Youth and Marriage

bio_early19About this time in his life, his brother Danny lent Johnny a copy of Jack Kerouac’s book called “On The Road.” Reading this book, Johnny said would change his whole life, the way that he looked at himself and what he wanted for his own future. He had never been much of a reader and still took no interest in school academics. Johnny said that when he read the book he felt that the book was speaking just to him and that he soaked up all the information and took it to heart. He began to dream of a better life, one that he had never seen or experienced. Johnny knew that he didn’t just want a mundane life of working nine to five. He knew that there was something more for him out there. This prompted him to start reading more and more. He read through books by such authors as Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg. Johnny has said “I had found the teachers and the proper motivation for my life there.” Seeing more of a potential in another kind of living, Johnny finally did the inevitable and dropped out of school. He stated once in an interview, “I knew that’s what I was going to do, then this counselor called me in his office. He looked me in the face and told me with a sigh, “You know Johnny, I just don’t think that high school is for you.’ He actually did me a great favor.”

bio_early14Johnny’s great plan was to follow his dream to rock stardom. He moved out of his mother’s house and got a job pumping gas at a little station in town. He found solace in his band The Kids and bought a 1956 cream Fender Telecaster guitar. He was still inspired by the forward rock style of Keith Richards and a string of other styled guitarists. He started to date Lori Allison an older sister of one of the band members he played with. As the band started to really take off so did Johnny’s romance with Lori. The Kids were building up a fan base for themselves and started opening for acts such as the B-52s, The Pretenders and the Talking Heads. Then in 1981 they got a great break opening for Iggy Pop. Iggy had been one of Johnny’s influences in his music and a chance like this didn’t seem to sink into Johnny at all. That night at the bar Johnny got drunk and started to act out of a drunken demeanor, screaming at Iggy and shouting insults like, “You think your better than me?” Iggy was annoyed and called Johnny a “little turd.” Johnny still suffered pain from his parents split up and an empty heart so he proposed to Lori and she said yes right away. Johnny has said that even though he knew he was too young to be married, “I was looking for stability,” and he thought he would find this in marriage.

bio_early20 The Bands success led them to decide a next step was needed. Under the advice of the booker Don Ray, they decided to go looking for a record deal in California.They pulled their money together and started the drive to California from Florida. Once they arrived in California and realized that they were back on the bottom of the food chain, they changed their name to Six Gun Method and waited for their lucky break. Johnny took whatever work he could find to pay the rent. He worked as a mechanic, a construction laborer and screen printer. Then on December the twentieth, 1983 Johnny and Lori were married.

Once Lori and he were married, Johnny started working at a regular job selling pens as a telemarketer. Johnny has been very outward about this job as he laughs and jokes saying’ “Yes, it was like a different role for every call, you know, you just had to mix it up to keep yourself from being bored to death.” Soon after, Lori and Johnny decided that the relationship just wasn’t working and they split up. Johnny has never made a statement about the split and has kept that part of his private life just that, private. Even though they were about to be divorced, it was Lori that would make the introduction for Johnny that would change his future forever.

Johnny’s way to film ยป

The biography up to and including “Serious acting” is now under copywrite and trademark by and Laura Elizabeth Cline, (lizzy4depp). It may not be used without credit on any other work or website.

Thanks to Martina for allowing me to write and her help and support and to Beth for helping with research. Also to Just_Me for writing parts of the old biography here.

Sources for this new biography are “Johnny Depp A Modern Rebel by Brian j. Robb”,
“Johnny Depp an illustrated Biography by Nick Johnstone”, “The secret world of Johnny Depp by Nigel Goodall” and “Depp” by Christopher Heard, as well as different interviews seen and read through the years.

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