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All things have an end,

Johnny-Depp.org might have one, too. I just got an email that the host closes doors in just 4 days. Yes, I was as shocked as you. 11 years might be for nothing, and while I’m trying to get at least the domain back, I’m not sure if this might be a sign to stop all this. I’m tired fighting for the domain, a new host, staff members, news, time and even love for all this. 

I have no idea yet how it continues, I just got the info myself, and I’m under shock.

but I wanted to share with you to give you the chance to save all the info you want within 4 days.

Feel free to contact me at martina {at} inspirationally {dotty} net


  • It will be a huge loss when this site is gone. I have had and made a lot of friends here.
    I will miss this site and every one whom I have had the privilege of “meeting” over the years
    I have come here. love you all! love you Johnny…all my hopes ginny

  • So sad, please try to keep going, you are the best Depp web site your always there with good information etc. a lot of the other sites have closed down please please don’t be one of them

    • Hey Janet,
      it is very risky to have a fansite with copyrighted material. Right now, we’re safe through the DMCA of fan-sites.org, but as soon as we’re not anymore, I can be sued to pay at about 1000$ per pic, and I can’t take that risk anymore as a family mum with children.
      I can just forward you to http://johnnydeppnetwork.com – they will continue nevertheless on an own server without DMCA and Kaci is a nice girl with great image resources, far better than mine.

      • Hi thank you for the info on dep network, however they seem to be in the same position as yourself! And are having to move. When you enter their site they have a sim message as yours, they are trying to continue though. Thank you for all the years of your hard work it has been very appreciated. X Janet

        • Yes, I know, Janet,
          they are moving to new webspace, they obviously are open to taking the risk. This depends also on the country you live in and how easy it is to get information of domain owners. And on what you have to lose. If I would be a single where a private insolvence would just hit myself I’d probably be more open to such a risk. But not anymore if I destroy a whole family life.
          I will try to donate content there.

  • Oh, wow…I’ve been stopping by here for years because you’re one of the best Johnny sites I’ve ever seen! You have everything from scripts to awesome pictures and respect him, you guys rocked. Kinda sad to hear it’s coming to an end, but thanks for all you’ve done!!

    Best wishes for you all in your future endeavors!

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