Month: December 2010

Server move completed

You may have realized – we’re there, on our new server. The sites load about 10 times faster, so happy surfing on the new JDorg to you all. I’m really happy I did this huge step.

Some things still do NOT work: the JDorg Email addresses, the domain (visit the International Forums here), the images in the downlaods section, the search funktion. If you find anything else not working, please write here in the comments.

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Server move soon

We’ll move to a new server very soon. Quoting Jack Sparrow: “a better one”. You all certainly have realized the server problems coming with the recent switch to the new script, which needs those few more resources, which are the final straw for our little server.

So – if JDorg is gone suddenly, we’ll – hopefully – come back faster than ever. See you on the other side.

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Some problems

We’re having some problems with the galleries now that the site is online and many visitors are coming, so I deactivated the galleries (also goodies) to have the server not crash as soon as it is restarted. They will be back as fast as possible.

Update: the galleries and downloads are back if you click on galleries -> gallery or goodies -> gallery, but we still have ugly urls on the whole site (like ?page=asdasd) and I hope I will find a solution soon. I know the reason for this huge server load, but have no idea yet how to change it.

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