Jo’s Encounter

Yesterday I was in Leicester Square for 9am and got tickets for the Grandstand right opposite the entrance to the Odeon. We still weren’t sure that Johnny was going at this point. After we got our tickets, we joined the queue for seats in the Grandstand to get down the front. At 15.30 they let us in. I was sat up the back so didnt meet lots of people but I saw – Billy Boyd, Renne Zellweger, Val Kilmer, Patrick Stewart, Paul Bettany, Holly Hunter, Scarlet Johnannson, Meckenzie Crook, Andy Serkis, Bill Nighy, Emma Thompson. Towards the end of the “red carpet,” the people in the front of the grandstand moved into the cinema as they were competition winners so me and my sis Lisa jumped over the seats to get to the front. Then we met Jude Law, Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen.. and now I get to the best bit!!!

They kept telling us Johnny was on his way but he literally was the last star to arrive. He didn’t stop for interviews or pics and was gonna walk straight into the cinema. My sis was screaming at me that he was right there but i couldnt see him as a big guy was in the way. Then Johnny moved and he was right in front of me!!!! I screamed and caught his eye and he smiled back at me, even laughed! I was going mad, screaming “Please Johnny come over, please” over and over and he made a face at the guy (minder I guess) stood next to him, as if to say “I’m late, can’t stop” but I kept screaming and begging and he indicated to the guy that he would be 5 minutes and the guy nodded. Then Johnny walked over!!!!!

He was sooooo gorgeous!!! He smiled right at me as he took my pic I was holding out to sign and his eyes were amazing. He said “Hey there, how are you” and asked for my pen! I just stared at him open mouthed, I wish I could have said something. As far as i know, I’ve blown my only chance to talk to Johnny Depp! I did manage to mutter “Thank you” though!!!! He signed my Jack pic for me. Lisa said, “thanks so much Johnny” and he said to her “dont worry, it’s fine.” He was wearing cute glasses. He was wearing a back suit and white shirt but i know you’ve seen the pics!!! He then signed the girls stuff who were stood next to me and was then off, into the cinema. Cue much screaming between me and Lisa!!!

I still can’t believe it!!

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