Hollywood Vampires, Bethel, New York on July 30

Johnny Depp &  Hollywood Vampires at the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts, Bethel, New York on July 30th, 2023 at the last Hollywood Vampires Show for this year.

Thank you, Hollywood Vampires, for the exiting time!

He also showed up on Tommy Hendriksen’s live stream for…well…some seconds:

More pics to follow, but I say goodbye for some days on vacations now.

btw for those to believe into gossip: Following Boston interviewed Tommy and he denied the gossip with the hotel room (we didn’t post about this, because we ignore such stories):

MK – Community question – “ Let’s talk about Johnny. How does it feel to be in a band with Johnny Depp, and what is your favorite movie of his?”

TH – “First of all… Johnny Depp never dies. There was this rumor online saying he died in a hotel room. I was like, who the fuck makes this stuff up? The one thing about Johnny that nobody knows is he has so many talents, from his artwork to poetry, music to movies, just a generous guy. As fas as films, I love Ed Wood and From Hell… which you never hear about.”

Following Boston

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  • Thanks for standing by johnny,I had doubts about his mental strength, but I know his friends in the band are at is back ,so sorry the tour is ended,b ut will be watching from the UK for more news of you all .

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