugging!

It was just fantastic and I hope that gives you a bit more details!!

Especially Patsie was so kind to make many many pics, which you can all see right here.

Pirates III Camp Guadalupe Dunes, by Carol Darlin’

This is the story of Carol Darlin’ meeting Johnny at the Pirates III camp at Guadalupe Dunes October 19th, 2006.

“(…)I wanted to share with you an encounter my daughter, her best friend and I had with Johnny Depp at Guadalupe Dunes last Thursday night! We drove four hours from our home after seeing pictures that DB had posted of the base camp. Even though we knew it was a risk of being disappointed.

Anyway, we arrived about 4:30. There were about four cars with some moms and kids there, and a pirate bus with some pirate type people. Maybe about 15 people in all. No one really knew anything. So, we just waited. After a while, the busses and vans started to leave the base camp. There were two really nice security guards, who weren’t allowed to tell us anything, but after a while, it was clear that Johnny was indeed there. (By the way, earlier, a KEYT 3 new guy came and talked to the kids. They are actually on the news video that someone posted earlier on the Zone.)

Just before dark, a bus suddenly stopped and out jumped Mr. Gibbs, Pintel and Regatti and the Little Person, enthusiastically smiling and all the kids got their autographs. Mr. Gibbs said “Keep to the Code,” and Pintel said, “Ello Poppet” for the kids.

The guards told us that Johnny, depending on how tired he is, may just roll down the window and wave, which would have been just great. So, we had our cameras ready. Finally, a black SUV came to the entrance and stopped at the highway patrol car for a moment, then rolled forward towards us.

When we saw it stop in front of us and the doors opened, we could barely contain ourselves. But, we stayed quiet and waited. And then, there he was. Johnny Depp was standing four feet in front of us, smiling, looking beautiful, wearing his old leather jacket and a black beanie, with his pirate beards and some eyeliner still on. What a thrill!

My daughter’s friend was crying uncontrollably, and my daughter had a look of pure disbelief on her face. When we got our turn, Johnny took so much time with each of the girls, asking them their names and how to spell them, and wrote them each a nice long sentence and autograph. Then, he gave them each a big bear hug. We took a picture with the two girls together with him. I asked him if Mom could have a hug, too. He said, of course, and I got a great big hug from Johnny Depp. He is very affectionate and a great hugger. Gawsh!

When he went to hug the crying girl again, I said, jokingly, “You have to hug the other one again, too, or they’ll fight all the way home.” He laughed and hugged the other one, too. And for the twenty minutes that followed, every time he hugged one, he was careful to hug the other one. How sweet for him to remember that. And they did get at least eight or nine hugs that night. Amazing.

We took a lot of pictures, and when he was done with everyone’s autographs, I realized I should ask him for one myself. So, I asked him if he would sign my POTC2 soundtrack CD, which he did, and asked if my daughter could take a picture of ME with him, and he said, “Of course, Darlin’!” Oh, love that voice. So, I got to stand next to him with our arms around each other. All I could think was, “This is Johnny Depp… I mean, Johnny Depp, with is arm around ME!”

My daughter’s friend asked him if he would say a pirate line, and he went totally into character, movements and all, “This is the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow, Savvy?” And on the “Captain Jack Sparrow, Savvy,” he leaned in next to her ear and whispered it as Jack Sparrow would do. Captain Jack It was COOL.

He even said hello to my husband on the cell phone. My husband is an original Johnny Depp fan and told Johnny he was going to be great as Lin in Shantaram, since he had read the book and loved it. Johnny said, “I hope so. I’ll do my best.” He was so nice and smiling and genuinely seemed appreciative.

He showed us his gold teeth. The thing I noticed most of all was his calmness, never rushed, and truly caring, especially with the kids. There was a little baby there, and he just lit up looking at that baby. We have a picture of that. I always thought that if I ever met Johnny Depp, I’d be dumbstruck and wouldn’t be able to say a word, but it wasn’t like that at all. He is so nice and easygoing and easy to talk to.

When it was time to go, he hugged my girls one more time, remembered their names and said Take care to each, shaking their hands, then went out of his way to reach over to shake my hand, too! It was truly amazing. Then, they were gone. Wow. We couldn’t believe it really happened. I was so flustered, I got lost for an hour in the little town of Guadalupe! Ha ha. Anyway, here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy. Sorry this was so long!”

image: CarolDarlin02.jpgimage: CarolDarlin03.jpgimage: CarolDarlin06.jpg

(see all pics here in the galleries/appearances section)

Later, Carol Darlin’ gave another detailed report:

Oh, I’d love to. You are really egging me on! What I remember is the black vehicle FINALLY coming to the gate. The guard saying, “That’s Buck,” which by then we knew was Johnny’s driver (I think). We all stood in our line that we had made earlier in the sand and pretty much froze.

The black vehicle stopped in front of the highway patrolman, the one you saw a picture of at the gate, and the driver seemed to be speaking with him for a moment. We all got our cameras ready in case he was to roll down the window and wave. We knew at this point that he was really there because the guard said so. I think some of us were saying, “Is that Johnny? Is that Johnny?” And he said yeah.

We stayed totally quiet because we had been warned earlier and didn’t want to scare him away. So, we waited…. and then the car started to roll forward. That is when my daughter’s best friend started to sob between “Oh, my God”s Then, after just the short distance to where we were, it stopped. I believe all the doors opened about the same time. I didn’t see him right away, because the people directly in front of him were already blocking him from us. He got out on our side from the back seat. I think the older guy, who I think was Buck, said to us, “Well, go on and say hi,” because we weren’t moving from our spots. So, we all gravitated around him all at once, no frenzy, except for mutterings of disbelief.

The first thing I saw was his face through a couple of people, although we were only about five feet away by now. He stood up. He was smiling. I saw his beanie first, then, his beautiful face. I saw the pirate beard and the eyeliner. I noticed right away no glasses, and just stared at those EYES. My girls were repeating the mantra, “It’s Johnny Depp. It’s Johnny Depp. It’s Johnny Depp.” He began signing autographs for the first kids in front of us. I remember waiting to hear the VOICE. And it was “unmistakable”. I’d know that voice anywhere.

I’d say at that point everybody was in a circle .. remember, it’s only about 15 people total, and the pirates stayed over by their bus, so less than that…. and just smiling and watching and waiting their turn. Then, it was our turn. I’m sure I am repeating, but you asked for the whole story, So… Johnny said first to my daughter, who was just dreamy eyed and uncontrollably grinning, “What’s your name?” putting his hand no her shoulder. She told him, “Stephanie” and he said, very sweetly, “Is that with an F or a PH?” She said “PH.” He printed her name out very neatly, then wrote, “All My Best Always,” then, the signature JDepp, it looks like. Then she received her first hug. Then, my daughter’s girlfriend, Heather, who was crying, was next. He asked her her name, also putting his hand on her shoulder, and between sobs, said, “Heather.” “H-E-A-T-H-E-R?” said Johnny. She said yeah. He wrote her name as well, then said, “All good to you always, JDEPP.” Then, she got a hug. I asked to take their picture, one on each side. He put his arms around them, smiled, I took the picture. It is a beautiful picture. I believe the picture where he is looking straight ahead is that one that we cropped. Then, I asked him if Mom could have a hug too, and he said “Oh, of course.” And I got a bear hug. OooooH.

I would say from there, he was pretty much going to each child the same way. People were talking to him. We just hung around him while he did all of that. Oh, you just made me remember something. A man asked him, “Are you really going to have a gypsy wedding?” And he said, “Oh, yeah, I’m going to gather up some of my gypsy buddies.” My daughter heard that one. I stood right by and took some pictures for the girl with the baby, her personal one with her and Johnny and the baby, which I didn’t post, and the other one which you’ve seen. Another woman’s camera died, so I took some pictures for them as well. I just remember Johnny looking straight at me for several pictures. It was dark, so I couldn’t see a thing through the screen part of the camera. So, I just aimed straight as I could and watched his face while he stood and smiled.
At one point, one of his guys said, “Okay, we need to go see the pirates. The whole group moved in a little clump right along with him, and watched him interacting with them. They had several things they wanted him to do. Sign their bus, Take their necklace, Hold up some kind of sign while they took a picture of him! I remember he checked out their bus and really looked it over, admiring the artwork on it, and seemed to be complimenting it. Oh, then, the highway patrolman, bless his heart, came over, and asked if he could get a picture with Johnny. The oriental woman with Johnny took the picture for him. I also took a picture that was slightly blurred at the same time, which I’ll post later when my daughter comes home. So, I think I have two more to post. They just weren’t as crisp, but I still really like them.

After that was when I decided to get my own autograph and my picture taken by my daughter, which I told you about. Except for one more detail I just remembered. I was so tickled, I guess I was making faces or something. My daughter says he turned and looked at me and smiled real big. Yeah, I was losing it. She screwed up once and didn’t get it right, and he said to her, “It’s okay, Darlin’,” or something of that nature, you know, reassuring her it’s okay, don’t panic! Then, she took the picture.

After that, he was done with autographs, and people were just asking him questions. That is when he talked to my husband. The cool thing about that was that I could not get my husband to hear me (stupid cell phone) It was all cutting out, so I finally just handed it to Johnny and asked him if he would mind saying hello to my husband. He said, “Oh, sure, ” just as nice as he could be, took the phone and said, “Who am I speaking with?” I found out later that the first voice my husband heard was Johnny’s. He didn’t even expect it! But, he knew right away who it was… Unmistakable… and said “Johnny?” I already told you about that, though.

That was also the time when he gave us the Jack Sparrow line. And everyone was just sort of standing around him, not crowded at all. He was still hugging periodically. I believe some of the people may have even left at that point. (Can you believe that?) I remember thinking, Gosh, ask him something. He’s standing right here in front of you. So, I said, “Can we see your teeth?” What a dork! But, the kids got excited about that, and he said, “Oh, my teeth? Are they still there?” And grinned widely pointing at his gold teeth. Another woman asked him how long he’d had them. He said, “Oh, a couple of years now.”

Now, I’m drawing a blank. The girls are going to try and think of more little things we might have missed. Oh, I did notice his boots. I remember looking at the boots, those famous old boots he always wears, and thinking, “It’s the Boots! Cool.” I love how he loves his old clothes. And I love that old leather jacket. I noticed he was wearing a long sleeve white t-shirt underneath, becuase I could see the cuffs under the jacket. Wondered if it was the same shirt he had on at Redondo Beach on the last day.

I noticed he had two sharpies in his back pocket. Yes, I looked at his “back pocket.” Couldn’t help it. Pretty soon after that, the lady said, “We need to let him go now.” I know there were other people around still, but I feel like the three of us were right there by him getting into the car. Because the last ones he hugged were my two girls, and remembered their names again, “Take Care, Stephanie,” and shook her hand. And “Take Care, Heather,” and shook her hand. That is when he reached around towards me and squeezed my hand, which I already told you about that. He got back into the back seat, and said, a little louder, “Sorry it took so long!” I think people were yelling “Bye, Johnny!”

I know he was talking with a lot of other people in between, but I don’t remember anything else that was said. I’ll write again after I talk to the girls. I am sure they will come up with more!

Oh, One more memory. He had his number 3 tattoo on his hand smudged over with charcoal looking makeup. The girls noticed that. I didn’t see it. You can see it in one of the pics, though. Also, they noticed he was wearing a Pirate ring!

Oh, no media people at all. Like I said, a Santa Barbara news guy came earlier (DB posted that report), but the guard told him we had no chance of seeing anything if he was there. He understood and took off after that.

His guys weren’t really hovering at all. They seemed pretty relaxed. I think because it was such a small group. The just stood back. The two cinema security guards were all smiles.
I will definitely post at least two more pictures tonight, but have to wait for my daughter.

Carol Darlin’

Deppth’s Encounter 02

I just got back from Redondo Beach again, and this time I got there too late, but I till got to see Johnny! I asked the security guy if Johnny is coming tonight and he said yes, he is signing right now on the other side. I don’t think I have ever ran that fast in my life! When I got there they weren’t letting anyone else get signatures. He look beautiful as usual, and he had a huge smile on his face. I asked every security guard there if there was any possibility that I could give him the article I had written for him, and a picture that I had drawn of him and they said no and that he is done. When Johnny was on his way out he climbed the fence to wave goodbye and everyone started screaming and ran towards the fence, but he left.

Deppth’s Encounter in Redondo Beach 01

I just got back and I am still in shock…I met him. This is my 4th time actually meeting Mr. Depp and my 5th time seeing him. My sister, mom, baby cousin, and I got there around 6. I live about two minutes from where he met him, it’s almost walking distance. We stood in line, might I mention we were completely in the wrong area, because all of a sudden someone fro behind yelled Johnny and everyone ran. It turned out it wasn’t Johnny but there were security guards and police all over the area. They told us to get in one line, and when they realized that that wouldn’t work, they started hand picking people who were lucky enough to get an autograph from Johnny. Amazingly enough me and my sister got picked. So we went and stood in line, and by that point we were both beyond excited. I thought I was going to pass out, I was so happy and ecstatic. Anyways, all of a sudden Johnny came out and started signing. With every step forward my heart started racing more. Finally my little sister went up to him and she said hi, and he gave her that sweet smile that he has and patted her on the shoulder. She leaned in and gave him a hug. He then signed her Pirates of the Caribbean game and he asked what her name was, she replied Lily. I saw his face glow and he smiled from ear to ear, I knew it reminded him of lily-rose. L-I-L-Y?, he asked and she replied yes and said thank you. It was my turn. I was nervous and hoped that I wouldn’t say anything stupid. I said hi and I shook his hand, and then I gave him my Depp book by Christopher Heard and I asked if he could please make it out to Nattalie (my name). He asked, N-A-T-I-L-Y? No, n-a-t-t-a-l-i-e-, I replied quickly with a nervous smile. At that point we were looking into each others eyes and I noticed that he still had eyeliner on and how beautiful his eyes were. I guess I said my name to fast because he had to confirm it once again and make sure he got it right. Then I told him I had written in article about him in the newspaper I write for called LAYOUTH and I asked if he had time to check it out it would mean a lot to all of us on the staff. He said, Oh yeah, what is it exactly? I told him it was a teen newspaper that I write for and he can check it out at L.A.YOUTH.COM. He said, yeah definitely! I told him we all love him there, and we left with huge smiles on our faces as we ran down the street to go tell the good news to my mom. What a night!!!

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Rose Sparrow’s Encounter

I was standing in front of the barricade outside of the Letterman show for 6 hours in the blazing heat but it was worth it. I was holding out a bottle of wine for him to sign and when he got right in front of me he decided to take off his black shirt. He then looked up over his purple colored glasses and said,”Is that for me?” I managed to get my wits about me and said that he could have it if he wanted it but I only wanted him to sign it. He said,”No that’s okay, here let me sign it” I literally was inches away from his Jack tattoo and gold teeth and I was sorely tempted to kiss him but I was truly in shock that he even talked to me first. He is so gorgeous and a really down to earth guy. I have sent you some pictures that my son took but unfortunately I am not in them.

Depp’s Duck encounter

I met Johnny on July 27 in New York City when he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. As soon as I heard Johnny was going to appear on the show that night, I walked down to the Disney store on 5th Ave & bought A PotC book for him to sign. I was on vacation, so I didn’t have any of my Johnny photos or posters with me. But it was a great excuse to buy the book! I waited outside the studio for him for 5 hours. I arrived at 12:30 & got a place right across the street from the stage door! There were probably only about 50 people there when I showed up, but by the time he was rumored to arrive (4:00), there were about 500 people. We waited & waited & waited, & finally at 4:20, a black Excursion pulled up & Johnny got out of the car! I was SO excited I almost died right then & there! He was not even 20 feet away from me, just across the street!

He posed for the papparazzi, turned to the crowd & tried to shout over the crowd, “I’ll come back! I promise!” So he went inside & it was time for more waiting. At about 5:30, the NYPD began putting up even MORE blockades, making a sort of half-circle around the building. The car he arrived in was in the center of the circle, with the stage door on just the other side. Johnny came out, waved to everyone & started on one side signing autographs, working his way around. When he finally got to me, one of those eBay guys (who just has celebrities sign stuff so they can sell it) kept putting his photos right in my face! Johnny was only inches away from me & I couldn’t even see him because of this guy behind me. By the time I shoved his stack of photos out of the way, Johnny had already passed me. I leaned over the barricade & yelled, “HEY JOHNNY!!!” as loud as I could! He looked back (how he heard me over everyone else shouting I’ll never know!) & said, “Were you there just a moment ago?” I nodded & held open my book for him. “Please Johnny?” I asked, as nicely as I could. He smiled at me (gold teeth & all!) & walked back over to me & said, “Of course, love.” And he signed my book!! I almost fainted right there! Johnny Depp, my idol, called ME love!!! He finished up with the signing, & when he got in the car & it was driving off, he rolled down the window & waved. It was seriously the best day of my life! As soon as I got home, I found pictures online of him signing my book!

Stef’s Encounter

I got to the Odeon at about 12:30 and the place was packed, but finally found a place at the far end of Leicester square, where all the cars drove past. I wasn’t at the front of the barriers, but close enough to reach my hand forward to grab autographs. Orlando was the first ‘celeb’ to come and sign autographs for us, he was great, he was asking everyone how they were. He signed my little book that i had for ‘other celebs’ lol. I got some hilarious shots of him too, some where he’s got his mouth wide open looking at the camera. Anyway, to the man of the hour…I could see Johnny getting closer and closer, omg i have never felt my legs shake so much in all my life, it was freaky. Then he was right in front of me, so i stretched out my hand so he could sign my picture, he actually took hold of my picture to sign it!!!! I just wish i put my hand down lower, so his hand would have touched mine. I shouted Thank you, but i don’t think he heard, the girl infront of me said thank you, and he said you’re welcome, wow, just to hear his voice is amazing. Anyway i also got some really great shots of Johnny, my dad had his camera too and he got some, but our stupid video camera didn’t work. But when i was taking pictures, i made sure i just looked at Johnny and not through the camera lense.

I had a great time, even though i got sunburnt and slightly squished, but it was all worth it. I can’t wait to go to the POTC3 premiere, i’m going to make sure i get there extra early!