continues with a new administrator.

After 3 great years with Debby, continues with a new administrator. Thanks so much, Debby, for your time and effort, and for giving way to me.

[expand title =” continue avec une nouvelle administratrice.. “] Après 3 belles années avec Debby, continue avec nouvelle administratrice.. Merci beaucoup, Debby, pour votre temps et vos efforts, et pour m’avoir laissé la place. [/expand]


  • Welcome to, thank you for taking over the ship, new Captain. And a huge thanks to Debby for her time and effort 🙂

  • Glad to hear this site is still afloat! Thank you for all the work done here and beyond!

  • Please do take on the Sun newspaper .The world will be a better place without it .Total demonic trash that spreads lies and deformation of talent and goodness in this society .They are liars and have promoted podophile images on page 3 in the past .

  • From Don Juan, to
    The Professor, Dead Man. You’re an inspiration in a Lady’s Life. And I had to put out the Positive Energy and the Thanks for helping me keep my smile, behind enforced masks of 2020. Thank You Johnny for being You

  • I would say only:THANK YOU JOHNNY FOR YOUR VISITS IN THE HOSPITALS.I saw the Viedeos at the internet,i know you are a great acter,what i dont know,how great is your heart.At know i know your heart is great,and you are on ground,it is fantastic.
    For that,all my respekt.I hope,God bless you and your family,and all persons you like.
    white best regards from the capital of germany Helge Kloß

    Ps:sorry for my english…..scool is long time a go

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