Month: January 2008

New skin

I added a new layout to the site for you to chose –
featuring Johnny Depp (of course) on the latest Rolling Stones cover.

See a preview here and click the icon to use the brand new layout:

Johnny Depp layout 1

The myspace also got this layout.

I hope, you like it!

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Johnny in L.A.

We have some new pics of Johnny Depp in front of the Musso & Frank Grill, LA, California, USA, yesterday, Jan. 29! When his car started to drive away, Johnny got out and had a confrontation with a photographer. The photographer was said to have been harrassing Johnny and making rude comments, Johnny had some things to say to him and afterwards just walked off. Way to go Johnny!! He was not very happy, but in his right for sure!

click here to see them

A preview:

Johnny DeppJohnny DeppJohnny Depp

Sorry Johnny!

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The current issue of Big Issue reported on 3 sites about Johnny Depp and the movie Sweeney Todd.

Thanks to Debbi, we have some scans in the magazine section

Also Debbi told us about a link to the site of Time out, there you can find a free download for an Exclusive Sweeney Todd audiowalk
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//EDIT Jan. 26 –
thanks to Sandra, Elisa, Marlene and Hiro3,I added more scans from January, February and March 2008, and thanks to Netnessie and Janis I could add some older Cover scans.

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Rolling Stone, January 24, 2008 – Johnny Sings

Title: Johnny Sings

Author: Gavin Edwards

Publication: Rolling Stone

Issue: January 24, 2008

Attend the tale of Johnny Depp: still Hollywood’s most perverse superstar, he has followed up the family-friendly Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy with Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, a buckets-of-blood saga of cannibalism that is also -gulp!- a musical. That’s right, Depp sings for the first time ever onscreen, and critics are warbling his praises for tackling the notoriously difficult score from theater legend Stephen Sondheim. This gripping adaptation of the 1979 Broadway hit is the sixth movie Depp has done with director Tim Burton, for whom he’s played misfits from Edward Scissorhands to Ed Wood. But a full-out musi­cal is a first for both of them. And the pain-wracked intensity Depp brings to this London barber obsessed with revenge is sparking Oscar talk.

Today Depp meets me in a suite at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. His jeans are ripped, and his black shirt is open at the neck to reveal a gonzo necklace, a tribute to his late friend, Hunter S. Thompson. Depp looks around the tastefully appointed room. “They’ve really done this place up,” he says. “I lived in the Cha­teau for a while, years ago, and it was dingy but great. It was like they bought the couches from the Ramada Inn that was closed down by the Health Department in 1970.” Depp has come a long way from his childhood in Kentucky, the youngest of four children. His parents — a waitress and a city engineer – moved more than twenty times while he was young, settling in Mira-mar, Florida, when he was seven, and divorcing when he was fifteen. These days, Depp, 44, and his family (French singer-actress Vanessa Paradis and their two children, Lily-Rose 8 and Jack, 5) split their time be­tween Los Angeles and the South of France.

Conversation with the quick-witted Depp can ca­reen from whether new popes get their genitals cupped to ensure the leader of the Catholic Church is suffi­ciently male (“I think an elderly man waddles up to you and reaches under your dress”) to his out-of-control life before he met Paradis (“I’m a dumb-ass, and I poisoned myself for years. Now I understand things better”).

It’s been seventeen years since Depp starred in Cry-Baby, the Fifties musical pastiche from John Waters, where his singing voice was dubbed. Since Depp per­forms his own songs in Sweeney Todd, it seemed like the right time to revisit his musical career and how it improbably led him to become one of the most compel­ling actors of his generation.

Was your family musical at all?

My mom and my dad weren’t particularly musi­cal, no. But I did have an uncle who was a preacher, and he played hillbilly bluegrass guitar. So Sunday church services, it was like, “Hallelujah, brothers and sisters,” and then he would start picking “Stepping on the clouds.”

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Johnny and Tim were interviewed on the Culture show in the UK. This is a very popular show in England and the interview is lenghty and very informative. Not as light as some of the other interviews we have seen lately but more about business and a great one!

I added the clip and some other interviews in the Download Section

Also I capped some pics of the Interview by J.Ross. click here

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Oscar nomination

Johnny was nominated in the category “Best Actor” of this years Academy Awards for his performance in the movie ‘Sweeney Todd’.

Johnny Depp reacted to his nod. “My sincere thanks
to the Academy for this kind nomination,” he said. “It is both an
honor and a privilege to be aligned amongst such ability. My endless
gratitude also to Tim Burton and the entire cast and crew of ‘Sweeney
Todd,’ without whom, I would not be here today

Though the movie ‘Sweeney Todd’ itself was left out of the oscar nominations in best picture, it was nominated for best art direction and best costume design.

This year’s Oscar telecast is scheduled for February 24 at the Kodak Theatre, but the ceremony is shrouded in uncertainty due to the ongoing writers’ strike.

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Magazine News

There are some brand new pics of the Sweeney Todd set in the current Make-Up Artist magazine and also some new Johnny photo session pics.

Thanks to Holly (KYwoman), we have some scans in the magazines section.
We also have scans of the UK Radio Times (thanks to Vicky), and February Magazines from Japan (thanks MA Depp & Mika Depp).

A preview:

Johnny DeppJohnny DeppJohnny Depp

Please keep sending in your scans!

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Johnny in France

Johnny and Tim were in France on the night of the 16th for the premiere there of Sweeny Todd in the rain. He was asked about where he was and how he felt when he found out about his Golden Globe award..
Johnny said that he was at home “just hanging out” and found out there. He said he was “very surprised but also flattered and honored.” He said also that “he wrote a statement and thought it was easier to write something for him then to give a speech.”
There were reports that this premiere was to be postponed but it happened right on time to many’s surprise!!

Click here to see all pics and here for video.

we recently added alot more photos so you want to check the gallery again to see the great additions!!!
Here a preview:

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ST Premiere London by Marja

San and I went to London together and met at Schiphol airport on Wednesday morning. I don’t remember all the times, but who cares about that.
Our flight was perfectly in time, I just had a bit of trouble with the fluid regulations but ended up getting everything on board.
So, the fun could begin.
The flight was perfect and we landed at Gatwick on time.
No eeeek airport at all. It was so easy, we actually thought it was too easy because of all your eeeks about Gatwick.
We found Kitty very quickly and the 3 of us took the train to Victoria. Great meeting other zoners like that.

So, when we arrived at our hotel we all had a bit of relaxing at our rooms and then went out to get some coffee and a sandwich. We picked up Kitty’s ticket for the party and went to Covent Garden where I bought some presents for my children and DH. After that a bit of a walk and a look at Leicester Square, where the preparations for the premiere had already started.
We then met up with Liz and the 4 of us had dinner at Angus Steak House at Leicester Square and we had a great time, chatting and laughing. After dinner at about 10 pm we went outside again and Liz and I had a long chat with a very sweet security guy for about half an hour. He was very talkative and told us quite a lot.
Then back to the hotel to sleep. Well, I just couldn’t get to sleep. To excited, I’m afraid. It took me hours to finally fall asleep. And I was awake at 5.30 and didn’t sleep after that. After I showered I went outside while San was having a shower to get some drinks and I talked to another very sweet security guard. They were all so very sweet and talkative.
There had been a change of plans because of work being done on the road they were suppose to use, so he told me all about the new plan. So sweet…..
After that we had breakfast in the hotel (San, Kitty and me) and after we had finished Charlie and Endora joined us.

When it was 10 am I just couldn’t stand being inside the hotel anymore and went to LeicesterSquare to queue up. There I met Trinni with her DD and Lynda. So, I stayed with them and we were nearly in front. So, I was very happy.
We had a lot of fun during the waiting. I was standing next to a guy dressed up as Sweeney and he was so cute.
Then at 12 they opened the gates to go in the middle bit and took groups in turn to bring them in. So, no pushing which was very good. We got a great spot and another wait was to start.

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