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Johnny’s latest Post

‘Organisation has always been my strong suit’

Johnny posted this photo on his facebook and instagram this afternoon, with the caption ‘Organisation has always been my strong suit’

Love getting to see Johnny at home, enjoying a chilled out Sunday hopefully.


New Tattoo for Johnny: Broken Arrow

Johnny Depp got a broken arrow tattooed that symbolizes new hope, on his wrist when Norwegian tattoo artists were allowed to get close to the superstar at the Grand Hotel, reports.

Attitude Tattoo Studio  is Norway’s largest tattoo studio.

The BROKEN ARROW symbolizes..burying the battle, a new start, and a new hope.

He told about his guitars, why he started with music. He told about how it felt to be frozen out of Hollywood for 6 years & all that, but now it was “back to business” again. It was really boy talk

 ~A.S.Aas on #JohnnyDepp who got a broken arrow tattooed that symbolizes new hope

There’s also a video.

For six hours, Aleksander (24), Jonathan (34) and Tomas (24) from Attitude Tattoo Studio in Oslo had an exclusive experience with the world star who has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks.

It’s not just any tattoo the Norwegian tattoo artists have made. The broken arrow, which symbolizes new hope, is placed in a very exposed place on the body of the controversial artist and actor: On the underside of the wrist, visible on many future concert photos, selfies with fans, press photos and paparazzi photos.

The artists who did it were super happy to have the opportunity to tattoo a fucking legend, says Aleksander Stubberud Aas, who is a handyman in the shop.

I could see a little Jack Sparrow in him. Some attitudes, a few sounds, and his motor skills were quite similar often. But he was very down to earth …

Aas stops himself before continuing.

It’s a little weird to say down to earth type about Johnny Depp somehow. It’s very buzzing. But you sit there and talk, you do not think so much that it’s fucking Johnny Depp. He was a very laid back type, there was no stress and everything worked out, he says.

In addition, they filled in ink on some of Depp’s older tattoos.



Thanks to IFOD for the info!

Happy 56th Birthday, Johnny!

Happy 56th birthday, Johnny Depp!

Dear Johnny,
…on behalf of Johnny Depp Network, I would like to wish you a happy 56th birthday. All the best of everything to you! May you spend this special day with all your beloved ones.

It’s crazy how many messages I receive (not only today!) of people asking me to tell you how much they love, admire, adore, thank you. I really, really wish you could read them. It breaks my heart when I have to tell those people that I don’t have the chance to forward their lovely messages to you. I’m so overwhelmed by the love and gratitude people are able to spread and send out to someone that doesn’t know them at all but has managed to move them, touch their souls and often even change their lives to the better! That someone is YOU.

So, with all the love and words in mind that reach me on a daily basis by admirers of yours and together with the love and appreciation I personally feel for you, I would like to THANK YOU for bringing joy to our lives for years. With you acting, your music, your personality, for being you, for being there. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! The happiest of birthdays, Johnny!

New Photos by Ross Halfin

Two new pictures of Johnny wearing a custom-made jacket.

Jenny Sandersson (@sanderssonlosangeles) posted two new photos of Johnny taken by Ross Halfin, wearing a personal jacket, sprayed by Jenny Sandersson herself.

The caption says:

So this just happened. Custom made jacket from @sanderssonlosangeles to #Johnnydepp himself 🤘 #sanderssonremake #distressed #painted #🔪 @hollywoodvampires @rosshalfin 📸 👈🏻💯 DM me for custom made jackets. Email jennysandersson [at] yahoo [dot] se

Rest in Peace, Jerry Judge!

Rest in peace, Jerry Judge, Johnny’s bodyguard and friend for 20 years.

We on Johnny Depp Network would like to express our sincerest condolences to Johnny and Mr. Jerry Judge’s family and friends. Today, April 06, 2019 one of Johnny’s close friends and his bodyguard for 20 years, Jerry Judge, has passed away. He was known as the “Life Angel” and was spotted on the red carpet, on movie sets, on tour alongside Johnny and even inspired his own fan page.

He also guarded Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas and Julia Roberts. Apart from being on Johnny’s side to ensure his security, he had cameos in several of Johnny’s films including “Sweeney Todd“. He was not only known as Johnny’s bodyguard and security, but mostly a friend and a helping hand on Johnny’s side. THANKS for everything you’ve done for him. We know you’re in a peaceful place now and taken great care of in heaven. Rest in peace, dear Jerry!.

New Images of Johnny in France

Media coach Victoria Mary Clarke (click here to learn about her on her official website) posted two new personal images that show Johnny in the Library of Congress in France. She’s also posted one image during breakfast on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) on her Instagram account. The two images have been added to our photo gallery.

Johnny Visiting Dr. Keen in Beverly Hills

Dentist Dr. David Keen, D.D.S., M.S. in Beverly Hills, California, posted a personal image of himself standing holding a child and standing next to Johnny in his clinic on his Instagram account. Apparently, Johnny paid a visit to the doctor, as he wrote on March 07:

Always fun when Johnny Depp is in the office! @johnnydeppofficial

Just so you know, the Instagram profile linked is NOT Johnny. He does not use any social media platforms. We added the image to our photo gallery.

By the way, a question to our visitors: Are you actually interested in seeing personal posts such as this one? While there are no Johnny news around, I like to post more “random” stuff like this (provided that something is posted on social media or so). Let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in seeing personal stuff or not.

Johnny Talking to a Parrot While Filming “Minamata”

Johnny was filmed and photographed while talking to a parrot during the filming of Minamata in Belgrade, Serbia on March 03, 2019. The owner of the bird, Isador Isa Saric, posted the following images to his Facebook page, writing:

”#JackSparrow meets #BebaTheParrot World Exclusive from one famous Belgrade Hotel”

Especially, the unique video of Johnny Depp’s talking to the baby, kidding, a little and cursing in Serbian, and she’s like chill 😁 because the baby is one of the rare that ” caught the sparrow”