What to include in Jeanne du Barry movie review paper

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Johnny Depp’s fans have long waited to see him again on the screen. If you have chosen to write a movie review paper on Jeanne du Barry, get ready, as you have plenty to discuss. We hope you have already watched the movie and can focus on the plot, character development, historical accuracy, Maïwenn, and Johnny Depp’s roles, and much more.

1. Write an engaging introduction.

The most effective way to start your movie review is to write a catchy introductory phrase and provide a piece of brief information about the movie Jeanne du Barry. Tell about the cast, film director, and year. Also, clearly state what your readers should expect in your writing with thesis statements. For example, This review aims to analyze the film’s portrayal of Jeanne du Barry, its historical accuracy, and overall cinematic qualities that make this movie a must-see.

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2. Explore historical accuracy.

Jeanne Bécu, Comtesse du Barry, is a prominent historical figure that has played a significant role in French history. It’s vital to explore her real story from reliable historical sources to be able to compare it to the film version. It’s essential to know about key events and turning points in her life story to give an appropriate evaluation of the movie regarding actual historical events.

However, it is important to note that certain events and dialogues in the film may be fictionalized for dramatic effect, and you can highlight them in your review. You can reveal the scene and point out whether this fiction improved or spoiled the historical context of the era.

Think whether the movie accurately depicts the luxury and decadence of the French court during the reign of Louis XV. Also, consider political intrigues and power struggles.

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3. Analyze the portrayal of Jeanne du Barry.

In this historical drama, the leading role was played by Maïwenn. Also, consider the fact that she also directed and wrote this movie. Make an overview of how the director has depicted the life of King Louis XV’s mistress. Is her role believable? Combine the background information on the historical figure of Jeanne du Barry and her significance in French history.

Consider the following questions:

  • How has the director portrayed Jeanne du Barry’s character?
  • How was her journey from a courtesan to an influential figure in the French court revealed?
  • How has she interacted with the king and other influential individuals?
  • Has she faced challenges in society and women of her background?
  • How has Maïwenn depicted Jeanne du Barry? Has she shown the depth of the character? 
  • Find real pictures drawn by artists of Jeanne du Barry. Compare whether the leading actress Maïwenn accurately depicts her appearance.

Tip. You can focus on how the movie’s depiction of Jeanne du Barry reflects societal attitudes towards women in 18th-century France, particularly those who were mistresses or courtesans.

4. Evaluate cinematic qualities.

Analyze the film’s cinematography, lighting, costume design, set decoration, and overall aesthetic to highlight its strengths or weaknesses in creating a believable period piece. Here are some questions to answer for this movie review block:

  • Does the movie draw attention to detail in its set design and costumes? 
  • Has the cinematography effectively captured the grandeur of the French court, immersing the audience in the opulent world of du Barry?
  • Was the film’s pacing well-balanced?
  • Was the screenplay skillfully written? Explore dialogues and whether they reflect the wit and intelligence of the characters.
  • How can you evaluate the cast’s performance? Critique the acting performances of Johnny Depp as Louis XV and other cast members who play major roles in interacting with Jeanne du Barry on screen.
  • Explore the movie’s themes, including power dynamics, social class struggles, and the dangers of relying on beauty and charm to achieve success.
  • Evaluate how cinematography and set design transports viewers to 18th-century France.

Focus on certain episodes that have touched you the most. E.g. you can consider the episode in the bath, the first meeting with the King, the episode with a King’s golden sculpture. etc.

5. Focus on Johnny Depp’s performance.

Many critics suggest that Johnny Depp has taken this role due to his spoiled reputation due to personal events. Still, his role in Jeanne du Barry was significant and has taken the overall impression of the movie to a better level.

Discuss how this film may influence his future career trajectory and whether it was a good idea for him to agree to participate in the movie. Also, we encourage you to analyze his actor performance as a historical figure by answering the following questions:

  • Why was Johnny Depp chosen for this role? How has his unique acting style and versatility contributed to the film’s success?
  • How has Johnny Depp brought King Louis XV to life on the screen? Has he added depth to the role?
  • Has Depp’s performance in “Jeanne Du Barry” offered a more nuanced understanding of the monarch?
  • Was there any chemistry between Johnny Depp and his co-stars? Has it influenced his portrayal of King Louis XV?

6. Read the reviews from film critics and evaluate them in your review.

It’s essential to have your own point of view on the movie, but by exploring what critics say, you can better understand the movie and then consider opposing opinions in your review.

Before considering the review from another author, ensure it’s placed in a trusted place, and the author is qualified enough to share professional ideas. For example, you can read the following article about Jeanne du Barry at the Cannes Festival from The Guardian.

7. Compare and contrast this film adaptation with other works.

You can choose other movies that depict Jeanne du Barry and Louis XV’s reign. While the offered movies were filmed with big time gaps, you still can analyze the actor’s performance, costumes, and lighting and compare how different directors have approached the life of du Barry. Such comparison will add depth to your We suggest you watch the following movies:

  • Madame Du Barry (1917)
  • Madame Du Barry (1934)
  • Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
  • Madame Du Barry (1954)
  • Marie Antoinette (2006)
  • Marie Antoinette series by BBC/Canal+ (first 4 episodes)

For example, you can compare the performance of Asia Argento as Countess du Barry and Rip Torn as King Louis XV in Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette” (2006).


Writing a movie review on Jenne du Barry may be a great way to reflect on the movie you have seen and share your views with others. Don’t forget to use reliable sources to support your claims and equip your reader with reliable information, especially when discussing historical facts and events. Add details and keep a balance in your opinion to write a great movie review.

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