Sweeney Todd

Directed by: Tim Burton

Written by: : Christopher Bond (play), John Logan (screenplay)

Music by: Stephen Sondheim (non-original: musical “Sweeney Todd”)

Johnny Depp playing: Sweeney Todd

Runtime: 116 min

Release Date: December  21, 2007


Plot Summary

he mysterious barber called Sweeney Todd returns to London  after 15 years with a dark secret of his past including  and absolute determination for revenge of those who turned his life to living hell. He meets the lonely twisted Mrs.Lovett who owns a meat pie shop with no hope of any customers to visit it  and who knows his secret. Then the two evil masterminds start planning to drag Sweeney’s highprofiled enemies to his lethal barber chair  without getting exposed. Will it work? Many secrets to be revealed and many events to expect.Based on Steven Sondhiem marvelous musical. Tim Burton provids us with a unique tragic thriller, lots of blood and  some tasty meat pies with an aptite for revenge and singing. So, get ready for it.

by Sherehan Gamal

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