Movie’s key players are hauntingly familiar

The dead bride, Helena Bonham Carter, wore a brown sweater and frilly olive skirt. Jittery groom Johnny Depp wore white pants and a gray T-shirt. Wedding singer Danny Elfman was all in black. Matchmaker Tim Burton wore a blue shirt and black slacks – by David Germain for Associated Press.

The key players of “Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride” sat down recently at the Toronto International Film Festival to share recollections of their strange and wondrous animated matrimonial fantasy and ponder why it is they all collaborate so often.

“With all of these people here, it’s nice because it feels like a real artistic collaboration,” “Corpse Bride” director Burton said in an interview, seated alongside co-director Mike Johnson, voice stars Depp and Bonham Carter and composer Elfman, who also wrote the movie’s songs and sang one of them.

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