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Johnny in Oslo

While waiting for the next concert day with a band member having Covid right now, Johnny was spotted in front of the Grand Hotel leaving Oslo on his way to Stockholm, smiling and shaking hands with the reporters.

Based on what Dagbladet experiences, neither Depp nor Beck are infected. Both boarded the nightliner bus without a face mask.

Depp says that he is disappointed that there was no concert this time

“Unfortunately we did not get to play the concert, but we will return in a couple of weeks.
I have mostly just been waiting to play. We did not get out much. I have not done much. Just waiting to play.”

According to the plan, Depp, Beck and the rest of the band will return to play two concerts in Oslo on July 2, before taking the trip on to Koengen in Bergen.

Concerts in Oslo and Kristiansund cancelled

The concert at Sentrum Scene in Oslo on Friday June 24th was to be the first of four  on Norwegian soil, and  was quickly sold out  after it became known that Depp was going to play. Unfortunately, a member of Jeff Beck’s band has tested positive for covid..

Jeff Beck concert in Oslo gets a new date There will be no concert with Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp at Sentrum Scene on Friday. 24th The concert in Kristiansund will not be anything either.

Friday’s concert at Sentrum Scene has therefore been canceled, but a new concert will be set up on the same day as the planned extra concert on July 2, Sentrum Scene writes in a press release.We are very lucky to have a flexible band,willing to carry out the concert a week later says organizer Peer Osmundsvaag in All Things Live to VG. He denies that it is Johnny Depp who has received covid, and says that there is one in the band who has tested positive for covid.

Johnny in Tampere, Finland