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ST Premiere London by Iceflower

I am to excited to write but I will write before I loose all words. I will try to write as good encounter as possible. I am on on cloud nine at the moment, and going to be the next weeks, months maybe years. This has been surreal and unbelievable, can’t believe I actually were there. I will post some pics in here, I have many of him

Lined up and waiting:

At 11am did we line up and met, Sandra, Nicki, Marja, Kitty and many, many others from the zone. At 11.55am they opened the gates, we all were showed in in different groups. As we stayed not to long from the front, we got fast in. We stormed to get some good places at the front line. And everyone in our group got some good spots. We made ourself comfertable and found some chocolate and biscuits. Four people joined us in our little circle we made, here is us waiting, with Norwegian flags and T-shirts we made:

And we talked all the way throught the premiere. As the hours passed did we (Depp Tunes, containing: Mette (mettiz), Grete (Icarii), Regine and me. )sing songs which had something to do with the Johnny Depp movies. And one of the people we met, Joane, was a proffesional singer, so she thaught us how we could sing a song for Johnny. We choosed Cry Baby, the first song in Cry Baby, and we learnt the five or six first sentences by heart.

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Pinewood Encounter of Jacks Wench

On April 26th, 2007, Jacks Wench, a member of the JohnnyDepp-Zone, met Johnny Depp at the Pinewood studios, and I am happy I am allowed to post her story here:

“Ladies, my dream came true today! I’m not as good as Jomel at writing these things up as this is my first experience of it, so be gently with me.

My Pinewood encounter ? 26th April 2007

25/4/07 ? I arrived at Pinewood at 3:30 with a couple of friends and about an hour later we were joined by Maria and her mum Cheryl, who had travelled from Spain hoping to meet Johnny. Between us we manned both gates. At 7, they closed the gates on the VIP entrance so we all moved round to the timekeepers entrance. At 7:40 Gerry (Johnny?s security guard) came down and told us that he would have come to see us earlier but he thought we were Take That fans, because apparently Take That were at Pinewood filming a video. He said there was no way Johnny was going to be able to stop that night because he was going straight from the studios to do ADR for Pirates. We were all devastated! He then said that if we came back the next day, he would take our pictures for Johnny to sign then he would bring Johnny round to the VIP entrance so we could have our photos taken with him. He asked us to move on because he said Johnny would be very upset at having to go past us.

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Pinewood encounter

On April 11th, Jo, Lisa, Ann, Natz, Mel, Lester and Patsie met Johnny at the Pinewood studios – one more meeting of 8 for some of them.
Thanks to all, and especially to Jo and Patsie for allowing me to use their pics and report.

Here is the exiting report of Jo:

“(…) We went to PW (Sweeney Todd filming) last week and were told to come back (just us, noone else) by Johnny’s bodyguard as he didn’t have time to stop that day. And we weren’t sure whether to believe him! Sorry Jerry!

We got to Pinewood (thats Ann, Natz, her twin Mel and myself at about 2.15pm. We split up as normal, myself and Ann on one entrance, the twins on the other. Lester arrived at 3pm and Lisa and PAtsie joined us at 3pm. Lisa went to the other entrance, Lester and Patsie joined me and Ann. And we waited! Finally, Johnny’s car arrived at about 6pm. And he wasn’t in it!

Jerry got out and came over to us. He took our stuff off of us to get signed and told us Johnny would sign them for us and then he’d bring him round to us for a chat and photos. He had some pirates stuff to do so he couldnt sign everything for us in front of us as it would have taken to long. So, we gave Jerry our pics and he took em.

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Pirates III Camp Guadalupe Dunes, by Carol Darlin’

This is the story of Carol Darlin’ meeting Johnny at the Pirates III camp at Guadalupe Dunes October 19th, 2006.

“(…)I wanted to share with you an encounter my daughter, her best friend and I had with Johnny Depp at Guadalupe Dunes last Thursday night! We drove four hours from our home after seeing pictures that DB had posted of the base camp. Even though we knew it was a risk of being disappointed.

Anyway, we arrived about 4:30. There were about four cars with some moms and kids there, and a pirate bus with some pirate type people. Maybe about 15 people in all. No one really knew anything. So, we just waited. After a while, the busses and vans started to leave the base camp. There were two really nice security guards, who weren’t allowed to tell us anything, but after a while, it was clear that Johnny was indeed there. (By the way, earlier, a KEYT 3 new guy came and talked to the kids. They are actually on the news video that someone posted earlier on the Zone.)

Just before dark, a bus suddenly stopped and out jumped Mr. Gibbs, Pintel and Regatti and the Little Person, enthusiastically smiling and all the kids got their autographs. Mr. Gibbs said “Keep to the Code,” and Pintel said, “Ello Poppet” for the kids.

The guards told us that Johnny, depending on how tired he is, may just roll down the window and wave,

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Deppth’s Encounter 02

I just got back from Redondo Beach again, and this time I got there too late, but I till got to see Johnny! I asked the security guy if Johnny is coming tonight and he said yes, he is signing right now on the other side. I don’t think I have ever ran that fast in my life! When I got there they weren’t letting anyone else get signatures. He look beautiful as usual, and he had a huge smile on his face. I asked every security guard there if there was any possibility that I could give him the article I had written for him, and a picture that I had drawn of him and they said no and that he is done. When Johnny was on his way out he climbed the fence to wave goodbye and everyone started screaming and ran towards the fence, but he left.

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Deppth’s Encounter in Redondo Beach 01

I just got back and I am still in shock…I met him. This is my 4th time actually meeting Mr. Depp and my 5th time seeing him. My sister, mom, baby cousin, and I got there around 6. I live about two minutes from where he met him, it’s almost walking distance. We stood in line, might I mention we were completely in the wrong area, because all of a sudden someone fro behind yelled Johnny and everyone ran. It turned out it wasn’t Johnny but there were security guards and police all over the area. They told us to get in one line, and when they realized that that wouldn’t work, they started hand picking people who were lucky enough to get an autograph from Johnny. Amazingly enough me and my sister got picked. So we went and stood in line, and by that point we were both beyond excited. I thought I was going to pass out, I was so happy and ecstatic. Anyways, all of a sudden Johnny came out and started signing. With every step forward my heart started racing more. Finally my little sister went up to him and she said hi, and he gave her that sweet smile that he has and patted her on the shoulder. She leaned in and gave him a hug. He then signed her Pirates of the Caribbean game and he asked what her name was, she replied Lily.

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Rose Sparrow’s Encounter

I was standing in front of the barricade outside of the Letterman show for 6 hours in the blazing heat but it was worth it. I was holding out a bottle of wine for him to sign and when he got right in front of me he decided to take off his black shirt. He then looked up over his purple colored glasses and said,”Is that for me?” I managed to get my wits about me and said that he could have it if he wanted it but I only wanted him to sign it. He said,”No that’s okay, here let me sign it” I literally was inches away from his Jack tattoo and gold teeth and I was sorely tempted to kiss him but I was truly in shock that he even talked to me first. He is so gorgeous and a really down to earth guy. I have sent you some pictures that my son took but unfortunately I am not in them.

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Depp’s Duck encounter

I met Johnny on July 27 in New York City when he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. As soon as I heard Johnny was going to appear on the show that night, I walked down to the Disney store on 5th Ave & bought A PotC book for him to sign. I was on vacation, so I didn’t have any of my Johnny photos or posters with me. But it was a great excuse to buy the book! I waited outside the studio for him for 5 hours. I arrived at 12:30 & got a place right across the street from the stage door! There were probably only about 50 people there when I showed up, but by the time he was rumored to arrive (4:00), there were about 500 people. We waited & waited & waited, & finally at 4:20, a black Excursion pulled up & Johnny got out of the car! I was SO excited I almost died right then & there! He was not even 20 feet away from me, just across the street!

He posed for the papparazzi, turned to the crowd & tried to shout over the crowd, “I’ll come back! I promise!” So he went inside & it was time for more waiting. At about 5:30, the NYPD began putting up even MORE blockades, making a sort of half-circle around the building. The car he arrived in was in the center of the circle,

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