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New crew members urgently needed!

As so often in the last 19 years, former helpers disappeared once again and is in urgent need of help, because I cannot keep it updated alone.

We need Johnny Depp admirers wo are up to date with everything about Johnny Depp to share it with the world (= posting latest news).
Fans who make this site better than it is (= update the existing info pages)
Enthusiasts, who might have own ideas (= add new content, I’m open to new sections)

What technical knowledge do I need?

Basically no special knowledge. We work with WordPress. You just log in, add a new post and it comes with an editor similar to MS Word. For further styling or adding galleries, being technical savvy is of advantage.

What financial outcome is in it for me?

None, unfortunately. We’re a non profit site made by fans for fans. Ads revenue goes into server/domain costs of our host.

Can I contact Johnny then?

Unfortunately, we ourselves don’t have any contact to Johnny Depp or get any more exclusive info.

Then what’s the advantage?

You become a crew member of the biggest and oldest (updated) Johnny Depp website in the internet. Like Mr. Gibbs, Anamaria, Marty, Mr.Cotton and Mr. Cotton’s pirate we share the name, the pride and glory,

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I’m sorry, but due to server changes by our host the email forwarding was removed and for at about 2 weeks all emails sent to (for example admin (ät) johnny-depp (dot) org) have not been received. Please resend your Emails if you haven’t received an answer yet.

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Johnny’s New Film ‘Jeanne Du Barry’ Will Open Cannes 2023!

‘Jeanne du Barry, directed by Maïwenn, starring Johnny Depp, will open the 76th Festival de Cannes and will be screened in world premiere. The directors’ sixth feature will be presented on Tuesday, May 16 on the big screen of the Grand Théâtre Lumière, after the opening ceremony broadcasted live on France Télévisions and Brut. Jeanne du Barry will be released the same day in French theaters.In her new film, Jeanne du Barry, Maïwenn herself plays the eponymous main character alongside with Johnny Depp, Benjamin Lavernhe, Melvil Poupaud, Pierre Richard, Pascal Greggory and India Hair. Recounting the life, rise and fall of the king Louis XV‘s favourite, the film will be released in French cinemas simultaneously.Jeanne Vaubernier, a young working-class woman hungry for culture and pleasure, uses her intelligence and allure to climb the rungs of the social ladder one by one. She becomes the favourite of King Louis XV who, unaware of her status as courtesan, regains through her his appetite for life. They fall madly in love. Against all propriety and etiquette, Jeanne moves to Versailles, where her arrival scandalizes the court…

The opening ceremony of the 76th Festival de Cannes will be broadcasted live on Tuesday, May 16 on France Télévisions and Brut.’

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Our Facebook Page is finally back (well, new)

After our site had been closed by Facebook without any former notification due to “repeated violation of community standards” while it at the same time said “no violations of community standards to show”, and after trying to get it back for two month, I created it now. Please follow / like / share to get back our previous followers. The link is still the same:

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Please read – we are NOT Johnny Depp’s management

Since the trial started, we get plenty (around 20-50) Emails / contacts / comments every day that are directed to Johnny Depp or his management or Infinitum Nihil. It is wonderful that you are all giving your best wishes to Johnny in this hard time, but

as we wrote directly above the contact form:

» you cannot contact Johnny Depp himself through our site.

» we do not have any contact to Johnny Depp, we really don’t! – we are just a group of admirers (means fans).

» we cannot forward ANY message to Johnny Depp or his management or any of the movie productions or Infinitum Nihil

» this means, we cannot send you any Johnny Depp autographs (or forward autograph requests), special items for a fundraiser, charity, sponsor something, help you with getting on a film or casting, make a movie out of your script.

» any mail with above content will not be answered.

Please do also not put your phone numbers into the comments for your own security.


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Add your News!

You can now [expand title=”submit your Johnny Depp News” tag=”a”][user-submitted-posts][/expand] as a guest with the post submit form. We will then approve it and it will appear on the site.

If you want to post news (or also new page content) more frequently, we’d be happy to welcome you as a contributor. Just register here.

We’d be happy about every help we can get.

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New Layout

While the admins that wanted to take over once again disappeared after introducing them (anyone here who wants to take over, like post news and so on?), I decided to add a new layout featuring these outstanding beautiful pics from the San Sebastian Festival 22nd Sept 2021 and the layout that JDorg had for years.

I hope, you like it.

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After 3 great years with Debby, continues with a new administrator. Thanks so much, Debby, for your time and effort, and for giving way to me.

[expand title =” continue avec une nouvelle administratrice.. “] Après 3 belles années avec Debby, continue avec nouvelle administratrice.. Merci beaucoup, Debby, pour votre temps et vos efforts, et pour m’avoir laissé la place. [/expand]

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