From the past: Building the fountain of youth

When cleaning up my photos app to reduce filesize a bit, I found something those who were there already know, but I wanted to share with the world: I once built the fountain of youth from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, for a forum convention. It took me at about a week.

First putting styrofoam with silicon and glue (has to be specifically for styrofoam or it will melt) together to some kind of two towers and with a knife giving it its structure.

Inside I hid a tube from the bottom to the top, at the bottom in the middle a bowl with a water pump, the cable also hidden:



Afterwards I took tons of tile flex adhesive and put on it at about 5-10 layers, everytime scrubbing half of it away with sand paper again to make it look rounded off. 


For longer use epoxy resin should be put on and if it is to glossy then you can sprinkle it with quartz sand like I did with our aquarium backplane:



Then put it on the right place and let the water flow


and with the right accessoires, food and people you have a great Pirate Party.



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