Johnny Depp Photo Album revised, updated an now you can win!

The Johnny Depp Photo Album, by Christopher Heard, was just updated and out in UK, and coming out in US in 2 days. The Publisher Plexus is sponsoring for us a giveaway of two copies WORLDWIDE. To get a chance to win one of the two copies, write a comment to this post with just one word describing Johnny Depp’s look (as it is a photo album) that noone before has written, within a week.


The Johnny Depp Photo Album, Edited by Christopher Heard, Revised and Updated, is basically a biography through his life, just with lots of pictures and quotes.  Already the titles of Contents such as “Johnny Depp Taking Risks”, “Johnny Depp Gonzo”, “Johnny Depp Papa”, “Johnny Depp On The Horizon” show how much a piece of art this book is. The book starts with a quote about his early life, love and marriage, and continues with chronolocical sorted pics, more of the most interesting sentences he’s said or were said about him (also new ones), and a biography, long enough to have everything you need to know included, but short enough that you don’t get bored. It ends with a preview on Johnny’s upcoming movies.
A bonus point: the book doesn’t show any Paparazzi pics or even pics of the kids, even if one chapter is about “Johnny Depp Papa”.


You can also read Lizzy’s review of the book here.

See a preview of the book here:

and if you cannot wait or don’t have luck in the giveaway, you can still buy the book here at amazon:

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[amazon-product align=”left” region=”uk” tracking_id=”thejohnnydeppa-21″]0859654702[/amazon-product]

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