Johnny Depp is a Child at Heart

Red Hot Inflight Magazine, June 2005 issue, recently ran an article about Johnny entitled Child at Heart by Lynley Dwight. In it the author talks to Johnny about why he chooses roles that tend to be outside the mainstream, what it is like to be a daddy and about why he chooses to work with director Tim Burton.

“Depp’s trademark,” writes Dwight, “is his love of oddball characters, most notably in Edward Scissorhands, Don Juan DeMarco, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Ed Wood, and Even Chocolat.” ‘It’s a theme that I have often returned to,’says Depp, ‘It’s fascinating what society deems as normal and abnormal and who decides and why; how that kind judgement is placed on people. A lot of times people say: Oh, that guy is different, He’s the weirdo…Well, why is he? That’s the kind of thing I’m fascinated by.’

Johnny lives with his girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis and their two small children, Lily Rose and Jack, in a French village called Plan de la Tour. His life took on a decidedly different direction of it’s own when his children were born. Says Depp, “For years I stumbled around and didn’t really know what any of it was about until I had kids.” Johnny has since discovered new meaning and perpective. He says, according to the author, “building my family is true happiness.”

Johnny on Burton: “Tim is doing beautiful stuff, the sets are incredible and the work has been a ball, and going back into the ring with Tim is like being home. He’s great.”

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