Johnny Depp Makes an Appearance in Spain as Lawyers Drop New Evidence in Amber Heard Case


Author: Just Jared

Johnny Depp is currently in Spain to promote a movie and there’s also some news about his case against ex-wife Amber Heard.

The 57-year-old actor was seen attending a photo call for his movie Minamata during the 2021 BCN Film Festival on Friday (April 16) at Casa Fuster Hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

Some big news in Johnny‘s legal fight with Amber was also revealed that day. His lawyers have released new police testimony and bodycam footage that they say proves Amber was lying about a fight she claims happened.

Amber has alleged that Johnny threw a phone at her face and trashed their kitchen during a fight in May 2016. Two sets of cops visited the apartment that night and the first set of cops gave new depositions in which they say they didn’t see any injuries or evidence of a crime. The other set of cops had bodycams and there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the apartment in the video.

Johnny‘s lawyer told Daily Mail, “Amber Heard and her friends described a chaotic, messy crime scene but the newly released LAPD bodycam videos unambiguously show that the penthouse was utterly undamaged and that their testimony was one more grandiose lie.”

Last month, Amber dissed Johnny‘s lawyer on Twitter after her victory in court.


  • Good to see Johnny coming back to being himself again! Love you!

  • Good to see that Johnny is still hopeful to return to the Pirates of Caribbean movies. It would not be the same without him. Looking for updates all the time. If it is possible I would love to have a signed photo of Johnny. It would be front and center of all my pirate things. Take care Johnny and keep the great movies coming!!!!!!!!!

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