Johnny won the libel case against Amber Heard

The verdict is in: the jury has ruled that Johnny has proven all elements of defamation in his case against Amber Heard and awarded him $15 Mil.
10 Million in Compensatory Damages.
5 Million in Punitive Damages.
(Punitive damages in Va. are capped at $350K so these will be limited)

Heard did win one claim in her case and was awarded $2 Mil.

Congratulations Johnny!

May your life continue where it ended before you met Amber and may it be an example for many other domestic abuse victims of whatever gender to step forward, because TRUTH WINS!

Thank you so much jury, attorneys, judge, witnesses, courttv and all you (us) supporters who did believe into Johnny, into the truth, for the last 6 years.

You will always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

And now, a mega pint of wine. Drinks all around!

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