• My dream come true waited a long time for this to happen just pray i can be there…hi Johnny!…all my hopes ginny… this so awesome!!

  • Oh Ginny – if I wish one person the luck, then you!!!! You have to be there!

  • Good Luck Ginny! We will be thinking of you when you are going 🙂

  • Ok people who have met Johnny at appearances…we need some tips.
    – How do we increase our chances of meeting Johnny at a festival?
    – What are some important Do’s and Don’ts?
    – What should we be careful about?
    – How early should we arrive?
    – How do we handle bathroom breaks?
    – How do we handle getting something to eat (or should we bring our own snacks)?
    – Would we be allowed to take pictures?

    This might be good to put into an FAQ on this site.

    ….brian and ginny….

  • Brian, this totally depends on where you go. I do not know how “crazy” Toronto fans are. In Germany, the girls where there (at the Tourist Premiere) in the VERY morning, 5.am. I couldn’t because of my son and arrived 3 pm and still got a place in the first row. We could use toilets in a cafe at that place, but every time it was more difficult to get back to the place you were. At one point they closed the barriers so noone could get back in. Because I know my weak bladder‚Ķwell‚ĶI asked in a pharmacy for incontinence diapers. Just to be on the safe side. Luckily I did not need them, alone the fact to try to pee while standing. Really, this point is a huge problem and will always be my #1 reason why I’d never go to a London premiere (where you have to arrive in the very morning or night to get a first row place).
    Do: take some kind of stool, a bag where you can put out things fast (and in), better bring your snacks, if it is very empty there still can one go to the next McDonalds, be careful about the people behind or besides you. If you leave or don’t pay attention they will grab your first row place and you fall back into second row = bad luck. Don’t drink too much but enough that you don’t break down. Maybe you get to talk to Jerry before and thank him for his hard work, so he will remember you and give you some extra time. Don’t scream too loud or shout “Johnnyyyyyy” all the time – it won’t help‚Ķ.but more make Jerry move/push Johnny faster in your area. Whatever you want autographed, make it a bit more stable‚Ķit is difficult to sign on a thin paper.
    I tried to write down what I wanted to say and‚Ķ.I forgot everything and just stumbled. But I’m not English native. Don’t plan to say too much. There won’t be a lot of time. But if you are in first row, Johnny won’t forget you.

  • We’re going we booked a hotel in the area! SOOO excited !!! ..Thaxk you for the wishes…all my hopes ginny 😀

  • Oh Brian – forgot – I’m pretty sure that at least at the red carpet photos are allowed. But you will notice it is very difficult to get good ones. When Johnny gets closer to you it goes so fast and you somehow need to put the camera back into your pocket to have the hands free for the things you want signed or just to hold Johnny’s hand. And everyone is leaning over the balustrades to get a good look, so you will have difficulties to get photos without half of the pic being the had of another fan. But it will be a great thing for Ginny to have pics while she is with Johnny. I met him and there’s no pic at all. But also remember it is not nice to flash Johnny all the time right into the face.

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