Month: July 2006

new affiliates script

I wrote my very own affiliates script and readded all affiliates still existing and linking back.
I deleted about half of them.
Anyway….it looks much more clean now.

As well the listed at section was remade.

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Hello Magazine reports that Johnny Depp greeted fans in a pair of mud-splattered boots, jeans and a white shirt, worn under one of his trademark leather jackets when he dropped in for a chat with interviewer David Letterman last Thursday. His outfit was finished off with a trendy assortment of pendants, including a metal disc engraved with the name and birth date of daughter Lily Rose.

Johnny’s look obviously got the thumbs up from a young female admirer, who dashed out of the crowd to get an autograph and a hug…

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Rose Sparrow’s Encounter

I was standing in front of the barricade outside of the Letterman show for 6 hours in the blazing heat but it was worth it. I was holding out a bottle of wine for him to sign and when he got right in front of me he decided to take off his black shirt. He then looked up over his purple colored glasses and said,”Is that for me?” I managed to get my wits about me and said that he could have it if he wanted it but I only wanted him to sign it. He said,”No that’s okay, here let me sign it” I literally was inches away from his Jack tattoo and gold teeth and I was sorely tempted to kiss him but I was truly in shock that he even talked to me first. He is so gorgeous and a really down to earth guy. I have sent you some pictures that my son took but unfortunately I am not in them.

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Depp’s Duck encounter

I met Johnny on July 27 in New York City when he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. As soon as I heard Johnny was going to appear on the show that night, I walked down to the Disney store on 5th Ave & bought A PotC book for him to sign. I was on vacation, so I didn’t have any of my Johnny photos or posters with me. But it was a great excuse to buy the book! I waited outside the studio for him for 5 hours. I arrived at 12:30 & got a place right across the street from the stage door! There were probably only about 50 people there when I showed up, but by the time he was rumored to arrive (4:00), there were about 500 people. We waited & waited & waited, & finally at 4:20, a black Excursion pulled up & Johnny got out of the car! I was SO excited I almost died right then & there! He was not even 20 feet away from me, just across the street!

He posed for the papparazzi, turned to the crowd & tried to shout over the crowd, “I’ll come back! I promise!” So he went inside & it was time for more waiting. At about 5:30, the NYPD began putting up even MORE blockades, making a sort of half-circle around the building. The car he arrived in was in the center of the circle, with the stage door on just the other side. Johnny came out, waved to everyone & started on one side signing autographs, working his way around. When he finally got to me, one of those eBay guys (who just has celebrities sign stuff so they can sell it) kept putting his photos right in my face! Johnny was only inches away from me & I couldn’t even see him because of this guy behind me. By the time I shoved his stack of photos out of the way, Johnny had already passed me. I leaned over the barricade & yelled, “HEY JOHNNY!!!” as loud as I could! He looked back (how he heard me over everyone else shouting I’ll never know!) & said, “Were you there just a moment ago?” I nodded & held open my book for him. “Please Johnny?” I asked, as nicely as I could. He smiled at me (gold teeth & all!) & walked back over to me & said, “Of course, love.” And he signed my book!! I almost fainted right there! Johnny Depp, my idol, called ME love!!! He finished up with the signing, & when he got in the car & it was driving off, he rolled down the window & waved. It was seriously the best day of my life! As soon as I got home, I found pictures online of him signing my book!

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The genius of Johnny Depp

The Culling by D. Allan Kerr: The genius of Johnny Depp writes that Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow is genuine genius. What Johnny Depp has done here is inspiring – instead of sacrificing himself on the public altar to win over the masses, he has brought the masses to him.

He created something so original and with such panache that the entire world not only has to pay attention to it, they can’t get enough of it. By now the media has left little doubt Depp’s inventive portrayal of Capt. Jack Sparrow is the primary reason for the success of the “Pirates” films…

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A new skin

I added a new skin –
actually I made it for my collective some days ago, but I love the pic and so I decided to use it here, too.

Check it out here:

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New Moviepics

Conny uploaded lots of new Movie Pics

Israeli press kit for Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and Secret Window
and German lobby cards and pics from the Press Kit CD of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – Dead Man’s Chest.

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Servermove and whatnotever…

Allright –
there haven’t been many updates in the last time.

This had many reasons:

1. I had my last weeks of the last semester before my diplom work at university and I never in my life had that less free time.

2. we moved over to a new server, to surpass hosting, and we first had to reupload everything.

3. because of the change I decided to as well switch the news, articles and updates script to a new one. News and articles were switched some time before, but today was the day I deleted the old updates folder and now added the new script –
I did not yet have the time to readd all the old updates. That’s why the last one is from 2005…of course it is not!!!!

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