Month: August 2006

Again meeting fans…

Again and again Johnny seems to have a heart for his fans and signs autographs after the PotC3 shooting.
On August 29th he again did.

View all of them here

and a preview:

image: potc3filming05.jpg image: potc3filming0.jpg image: potc3filming14.jpg
thanks to bonnie I could also add some more pics to the other galleries/appearances of the last week

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Shop added

Although not finished yet,
I added a link to sort of shop.

It is nothing jdorg sells, just an overview for articles with links to other sites…DVDs at amazon, Posters at and so on…
there are things you certainly never imagined existing.

The same time it helps jdorg to pay for the domain and webspace, because we get some percent of what you pay to the shops.

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two more Johnny sightings

Again, Johnny was seen after the PotC3 shooting, in California, signing autographs for his fans

one time August 23rd in California: click here to see all of the pics.

a preview is here:

image: california04.jpg image: california07.jpg

the other sighting was August 24th – and jdorg got a great donation made by Jennifer Sombrotto, who met Johnny that day and made some pics. A huge thanks, Jennifer!

click here for all of the pics!

Here is a Jennifer with Johnny and one more preview pic of those posted by bonnie:

jennifersombrotto02.jpg image: redondobeach06.jpg

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Deppth’s Encounter 02

I just got back from Redondo Beach again, and this time I got there too late, but I till got to see Johnny! I asked the security guy if Johnny is coming tonight and he said yes, he is signing right now on the other side. I don’t think I have ever ran that fast in my life! When I got there they weren’t letting anyone else get signatures. He look beautiful as usual, and he had a huge smile on his face. I asked every security guard there if there was any possibility that I could give him the article I had written for him, and a picture that I had drawn of him and they said no and that he is done. When Johnny was on his way out he climbed the fence to wave goodbye and everyone started screaming and ran towards the fence, but he left.

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Deppth’s Encounter in Redondo Beach 01

I just got back and I am still in shock…I met him. This is my 4th time actually meeting Mr. Depp and my 5th time seeing him. My sister, mom, baby cousin, and I got there around 6. I live about two minutes from where he met him, it’s almost walking distance. We stood in line, might I mention we were completely in the wrong area, because all of a sudden someone fro behind yelled Johnny and everyone ran. It turned out it wasn’t Johnny but there were security guards and police all over the area. They told us to get in one line, and when they realized that that wouldn’t work, they started hand picking people who were lucky enough to get an autograph from Johnny. Amazingly enough me and my sister got picked. So we went and stood in line, and by that point we were both beyond excited. I thought I was going to pass out, I was so happy and ecstatic. Anyways, all of a sudden Johnny came out and started signing. With every step forward my heart started racing more. Finally my little sister went up to him and she said hi, and he gave her that sweet smile that he has and patted her on the shoulder. She leaned in and gave him a hug. He then signed her Pirates of the Caribbean game and he asked what her name was, she replied Lily. I saw his face glow and he smiled from ear to ear, I knew it reminded him of lily-rose. L-I-L-Y?, he asked and she replied yes and said thank you. It was my turn. I was nervous and hoped that I wouldn’t say anything stupid. I said hi and I shook his hand, and then I gave him my Depp book by Christopher Heard and I asked if he could please make it out to Nattalie (my name). He asked, N-A-T-I-L-Y? No, n-a-t-t-a-l-i-e-, I replied quickly with a nervous smile. At that point we were looking into each others eyes and I noticed that he still had eyeliner on and how beautiful his eyes were. I guess I said my name to fast because he had to confirm it once again and make sure he got it right. Then I told him I had written in article about him in the newspaper I write for called LAYOUTH and I asked if he had time to check it out it would mean a lot to all of us on the staff. He said, Oh yeah, what is it exactly? I told him it was a teen newspaper that I write for and he can check it out at L.A.YOUTH.COM. He said, yeah definitely! I told him we all love him there, and we left with huge smiles on our faces as we ran down the street to go tell the good news to my mom. What a night!!!

(see all pics here in the galleries/appearances section)

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Johnny appearance

Johnny appeared August 22nd in LA…on his way to the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 set and later in the evening signing autographs…still with the Captain Jack Sparrow beard 😀

I uploaded some pics – here

a preview is here:

image: la-potc3set07.jpg image: la-potc3set15.jpg

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Johnny won Teen Choince award in three categories

“Teen Choice Awards Handed Out In California

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” was a big winner. It picked up honors for best action adventure and best summer movie. Johnny Depp also picked up two awards, one for best actor in a drama/action adventure flick, the
other for choice actor in a comedy for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”


you can view all the pics from the show here

a preview:

image: teenchoice09.jpg image: teenchoice22.jpg image: teenchoice44.jpg

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Lots of new stuff!!!

Hey everyone,

I have been busy uploading some great fanart lately. Although I had a little trouble with some they are all up now and ready for you to admire.

There is a brand new Signatures in all of the signature categories made by myself, Kelly and Kari, and there are also some new Avatars and

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