Three wishes for Birthday

Hello out there,

on February 8th, this site,, is getting 10 years old.  I know, right now we’re going through hard times. Me being very behind with my daughter not leaving me working on the site any time, the downloads script down, the board merged, but not completely finished, the FAQ plugin stopped working and the info sites behind…much to do for me, but in worst case I have to wait till she is in school…I’m so sorry!! Well, maybe you could help me with this little wishlist for our 10th birthday:

1. some great new staffers who could keep up with news and updating the info pages, galleries, the future revived downloads section  – if you can work with Word, you can do this, too! If you know how to resize a pic, you can also add pics to the galleries. I mean staffers not for 2 days but for the next 10 years!! New souls of this site who respect Johnny’s private life.

2. screencaps, the bigger the better, of the latest movies and the extras

3. someone who continues the biography even if it is just one life span of it.

Just contact me by mail if there’s interest.


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