Please read – we are NOT Johnny Depp’s management

Since the trial started, we get plenty (around 20-50) Emails / contacts / comments every day that are directed to Johnny Depp or his management or Infinitum Nihil. It is wonderful that you are all giving your best wishes to Johnny in this hard time, but

as we wrote directly above the contact form:

» you cannot contact Johnny Depp himself through our site.

» we do not have any contact to Johnny Depp, we really don’t! – we are just a group of admirers (means fans).

» we cannot forward ANY message to Johnny Depp or his management or any of the movie productions or Infinitum Nihil

» this means, we cannot send you any Johnny Depp autographs (or forward autograph requests), special items for a fundraiser, charity, sponsor something, help you with getting on a film or casting, make a movie out of your script.

» any mail with above content will not be answered.

Please do also not put your phone numbers into the comments for your own security.


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