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In the current film trend of robots and cgi effects, sci-fi and fantasy; what is better than a simple story of love, betrayal, cops and robbers and a true passion for life? Public Enemies will prove to be a great summer escape, but isn?t that what Johnny is to all of us anyway? True beauty captured in time like the days of old, the romanticism of Grant, Astaire and Sinatra are brought back to conception in our Johnny. As with the trend today, anyone can put on a retro suit with a fedora hat, but it?s that unique quality that only few hold that brings the iconic magic to life. Watching Johnny film public enemies and now as he proceeds with the publicity junket, we can notice one very special thing; Johnny holds this role close in his being. This is something that we haven?t seen since his portrayal of Jack Sparrow in Pirates. He has always taken a piece of himself and placed it in the roles that he has played, or taken a piece of the soul of the character and stolen it in himself. Either way there is a special glow about Johnny as he discusses Dillinger, even more than his usual angelic aura.
Who was John Dillinger and why does he attract Johnny’s interest so? Everyone knows that Dillinger was a rogue bank robber who eluded the law and began “public enemy number one”, but there was something else that Dillinger contained. A genius mentality, an above the law righteousness that he flaunted wherever he went. He loved danger and intrigue, he thrived on excitement and oddity. He was repulsed by the snotty stuck up fat cats in and the politicians that seems to control the moving wheels of society. He was in Johnny’s words “a rock star of his day.” Where have we heard this statement before by Johnny? Why Jack Sparrow of course! We al know that Johnny upholds the unique of our species, the outcast or misunderstood.(Hunter, Jonathan, Tim, Kieth, Iggy) Johnny has the special ability to look beyond what society labels or sees. He sees in them himself, his own soul.

As those of us who have already seen the film can attest to; Public Enemies is yet another notch in Johnny’s belt of roles unmatched in perfection.(This statement alone would cause him to hang his head and run his right hand through his hair) While joined once again by a stellar cast of talented individuals, such as Mr. Bale; It is Johnny alone who outshines and magnetizes the eye, heart and spirit. If Dilllinger was still alive today hiding in the backwoods of some obscure little town, it would be Johnny he would call to portray his life with no doubt. For who else could shed light on such a difficult personality that has been so misunderstood through the government?s portrayal of his life. Johnny brings about a suave and sophisticated gentleman, who’s strong spirit overwhelms the screen and would make John Dillinger proud. For those who haven?t studied and read the true life story of Dillinger, it is a tale not to miss. The book itself is a great read and I found that because it was a tangible story of a true life soul, connected me in a way to that spirit and his purpose for life. I believe Johnny felt this as he read the same book, inhabiting his desire to capture that entity in his own spirit, which is nothing new in his roles and of course he obtains that goal again here.

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