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Johnny Depp visits Dylan Thomas’ birthplace in Wales

Walesonline reports, how Johnny Depp is a fan of Dylan Thomas’ work and arranged to visit the Uplands attraction during his fleeting visit to Swansea.

During his visit he told Geoff Haden, owner and restorer of Dylan Thomas Birthplace, that he first came across the Welsh poet’s work when his brother bought him ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog’ when he was young.

Owner of Dylan Thomas Birthplace, Geoff said Johnny Depp had much more knowledge of Dylan Thomas than most people that visit the attraction

“He was really enthusiastic, he got a little overwhelmed and emotional at the end when he thought about being in the place where Dylan was born and grew up. He was a very warm person which made the whole tour that much more enjoyable. He was very appreciative of being able to visit – and he signed our visitors book and left us a donation, but we didn’t realise until after when a staff member told us – he didn’t make a song and dance of it or anything.”

Johnny signed the visitors book and left a donation for Dylan Thomas Birthplace

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