Month: April 2006

Happy Days: Book/Film Project

Dogmatika – Jerry Stahl is part of the script writing team [with Terry Zwigoff] who wrote the book I, Fatty that Infinitum Nihil optioned for a future film. Another future project in collaboration with Johnny Depp is Happy Days with the same script writing team.

Terry Zwigoff:: I’m working on trying to cast a film that I have a script to that’s a really great script that I don’t really want to tell you what it is in case I can’t get it cast to please the studio. Cause if that – if I don’t – I mean, the trouble in making films in Hollywood at a decent budget, where we can have good production design and time for nice cinematography, is that you really have to get bankable movie stars in the film. And oftentimes, those are not the right people to do justice to the script. So it’s always a struggle.

“What is this person worth?”
“Well, but they’re no good for the part.”
“Can I get this one?”
“No, they’re not worth anything and overseas.”

So that’s what I’m struggling with that. And I’m writing -adapting a book for Johnny Depp called Happy Days, getting paid to turn this into a script and maybe direct it down the road.

It’s a French book by this guy Laurent Graff. A strange little book that Johnny really liked and wanted me to meet with him about it. And I went to this meeting feeling like I like the book. I didn’t think I could do it justice. And he sort of talked me into writing it. I’m writing it with this guy – I’m co-writing it with a guy named Jerry Stahl, the guy who did Permanent Midnight. I’m trying to talk Johnny Depp out of me having to write the screenplay. I said, “I’d be interested in directing it if you can get a screenplay that works. But I like the book, but I don’t know if I’m the guy to adapt it.” And he said, “Did you ever see this guy’s writing, Jerry Stahl?” I said, “I know Jerry Stahl a little bit. I really like him. That’s an inspired choice.” Johnny roped him into this thing. So we’re doing it together. It’s sort of interesting.

[via The Comics Reporter]

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It’s a Pirate’s View for Depp

Los Angeles Times – The ‘Caribbean’ star has W. Hollywood officials on legal gangplank over plans for a retail project he says would ruin one of the vistas at his estate – By Bob Pool, Times Staff Writer.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star is in a legal sword fight with city officials who have authorized a Sunset Strip construction project that he insists would ruin a scenic view from an area of his $5.4-million Hollywood Hills property.

The megastar contends in a lawsuit that the city violated environmental-quality laws by approving development of retail shops, a restaurant and a parking structure on a lot beneath his gated, 2 1/2 – acre estate.

Depp asserts that the project would block the view his two children have while playing outside the 7,430-square-foot home.

Backers of the development dispute that. They say that Depp has declared that the youngsters – Lily-Rose, 6, and Jack, 4 – will be raised in France, where he and French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis live.

It was unclear Friday how much time Depp and his family spend in Los Angeles. He has been spotted in Hollywood-area restaurants recently, and post-production is underway on the second installment of his popular pirate series, scheduled for release this summer. He is known to also have a home on a Caribbean island.

Depp could not be reached for comment. His attorney declined to discuss the case and his publicist did not respond to inquiries.

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Hip Lili Taylor by Johnny Depp

INTERVIEW Magazine May 2006 – Johnny Depp interviews Lili Taylor.

For a working-class girl from the white-collar suburbs of Chicago who has always refused to have her edges buffed and who has a resume filled with more damaged, insecure, and shockingly unstable characters than a Hollywood studio boardroom the journey through moviedom has been less about making choices than winning battles.

We join the 39-year-old actress in this excerpt as she dishes with her Arizona Dream co-star Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp: Now, there is something I’ve been meaning to say to you, because I haven’t seen you for a while. Do you remember a few years back when we were at my house here in Los Angeles and we were painting?

LT: Honey, I was just looking at your painting two minutes ago. I’ve got it up on the wall.

JD: I remember that we were painting and you grabbed the tiniest canvas and it was all pink and you painted this beautiful little girl in this sort of bluish protective sphere in the center of it. We were using these really heavy oil sticks and just laying it on really thick. Anyhow, there were two things I wanted to say to you about it. The first is that after, like, five years, your painting is finally dry. [Taylor laughs] And the second is that I have it up here in my house, and you should come see it sometime. It’s a beautiful little painting. Over the years we’ve talked a lot about painting and art brut and naive art and things like that. But it’s just one of my favorite paintings ever.

LT: Sweetie. I’ve got the one that you made for me with a three on it and a man’s face. I’m holding it in my hands right now. It’s so great that we’ve got each other’s little projects. Are you still in that house in Los Angeles?

JD: Yeah, still there, same joint. What used to look like Dracula’s castle now looks like Dracula’s castle crossed with Toys R Us.

LT: [laughs] The light from the kids has really brightened up the place, huh?

JD: Toys are everywhere. It’s madness.

LT: That’s sweet for the kids.

JD: Yeah, they are good kids. Really good kids. I’m so happy you’re writing. I remember when I was in New York a couple of years back, and you were working with all these little kids with that group.

LT: The 52nd Street Project.

JD: You slayed me with that. I thought it was such a brilliant thing.

LT: Oh, man, yeah. I haven’t done anything with them for a while, but they’re such a great organization. I actually just took a full-day workshop on teenage relationships and how to talk to kids about sex. I got a little certificate. But I was thinking about the 52nd Street Project the whole time and about how successful they’ve been,

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Please help Johnny Depp help the BBC Children

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Pirates Sequels – More of the Same?

Time.comRun For Your Lives! The Blockbusters Are Coming!

Coming soon to every theater near you: more of the freakin’ same! Summer means blockbusters, and that usually means sequels, prequels or remakes.

Three years ago, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl vaulted from prerelease shrug to summer smash, earning $305 million in North America and $652 million worldwide. So here comes the sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (opening July 7), which was shot at the same time as Pirates III, due out next summer.

For this double voyage, Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer re-enlisted the old crew: director Gore Verbinski, writer Terry Rossio and stars Johnny Depp (as scurvy Captain Jack), Orlando Bloom (the young hero, Will Turner) and Keira Knightley (Will’s fiance, Elizabeth Swann).

“There’s a kid inside most of the people on this crew,” Verbinski says, “that gets juiced to get up in the morning and say, ‘Hey, we’re doing this.’ This is the type of movie that says it’s fun to go to the theater again.”

The very notion of sequels might horrify Depp, Hollywood’s best current example of dreamboat movie star and superserious character actor. “It’s a dangerous game,” he acknowledges. “Rocky went into almost Warholian levels of absurdity. But if your intentions are good and pure, then you can sort of skate through, make an interesting, entertaining film.”

His Captain Jack, the maniacally mannerist pirate, was plenty entertaining, to audiences and to Depp. “I truly love the character,” he says, “and I didn’t feel I’d had enough of him in the first one.”

Or the second or third? Bruckheimer says he’s going to save all the sets “in the hope that we can continue the series. If Disney will write us some checks, we’ll do it.” And if the star isn’t bored by then, he jokes: “I’m teetering on the idea of a [Pirates] TV series.”

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Possible Role for Depp?

A PLAN to make a film of the life of Michael Hutchence, the rock star who killed himself in 1997, has run into strong opposition from his family – by Paul Ham for

Nick Egan, a British film director and friend of the INXS frontman, is looking for actors to play the roles of the singer, as well as the late Paula Yates, his girlfriend, and Bob Geldof.

Among the actors Egan is considering for the role of Hutchence are Johnny Depp, Hayden Christensen, Eric Bana and a little-known singer-actor from Australia called Michael Piccirilli.

The new biopic is due to go into pre-production in the next three months and is scheduled for release next year.

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Keep to the

Keep to the – The Offical FAN site for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.

Q: What makes you the OFFICIAL website?

A: Disney will have its own “official site” with its own content. We are the point Disney has chosen to distribute materials through to other fan sites, not that we are the only outlet, or unreachable. Everything that’s said isn’t going to be pretty (filmmaking rarely is) but we can be depended on to be professional, thorough, as accurate as journalistically possible and as unbiased as we can possibly be. The people who make the decisions know that.

It’s important to stress that we are not owned, endorsed by or employed by The Walt Disney Company in any way.

Captain Jack is back July 7!

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