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Postcards given by Alex Becker

Wow, that is a lot to read! Thank you, Alex!

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Fake Accounts on Social Media

We also warned about Fake Accounts before, people pretending to be Johnny Depp and trying to get money for VIP cards, fan meetings with Johnny, fundraiser…every few days we get emails reporting these issues, just that we can’t do anything but warn. Now Johnny Depp writes a note on his Instagram himself:

I’ve been made aware that there are fake accounts pretending to be me or people working with me. I do not have any private or side accounts on any platforms. These are the only pages run by me & my team where we share updates & communication:

I ask that u remain remain as it seems these fake accounts can be relentless. My team is working to combat the problem. Thank u for ur continued support & for making me aware of this issue!

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Johnny Depp Lists a Five-Penthouse Home in Los Angeles

Johnny Depp’s five condo units—four two-bedrooms and one one-bedroom—are perched atop the Eastern Columbia Building, a circa 1930 art deco structure known for its four-sided clock tower, said Mr. Dees, who is listing the property with colleague Nick Segal.

According to public records, Johnny Depp bought the condos from the developer for about $7.2 million in a series of transactions between 2007 and 2008. He then left the layout of each apartment as it was. He added doorways connecting three of the units, which he used as his living and entertaining space, while the other two served as an art studio and a guest suite.

The units, which total about 11,500 square feet, can be purchased together or separately.

More info and pics at WSJ.

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Kim McGuire, ‘Hatchet-Face’ Actress in ‘Cry-Baby,’ Dies at 60

Kim McGuire, who played Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in the John Waters film “Cry-Baby,” died Wednesday afternoon at a Florida hospital. She was 60.

McGuire was hospitalized on Tuesday with pneumonia, but did not respond to treatment and went into cardiac arrest, her husband Gene Piotrowsky told TMZ.

A GoFundMe page was set up a by a friend on Wednesday night to aid Piotrowsky.

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