Month: February 2006

CatCF and Chocolat movie sites

Today I (mara) added both the Chocolat and the Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory movie info sites to jdorg with lots of info. You can access
them here.
We are desperately looking for some personal movie reviews for these
two movies (as well as the other ones), so if you have some, please send
them in!
Now enjoy reading!

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(Los Angeles)- MovieCityNews – The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror films has announced the nominations for the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards.

The Academy was founded in 1972 to honor and recognize genre filmmaking. Over the years, the Academy has expanded their reach to include other film genres. The organization also honors television, home entertainment and video games.

The Saturn Awards honor the most popular and successful film releases of the year. The genre film continues to dominate and control the box office with its’ imaginative and creative stories. These films are the crowd pleasers.

This year’s show will be hosted by top comedian Jeffrey Ross. The show will take place on May 2 in Universal City. For additional information, please go the Academy website:

Warner Brother’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory has received a total of 4 nominations:

— Best Fantasy Film (Prod: Brad Grey, Richard D. Zanuck)
— Best Performance by a Younger Actor: Freddie Highmore
— Best Music: Danny Elfman
— Best Costume: Gabriella Pescucci

while it’s Corpse Bride received one:

— Best Animated Film (Prod: Tim Burton, Allison Abbate.)

A total of 33 films were nominated this year with 7 of the 33 produced by Warner Brothers.

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Interview: Burton Talks ‘Corpse Bride,’ Oscar Nom

The colorless land of the living has just become paved with a bright red carpet and is illuminated by Oscar gold for director Tim Burton -by Tim Lammers, Web Staff Editor.

Naturally, that’s because the film genius’ stop-motion opus, “Corpse Bride,” is one of this year’s Academy Award nominees for Best Animated Feature. And while Burton plans on attending the ceremony March 5, he regrets to inform that the film’s stars, Victor Van Dort and the Corpse Bride, won’t have a seat at the ceremony.

“No puppets allowed — only pawns,” Burton told me, laughing, during a recent @ The Movies interview.

It’s only appropriate that Burton treat his puppet stars like royalty. After all, he is clearly humbled by the recognition of the Academy after toiling 10 years on the project. And holding steadfast with what some consider as a dying art form in the burgeoning age of computer-animated films is not an easy thing to do.

The wonderful thing about Burton’s work is that, in addition to Elfman, he’s created a solid company of players that we’ve come to depend on as viewers to always fulfill the filmmaker’s unique visions.

Chief among them is Depp, who teams with Burton for the fifth time with “Corpse Bride.” He previously teamed with the director on “Edward Scissorhands,” “Ed Wood,” “Sleepy Hollow” and just a couple months prior to “Corpse Bride,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

“I really do enjoy working with him and in this case for me I was really lucky because there was some cross-over. Johnny would be doing Willy Wonka during the day and walk over (to the studio at night) and do ‘Corpse Bride,’” Burton said.

Depp’s value clearly comes from his desire to be an actor rather than a celebrity. His turn as Victor wasn’t about having them recognize that it was Johnny Depp’s voice; it was more about disappearing into the character.

“He was always does disappear, that’s the thing about him. I felt so lucky with this cast,” Burton said, humbly. “Really, when I read the names of the cast in ‘Corpse Bride,’ I’d go, ‘I just can’t believe it,’ because they’re all such great people and voices. Everybody, Johnny included, just came in and just hit it. It was really great.”

This is an article excerpt. To view the article in full, please click here.

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Shantaram begins shooting in November – Andamans – Oscar-winning film-maker Peter Weir will begin shooting Shantaram in November 2006. This Johnny Depp-starrer will be shot in several locales in India, including the scenic Havelock Island in the Andamans. While the details of the Mumbai schedule are still awaited, Weir has confirmed some parts will be filmed on the Radha Nagar beach at Havelock.

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Johnny Depp has bowed out of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – Louis B. Hobson – Johnny Depp has bowed out of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the true story of magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, who suffered a paralyzing stroke at age 43.

“Everybody wants Johnny these days. We couldn’t hold him to the project, so we’re in the process of casting a French actor to fill the role.

“Johnny really wanted the role but he won’t be available for a couple of years, and we couldn’t wait.”

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Depp makes fun of my Oscar nomination: Keira Knightley

Zee News – Los Angeles, Feb 14: British starlet Keira Knightley revealed that her “Pirates of the Caribbean” co-stars including heartthrob Johnny Depp were making fun of her for winning an Oscar nomination.

“He just laughed at me,” Knightley said when asked what Depp’s reaction had been when he learned of her nomination while the pair were filming the two “Pirates” sequels in the Bahamas.

“They’ve all been taking the piss out of me mercilessly,” she joked to reporters at a luncheon thrown in Beverly Hills for this year’s crop of Oscar nominees, referring to her cast members’ poking fun at her.

“Every time I do a take, they go, ‘is that an Oscar-nominated take, then?’”

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Welcome to Paradis

Everybody knows Johnny Depp hearts femme fatale Vanessa Paradis – By Tamara Ikenberg from The Courier-Journal.

But far fewer non-Frenchies know there’s much more to Depp’s amour than a pretty, pinched face and a superstar squeeze. In France, the gaunt, 33-year-old gal is a major film star and singer. Often cast as a sexy, soulful wild child, she seems like the perfect match for the brainy, deviant Depp.

And he’s not the only one adored by critics. Paradis won a Cesar, the national French film award, in 1990 for “Noce Blanche” (“White Wedding”) and was nominated again 10 years later for her role as a suicidal nymphomaniac who finds an ideal career as a knife-thrower’s target in “La Fille sur le pont” (“Girl on a Bridge”).

Paradis can be seen this month on the Sundance Channel in “Mon Ange” (“My Angel”), as Collette, a hardened Amsterdam hooker with a heart of gold and a head of fried blond hair who becomes the accidental guardian of a cerebral orphaned teenager.

As for her singing success, two of her singles, “Joe Le Taxi” and “Be My Baby,” both made the UK Top Ten singles chart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, or whatever they call it in France, Johnny and Vanessa!

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Johnny Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean Cereal… it’s true!

The Disney Blog – Posted by John Frost in Disney Fandom – You’ve probably seen Winnie-the-pooh or Mickey Mouse on a box of cereal somewhere (my favorite was Buzz Lightyear), but now be prepared to see the visage of Disney’s latest action hero, Johnny Depp as Captain Jack, gracing the new Pirates of the Caribbean cereal by Kellogg’s.

According to the description on the steering wheel, the cereal will be “Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Pearl Shaped Cereal with Pirate Shaped Marshmallows”. The marshmallow shapes include hearts, hats, and treasurechests, kind of a Captain Jack Lucky Charms.

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