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Happy 18th Birthday + new layout

Today, has a birthday to celebrate: its own birthday. This site opened February 8, 2004 – which means it’s officially grown up now…

In celebration of this, I created a brand new unique layout for this site featuring one of his latest photo sessions and I hope, you like it.

Because the site is so huge, there might still be some display problems. If you see something you don’t like, please comment. I know that the automatic ads get out of the posts still. This should change the next days.

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New (responsive) Layout

It is not 100% finished yet, but I decided to publish the new theme I worked on for the last months for everyone –
a new theme working also for mobile devices.

I hope, you like our new style!

Also, check out the family and fiancee info pages, that Anum updated, and welcome Tania to our team!

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New Layout feat. My Valentine

Because I really admire Johnny’s performance in Paul Mc Cartney’s music video “My Valentine”, I decided to create a new look (one more theme) for If you haven’t set it automatically, click here to try it out:

my valentine theme


If you do not like it…or like one of the older themes better (I know, this new one is dark and grey and black and not very colorful in color, but just in the gestures right as the video), feel free to chose another theme from the very bottom anytime  you like.

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New comment / gallery box

the last days I made some changes to the box that appears when clicking the comments or the images in the galleries. It has now an – in my opinion – nicer look and – very important – a Download Full Size image link at the bottom right. Took me some days to find out how to manipulate it but there you go!
Try it out 🙂

Meanwhile, Ginny and Brian added some more 2005 articles.

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New Layout

The recent Rum Diary Press Junket pics impressed me so much that I decided to create a new layout out of one of those pics. I could not resist these eyes and wanted them “as they are” looking out to all of us through this box in the middle, any brushes just wrapped around.

Go, check it out yourself:


If you find any mistakes anywhere, please tell me! Any opinions very welcome in the comments. 

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On Stranger Tides Layout

Thanks to Carina, who created this incredibly beautiful and well made header, we could create a new style featuring Captain Jack Sparrow on the Stranger Tides promo pics –

you can try the layout by clicking this preview (or anytime from the icons in the footer):

On Stranger Tides Layout Screencap

Thank you so much, Carina, you’re truly genius.

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Which layout keep? Which drop?

As the only Johnny Depp site online, we allow the visitor to chose the preferred layout. We are going to switch to another news script (which is the cause for the lack of site updates in the past) soon and I need to drop some of the skins, while I want to keep only few of them, but with new skins to come instead (including a cool Mad Hatter layout). Which ones you will miss? Which ones to drop?

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Happy Easter!

For some time I seem to have lost my creativity, and I had no motivation (and time) to do anything for Christmas nor the 5th anniversary nor the 3 Mio. visitors. But the spring with the wonderful weather and the green and the flowers coming through inspired me enough to make you all a new layout as a little Easter surprise:

Skin 9

I hope, you like it 🙂 if not, you can still choose one of the other 8 skins :-p

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Arrrrrrr!! New Jack Sparrow Skin! Arrrrrrr!!!

Ahoy mates! Today, September 19th, be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. T’ celebrate that, I made a new Jack Sparrow Skin for – or t’ be honest, I made it first and then realized, it was “Talk Like a Pirate Day” when I would have it completed. So, enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day and surprise everybody by talkin’ like a pirate. Now try out t’ newest skin o’ the best character introduction in a movie ever:

Skin 8

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a new layout again

I planned to add this layout on February 8th, our 4th anniversary, but I could not finish it in time. Now it is finished, and I’d like to add it still in celebration of the 4th birthday of the site. Enjoy!

See a preview here and click the icon to use the brand new layout:

Johnny Depp layout 7

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