Time line


2014/06/17 Blue Hills Pavilion preforming with Willie Nelson in Boston, MA

2014/06/09 Filming for “Black Mass” in Boston, MA

2014/05/29 Filming for “Black Mass” in the North End

2014/05/07 Apollo Theatre in NY

2014/05/06 Met Ball Gala 2014

2014/04/24 Broadway opening night of “Cabaret” in Studio 54 in NYC

2014/04/16 Press conference  for “Transcendence”

2014/04/13 Presents at MTV Movie Awards

2014/04/11 Ellen Show

2014/04/10 Premiere/After Party of “Transcendence” in LA

2014/04/07 Jimmy Kimmel Live

2014/04/05 LA Pressjunket for “Transcendence” in LA

2014/04/04 Today Show

2014/04/03 Late Night with David Letterman

2014/03/31 Premiere of “Transcendence” in China

2014/03/27 CINEMACON 2014, Las Vegas

2014/03/21 Promotional visit in China 

2014/03/15 His engagement party in LA

2014/03/07 Main Stage of Rodeo Austin, TX concert

2014/03/06 Texas Film Awards in Austin, TX

2014/02/17 Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Awards

2014/02/13 “3 Days to Kill” Premiere 

2014/01/25 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert in Anaheim

2014/01/13 Presented at the Golden Globes in LA 

2014/01/12 The Art of Elysium Gala in LA


2013/11/11 Filing in London for “Mortdecai”

2013/09/24 Dined with Sir Elton John and Lady Gaga in West Hollywood

2013/08/19 9th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever in LA

2013/08/10 BBC Radio 6 music

2013/07/24 Paris preiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/07/21 London premiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/07/19 Berlin premiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/07/17 Press conference/premiere “The Lone Ranger” in Japan

2013/07/16 At Narita Airport in Tokyo

2013/07/02 The Reelz Show 

2013/07/01 Jimmie Kimmel Live

2013/06/30 CBS Sunday Morning 

2013/06/27 Moscow premiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/06/26 Late Show with David Letterman

2013/06/24 Hollywood Walk of Fame honoring Jerry Bruckheimer

2013/06/22 Premiere of “The Lone Ranger” in LA, CA

2013/06/21 Attended the Comanche Nation premiere of “The Lone Ranger” in Lawton

2013/05/31 Getting gas at Chevron gas station in California

2013/05/16 Shooting with Morgan Freeman in South Valley in Albuquerque

2013/05/10 Shooting in LA for “Transcendence”

2013/04/27 Welcome to the 30th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

2013/04/17 CinemaCon, Las Vegas

2013/03/23 Kid’s Choice Awards, Los Angeles

2013/03/23 filming/recording with Keith Richards and others in Los Angeles

2013/03/15 seen in Los Angeles

2013/02/25 filming “Lucky Them” in Carnation (about 25 miles east of Seattle)

2013/02/21 David Letterman Show, New York

2013/02/10 introducing Mumford & Sons at Grammy Awards, Los Angeles

2013/02/09 attended Pre-Grammy Gala at The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles

2013/02/08  attended MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Bruce Springsteen at Los Angeles Convention Center

2013/01/15+16 in studio with Alice Cooper working on title track for his new album

2013/01/06 attending Marilyn Manson’s birthday party


2012/12/26 (? – probably eralier) photoshoot with Christopher Ameruoso

2012/12/22 visiting Mystery Pier Books in Los Angeles

2012/12/15 Visiting Rolling Stones concert in Newark, New Jersey

2012/12/08 playing with Alice Cooper at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding, Comerica Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

2012/12/07 playing with Bill Carter & The Blame at The Mint, Los Angeles

2012/12/03 playing at Aerosmith concert, Staples Center, LA

2012/11/29 playing at Alice Cooper concert in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre

2012/11/28 rehearsal for Alice Cooper concert

2012/11/20 seen in Los Angeles

2012/11/15 playing at Petty Fest at The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles – day 2

2012/11/14 playing at Petty Fest at The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles – day 1

2012/11/09 with Lily-Rose at “One Direction” concert

2012/11/02 at shooting range in Los Angeles

2012/10/25 attending David Furnish’s (Elton John’s partner) birthday party

2012/10/15 publishing company “Infinitum Nihil” announced

2012/10/12 playing at Patti Smith concert at The Wiltern in LA

2012/10/00 filming his part for Disney’s new “Legend of Jack Sparrow” ride in Los Angeles

2012/09/29 Comanche Fair in Lawton, Oklahoma

2012/09/27 filming TLR in Los Angeles

2012/09/23 visiting Brooklyn Projects store in Los Angeles

2012/09/21 book presentation at Barnes & Noble in New York with Damien Echols

2012/09/18 filming TLR in Los Angeles

2012/09/12 recording with Bill Carter in Los Angeles

2012/09/09 getting the bird tattoo on his hand in Toronto

2012/09/08 Toronto International Fim Festival

2012/09/07 arrives in Toronto

2012/08/29 seen watching Mumford & Sons concert in Colorado

2012/08/25 playing with Gore Verbinski at New Mexico wrap party

2012/08/06 playing at Aerosmith concert in Los Angeles

2012/07/29 seen in Los Angeles

2012/07/18 Nice airport

2012/06/25 visits Austin tattoo shop for guitar player tattoo

2012/06/22 three hour meet & greet in Creede

2012/06/18 visits “Rare Things” shop in Creede

2012/06/03 MTV Movie Awards, Los Angeles

2012/05/31 working with Bill Carter on his new album at his home studion in LA (according to Bill Carters facebook page)

2012/05/25 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the Mint, Los Angeles

2012/05/16 adoption by LaDonna Harris and her family into Comanche tribe, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2012/05/13 Dark Shadows press event, Tokyo

2012/05/12 Dark Shadows premiere, Tokyo

2012/05/10 recording interviews for Dark Shadows promotion, London

2012/05/09 Dark Shadows premiere, London

2012/05/08 recording Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres shows, Los Angeles

2012/05/07 Dark Shadows premiere, Los Angeles

2012/05/06 Dark Shadows press conference, Los Angeles

2012/04/28 and 29 voiceover for Ralph Steadman’s movie “For No Good Reason” (according to Steadman’s facebook page)

2012/04/25 seen leaving Las Vegas with private plane

2012/04/24 CinemaCon , Las Vegas

2012/04/21 filming The Lone Ranger (photo with a fan while still in full makeup)

2012/04/19 Elton John concert, Las Vegas

2012/04/14 private concert with Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson, Bruce Witkin, Bill Carter and others, Los Angeles

2012/04/12 meeting visitors from the Navajo Nation while filming The Lone Ranger in the Monument Valley

2012/04/11 Revolver Golden Gods Awards, playing with Marilyn Manson, Los Angeles

2012/04/07 meeting Larry King (according to Larry King’s facebook page)

2012/03/30 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the El Rey, Los Angeles

2012/03/29 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the Mint, Los Angeles

2012/03/17 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the Continental Club, Austin, Texas

2012/03/12 filming “My Valentine” video with Paul McCartney

2012/03/01 seen in LA

2012/02/28 start filming The Lone Ranger (according to Jerry Bruckheimer’s facebook page)

2012/02/27 seen in New York

2012/02/25 seen in New York

2012/02/12 visits pre-Grammy-gala, meeting Paul McCartney, Los Angeles

2012/02/07 seen having dinner at Sunset Tower Bar in LA

2012/01/15 Golden Globes, Los Angeles



2011/12/31 seen in Los Angeles

2011/12/01 visits Iggy Pop concert, Los Angeles

2011/11/22 seen in Los Angeles

2011/11/18 seen at Matt Umanov’s guitar store in New York

2011/11/08 The Rum Diary Premiere Paris

2011/11/07 Paris for recording of TV Show

2011/11/05 Q & A atOxford University

2011/11/03 The Rum Diary premiere London

2011/10/26 New York – Letterman Show

2011/10/25 The Rum Diary Premiere New York ( and playing with Keith Richards at the after show party)

2011/10/24 Q & A at Columbia University

2011/10/22 Q & A at University of Texas (Austin)

2011/10/21 The Rum Diary Premiere at Austin Film Festival, Texas

2011/10/17 Q & A University Berkley, San Francisco

2011/10/13 The Rum Diary premiere at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

2011/10/12  The Rum Diary Press Junket in LA

2011/10/11 Haute Living art exhibit at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles

2011/10/10 filming interview with Larry King

2011/10/10 seen leaving Madeo Restaurant in Hollywood after he had dinner with Elton John

2011/10/08 seen leaving 25 Degrees Restaurant in Los Angeles

2011/10/07 seen with Damien Echols (West Memphis Three) on Sunset Strip visiting Shamrock Tattoo

2011/09/13 seen while filming for Dark Shadows in South Devon, UK

2011/09/06 GQ awards, presenting the “writer of the Year” award to Keith Richards,  London

2011/09/03 filming for Ralph Steadman documentary

2011/09/02 seen at Bar Solo, Camden (London)

2011/08/17-21(?) seen in the south of France on the Vajoliroja

2011/08/06 visiting soccer game England vs. Wales together with Tim Burton

2011/08/00 visiting Vintage & Rare Guitars in London

2011/07/28 (?) filming for Rick Gervais show

2011/06/26 playing with Alice Cooper at the 100 Club in London

2011/06/20 seen in London, posing for a photo with fans in a restaurant

2011/05/28 seen in Los Angeles

2011/05/14 PotC4 Premiere Cannes Film Festival

2011/05/12 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Premiere in Westfield Shopping Centre London

2011/05/11 Johnny at the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” at Moscow, Russia

2011/05/07 Johnny at the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” at Disneyland in Anaheim, California

2011/05/04 LA press conference for POTC 4

2011/04/29 recording of Ophrah show in Chicago and visiting local guitar store (Chicago Music Exchange)

2011/04/10 seen at the Magic Castle, Los Angeles

2011/04/02 Johnny Depp at the Kid’s Choice Awards at Galen Center / Los Angeles

2011/04/01 Johnny Depp supporting Penelope Cruz’ getting her Hollywood Star on April 1, 2011, Los Angeles.

2011/03/04+11+23 seen in Los Angeles

2011/03/02-03 Japan arrival and next day premiere/press conference for ‘The Tourist’.

2011/03/01 seen at Burbank Airport, Los Angeles

2011/02/20 (around that date) 2 days shoot for a “21 Jump Street the Movie” cameo

2011/02/18 seen at Vanessa’s concert in Los Angeles

2011/02/16 seen at Vanessa’s concert in New York

2011/02/14 Rango premiere and press call Los Angeles

2011/02/11 – 13 Rango pressjunket Los Angeles

2011/02/07 seen at The Standard hotel in Los Angeles

2011/01/27 and following days seen in Los Angeles

2011/01/18 and following days filming cameo for ‘Jack and Jill’

2011/01/16 Golden Globes Los Angeles

2011/01/05 People’s Choice Awards Los Angeles


2010/12/19 seen at Miami Dolphins game in Miami

2010/12/18 seen at Justin Bieber concert in Miami

2010/12/17 seen in Paris shopping at Ralph Lauren

2010/12/16 The Tourist premiere and pressconference Madrid

2010/12/15 The Tourist premiere and pressconference Rome

2010/12/14 The Tourist premiere and press conference Berlin

2010/12/07 Letterman show New York

2010/12/06 The Tourist premiere and pressjunket New York

2010/12/01 – 02 pressjuket for The Tourist in Paris

2010/09 – 10 filming POTC 4 in London

2010/09/15 dinner with Keith Richards in London

2010/09/14 seen in a hotel in Paris

2010/09/11-12 seein Paris, dinner with family at Brasserie Lipp

2010/09/08 until 2010/09/10 filming and photoshoot in Puerto Rico for PotC4

2010/09/08 arrival in Puerto Rico

2010/08/28 playing and speaking at the “Voices for Justice”, Little Rock, AR

2010/08/23(?) until 2010/09/07 filming for PotC4 at Universal Studios, Los Angeles

2010/07/09 possible visit at Montreux Festival (Switzerland)

2010/06/?? until 2010/08/17 filming for PotC 4, Hawaii

2010/06/07 Los Angeles

2010/05/18 Figaro Madame/Chanel dinner, Cannes

2010/03/22 AIW premiere Japan – press conference

2010/03/ ?? until 2010/05/17 filming in Venice for The Tourist

2010/02/27 arrival Venice

2010/02/25 Alice in Wonderland premiere London

2010/02/24 press junket for Alice in Wonderland in London

2010/02/20 press junket for Alice in Wonderland in LA

2010/02/19  Great Big Ultimate Fan Event for Alice in Wonderland in LA

2010/01/30(?)  filming with Keith Richards for documentary in L.A.

2010/01/15 leaving Serbia

2010/01/14 workshop and press conference Kustendorf Festival

2010/01/13 opening ceremony Kustendorf Festival Drvengrad

2010/01/12 arrival in Belgrad for Kustendorf Festival (Serbia)

2010/01/08 seen on his way to a business meeting in Hollywood (Los Angeles)

2010/01/06  People’s Choice Awards at the Nokia Theatre Los Angeles (Favourite Movie Actor of the Decade)


2009/12/20 seen while leaving the Shamrock Tattoo shop on Sunset boulevard in Hollywood (Los Angeles)

2009/12/13 Career Achievement Award Bahamas

2009/12/10 Public Enemies premiere Japan

2009/12/09 Public Enemies press conference (press junket) Japan

2009/12/08 arrival Japan

2009/11/17 Museum of Modern Art New York, opening Tim Burton exhibition

2009/11/08 at gallery opening of Kellisimone Waits and Tiffany Trenda,Frank Pictures Gallery, L.A.

2009/11/02 Halloween Special Event at the White House in Washington, D.C.

2009/10/17 Spike TV Scream Awards, Los Angeles

2009/10/13 at Bob Dylan concert, Los Angeles

2009/09/22 directing music video for Babybird at Hatfield House, Herts, UK

2009/09/11 appears at Disney Expo D23 as Jack Sparrow, Anaheim

2009/08/25 arrives at Nice airport

2009/07/23 Comic Con in San Diego

2009/07/03 leaving the Plaza Athenee hotel in Paris

2009/07/02 Public Enemies premiere Paris

2009/06/29 Public Enemies premiere London

2009/06/27 Da Silvano restaurant New York

2009/06/25 David Letterman Show

2009/06/23 Public Enemies premiere Los Angeles

2009/06/19 press junket in Chicago for Public Enemies

2009/06/18 Public Enemies premiere in Chicago

2009/03/22-06/09 filming in Puerto Rico for The Rum Diary

2009 /03 /20 Johnny reportedly in San Juan

2009 /03/ 12 Johnny supports World Kidney Day

2009/02/22+23 visits Paris

2009/02/02 starts recordings for the movie Rango in L.A.

2009/ 01 /27? Johnny spotted at Sunset Tower having lunch

2009/01/11 presenter at the 66th annual Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton


2008/10/13 appearance in L.A.

2008/09/30 Johnny in Guanajuato, Mecico, for finding the shooing place for the Rum Diary

2008/09/24 Disney Showcase as Jack Sparrow at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood

2008/09/14 Johnny in the Phoenix Satdium Glendale

2008/09/08 acceptance speech National Movie Awards

2008/08/26-30 Johnny in Florida, Kids Concert on August 29th and 30th

2008/07/03 Johnny on his yacht Vajoliroja

2008/06/30 Filming in St. Anita

2008/06/27 Filming in Lockport and St. Anne, meeting fans

2008/06/20-24 Filming in Chicago and meets fans

2008/06/15  flying home to L.A.

2008/06/10-13 Filming in Milwaukee and meets fans

2008/06/09 Filming in Chicago

2008/06/01 Wins two awards At the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

2008/05/30 Filming in Chicago and meets fans

2008/05/22 Filming in Chicago

2008/05/19 Filming in Chicago

2008/05/14 Filming in Columbus

2008/05/13 Filming in Beaver Dam

2008/05/12 Filming in Columbus

2008/04/27 Filming in Manitowish Waters

2008/04/24 Johnny wields a tommy gun shooting his latest movie

2008/04/17-18 Filming in Oshkosh and meets fans

2008/04/15 Johnny meeting fans in Winchester

2008/04/14 Filming in Oshkosh and meets fans

2008/04/07 and /11 Filming in Aurora and meets fans

2008/04/02 Filming in Chicago

2008/03/26 Johnny leaves Crown Point, Indiana

2008/03/25 Filming ‘Public Enemies’ in Crown Point, Indiana

2008/03/24 Arrives on the set in Crown Point

2008/03/21 Columbus, Wisconsin meet and greet with fans

2008/03/20 Darlington, Wisconsin meet and greet

2008/03/19 Dillinger Farm visit filming

2008/03/18 Meet and greet in Columbus

2008/03/17 Filming in downtown Columbus, Wisconsin

2008/03/02 Dillinger Farm visit with Jeff Scalf

2008/02/24 Academy Awards

2008/01/29 Johnny seen at Musso & Frank Grill, LA

2008/01/22 Johnny and Tim Burton interviewed by Jonathan Ross

2008/01/16 Paris France premiere for Sweeney Todd

2008/01/11 Press conference for Sweeney Todd in London

2008/01/10 UK premiere for Sweeney Todd, at Leicester Square Odean, London

2008/01/09 Sweeney Todd press conference in Japan.

2008/01/08 Japan Sweeney Todd premiere


2007/12/05 Sweeney Todd screening/Today Show L.A.

2007/11/26-28 Johnny in London for Sweeney Todd press conference and Christmas shopping

2007/09/05 Venice film festival

2007/07/20 near Elba (Italy) on his Yacht

2007/06/03 MTV Movie Awards

2007/05/26 in California

2007/05/23 Japan Premiere for At World’s End

2007/05/22 Johnny in Japan

2007/05/19 Pirates of the Caribbean: at Worlds End Disney Premiere

2007/05/07 interview day in The Dorchester in London

2007/05/03 last shooting day for Sweeney Todd at the Pinewood Studios, UK

2007/04/11 in London at the River Thames

2007/03 Sweeney Todd Shooting at the Pinewood Studios, UK

2007/03 Lily/Rose Melody in hospital, seriously ill

2007/01/28 Johnny playing guitar with the Kids at the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert

2007/01/26 apperance in the Paul and Young Ron Show / Johnny in Miami

2007/01/07 in London, seen at Ciprianis


2006/12/30Edward Scissorhands Show

2006/12/12 End of shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End

2006/11/21 Musso and Franks Restaurant on Hollywood Blvd

2006/10/19 Guadalupe Dunes/Redondo Beach, California, USA, shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – at world’s end

2006/08/22 Guadalupe Dunes/Redondo Beach, California, USA, shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – at world’s end – beginning

2006/08/20 Johnny at the 8th Annual Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre

2006/07/27 New York / Letterman Show

2006/07/10 – 9Tokyo – DMC Premiere

2006/07/06 Paris – DMC Premiere

2006/07/04-3 London (DMC Premiere 3rd)

2006/06/24 DMC Premiere Disney

2006/06 Make a Wish

2006/06/23 DMC Press Conference

2006/06/09-1 West Hollywood

2006/05/16 Sheriff Headquarter Los Angeles

2006/05/04 Nizza

2006/04/05 Geneva, Mont Blanc

2006/03/07 with Freddie Highmore

2006/02/24 Bahamas

2006/01/18 L.A.

2006/01/16 Golden Globe Awards

2006/01 Bahamas


2005/11/24 The Libertine Press Conf.

2005/11/11 AFI Fest.

2005/11/10 LA BAFTAs

2005/11/09 the Libertine Screening

2005/11/08 Rolling Stones Concert

2005/10/31 New York

2005/09/28 LAX LA

2005/09/22Jack on Stage

2005/09/16 Hand//Footprint Ceremony

2005/09/12 3rd Corpse Bride Press Conf. Toronto

2005/09/11 -10 Corpse Bride Press Conferences Toronto

2005/09/05-3 CATCF Press Conf. and Premiere Japan

2005/08/20 Hunter S. Thompson cannon ceremony

2005/07/17 CATCF Premiere London

2005/07/16 CATCF Press Junket London

2005/07/13 Jay Leno

2005/07/10 CATCF Premiere Hollywood

2005/06/26 CATCF Press Conf. Nassau

2005/05/21 Back to LA

2005/04/07 shooting PotC2 in the Caribbean

2005/04/02 Kids Choice Awards

2005/03/10 streets of L.A.

2005/03/05 Hunter S Thompson memorial

2005/02/27 Academy Awards in LA

2005/02/05 SAG Award in LA

2005/02/03 in Paris

2005/01/16 Golden Globes

2005/01/15 Tsunami Aid

2005/01/09 People’s Choice Award

2005/01 London


2004/12/04 Ciprianis, London

2004/11/29 Ciprianis, London

2004/11/17 Handprint Event, LA

2004/11/02 Oprah Winfrey Show

2004/10/30 AFI New York City

2004/10/29 New York City

2004/10/17 Finding Neverland Premiere London

2004/09/06 Burano

2004/09/05 -4 Film Festival Venice

2004/09 London

2004/07/18 France

2004/07/08 St. Tropez

2004/06/13 TV Interview

2004/06/04 MTV Movie Awards

2004/05/15 Rugby Game

2004/04/22 R & J Show

2004/04/14 Brussels

2004/03 Secret Window TV Interview

2004/02/29 Academy Awards

2004/02/28 Secret Window Press Junket

2004/02/15 BAFTA UK

2004/02 SAG Award

2004/01/27 LA Brea


2003/12/12Los Angeles

2003/12/07 Los Angeles with Jack Osbourne

2003/10/18 New York City

2003/10 Canada

2003/09/07 OUATIM Premiere New York City

2003/08/29 – 28 OUATIM Premiere Venice

2003/08/24 OUATIM Press Conference

2003/08/24 New York City

2003/08/23 OUATIM TV/Interview New York City

2003/08/17 New York City Restaurant

2003/07/07 Paris

2003/06/30 unknown

2003/06/28 POTC Premiere Disneyworld

2003/06/27 Jay Leno

2003/06/21 POTC Press Event

2003/06/18 Lettermann Show

2003/06/17 Bristol Hotel Paris

2003/03/03 St. Vincent

2003/02/18 Los Angeles


2002/12/22 Bristol Farms

2002/12/07 Los Angeles

2002/11/22 Los Angeles

2002/11/06 Los Angeles

2002/11/04 Rolling Stones Concert

2002/10/31 Los Angeles

2002/10/16 Los Angeles

2002/10 Beverly Hills

2002/07/25 LILM Party UK

2002/07/01 Dolce & Gabbana

2002/07 London

2002/05/22 St. Paul de Vence

2002/05/17 Cannes Film Festival

2002/04/10 Paris

2002/04/09 Jack John Christopher Depp III born

2002/02/26 New York City

2002/02/25 A & E’s Show

2002/02 London

2002/02 TV/Interview

2002/01/28 World Music Awards


2001/10/23 LA Court Date

2001/10/17 From Hell Premiere Los Angeles

2001/09/08 From Hell Premiere Venice

2001/09/07 From Hell Photocall Venice

2001/09/05 Blow Premiere Deauville

2001/07/22 Carhaix

2001/07/18 France

2001/06/22 San Diego

2001/06/06 Mexico, filming OUATIM

2001/06 OUATIM TV Interview

2001/05/22 Blow Premiere London

2001/05/06 London

2001/04/02 Los Angeles

2001/03/29 Blow Premiere Los Angeles

2001/03/25 Vanessa Paradis Concert

2001/03/16 Blow Press Conference

2001/01 Blow Press Conference Toronto


2000/12/15 Rosie O’Donell Show

2000/12/04 Chocolat Premiere New York City

2000/12 Chocolat Press Conference

09/2000 Spain, filming LILM

2000/07 Last Fast Show

2000/06/11 Prague, filming From Hell

2000/06/2 St. Tropez

2000/06 Bath

2000/05/09 Blockbuster Awards

2000/03 Los Angeles

2000/02 Blow TV Interview

2000/01/06 SH Premiere London

2000/01 Paris


1999/12/12 Iggy Pop Concert Paris

1999/11/19 SH TV Show

1999/11/18 Jay Leno Show

1999/11/17 SH Premiere LA

1999/11/16 getting the star on the Walk of Fame

1999/11/15 SH Charlie Rose Show

1999/11/12 sH David Letterman Show

1999/11/12 SH Press Conference San Francisco

1999/11 Los Angeles with Vanessa

1999/11 Los Angeles

1999/10/31 New York City

1999/10/29 Anniversary party

1999/10/27 Los Angeles

1999/10/24 Los Angeles

1999/10/11 Los Angeles

1999/09/09 MTV Music Awards

1999/07/30 Paris

1999/07/18 MTV Studios

1999/06 Paris

1999/05/27 Lily-Rose Melody Depp is born

1999/03/18 France

1999/03/15 St. Maxime

1999/03/12 Guest appearance

1999/03/06 Cesar Awards

1999/03 Havana, filming Before Night Falls

1999/02 Vienna

1999/01/30 London



1998/11/08 Los Angeles

1998/09/15 Toledo

1998/09/14 Ninth Gate Press Conference Toledo

1998/08/16 Paris

1998/07/12 France

1998/07/07 Paris

1998/06/01 LAX

1998/05/21 Book signing with Hunter S Thompson

1998/05/19 FaLiLV Premiere NYC

1998/05/15 FaLiLV Premiere Cannes

1998/05/14 Ninth Gate party Cannes

1998/05/11 FaLiLV Charlie Rose Show

1998/05/02 Los Angeles

1998/05 FaLiLV TV Interview

1998/04/05 Film Festival Paris

1998/02/15 RS Concert

1998/01/16 RS Concert

1998/01 Costume fittings

1998 meeting Vanessa in Paris


1997/12/15 Vienna

1997/12/13 P Concert Vienna

1997/12/11 Press Event Vienna

1997/11/10 RS Concert

1997/10/27 FaLiLV Party

1997/09/12 David Bowie Concert

1997/07/11 INXS Concert

1997/06/27 Book signing

1997/06/21 Ginsberg

1997/06/12 NYC Book signing

1997/06/11 Players Club NYC

1997/05/30 OWL Farm with Hunter S Thompson

1997/05/17 AmFar Dinner Cannes

1997/05/11 Cartier Reception Cannes

1997/05/10 The Brave Premiere Cannes

1997/03/13 Donnie Brasco Premiere Paris

1997/03/12 Film Festival Paris

1997/02/24 Donnie Brasco Premiere

1997/02/17 Hollywood

1997/02 Donnie Brasco TV Interview

1997/02 Donnie Brasco Press Conference

1997/01/04 London

1997/01 LAX

1997 Filming The Brave


1996/12/12 FaLiLV Wave Speech

1996/12/10 Cafe Europa

1996/12/08 Felix Award

1996/11/11 FaLiLV Anniversary Party

1996/09 Viper Room

1996/06/23 Sex Pistol Concert

1996/06/04 Mustique

1996/05/05 Dead Man Screening

1996/03/29 FIA Party NYC

1996 with Andy Gill


1995/12/02 Versace Bd/Party

1995/11/20 NoT Premiere LA

1995/11/19 Sinatra ABC Special

1995/11/11 Group Party NYC

1995/11/07 Dead Man Press Conference Japan

1995/11/06 Dead Man TV Interview Japan

1995/11/06 Dead Man Photocall Japan

1995/11 NoT Jay Leno

1995/09/11 Bookparty

1995/09/04 HELP/Project

1995/09/03 TV Show Big Breakfast

1995/09 NoT TV Interview

1995/08/01 London Airport

1995/07/20 Divine Rapture

1995/07 London

1995/05/27 Dead Man Photocall Cannes

1995/05/26 Dead Man Premiere Cannes

1995/05/26 Dead Man Press Conference CannesCameo in Cannes Man

1995/05/22 Ed Wood Premiere Cannes

1995/05/22 Ed Wood Press/ and Photocall Cannes

1995/05/22 DJdM Photocall Cannes

1995/05/18 France

1995/04/29 Film Society Award

1995/04/03 DJdM Premiere LA

1995/03 NY Fashion Week

1995/01/21 Golden Globe

1995/01/17 Slayer Concert

1995/01/09 St. Barts


1994/12 Aspen

1994/11/01 Anna Sui Fail Fashion Show

1994/10EW TV Interview

1994/09/28 Top of the Pops

1994/09/28 Meeting Shane MacGowan

1994/09/25 Kids for Kids Benefit

1994/09/25 Mickey Rourke Birthday Party

1994/09/24 EW Premiere

1994/09/14 Orologia Restaurant NYC

1994/09/13 NYC Appearance Music Video

1994/09 Platoon TV Interview

1994/09 Book Party Naomi Campbell

1994/09 EW Press Event

1994/07 Paris

1994/05/04 APLA

1994/04/14 USoP

1994/04/13 FEZ

1994/04/05 Premiere for Serial Mom

1994/03/21 Academy Awards

1994/03 St. Barth’s

1994/02/22 DARE Benefit


1993/12/12 WeGG Premiere

1993/12WeGG Press Conference

1993/12WeGG Press Event

1993/12/03 Viper Room

1993/11WeGG Promotion Film Festival Barcelona

1993/10/14 NbC Premiere

1993/10 Viper Room

1993/08/14 Viper Room Opening

1993/05/17 Planet Hollywood

1993/04/01 Bash Night Club

1993/04 London

1993/03/17 Music Festival Texas, first gig of Band “P”

1993/02/25 BaJ Premiere LA

1993/02/22 BaJ Screening

1993/02/19 with John Waters

1993/02/11 Film Festival Berlin


1992/09/25 Single White Female Premiere

1992/05/10 Rosselini Prize Dinner Cannes

1992/05/08AD Premiere Cannes

1992/05/08 Cannes

1992/05/08 AD Photocall Cannes

1992/04/23 APLA

1992/03/28 IFP


1991/02/01 SotL Premiere

1991/01/19 Golden Globe Awards


1990/12/10 Mermaids Premiere

1990/12/06ES Premiere

1990/11ES Promotional Event

1990/09/27 Avalon Premiere

1990/09/24 Pacific Heights Premiere

1990/09/18 Herb Ritts Birthday Party

1990/07/16 the final 21 Jump Steet Episode on air

1990/06/14 LAX

1990/04/06 Cry Baby Premiere

1990/02/08 ShoWest Convention


1989/10/04 21 JS Screening

1989/07/31 Parenthood Premiere

1989/07/12 Vancouver

1989/06/26 GBoF Premiere

1989/03 Court Appearance

1989 filming Cry Baby


1988/08/21 21 JS Promotional Event

1988/08/05 Soleil Moon Frye’s Birthday Party

1988/07/25 Fox/Network/Party

1988/07/12 Die Hard Premiere

1988/07/09 AIDS/Benefit

1988/06/25 TV Show

1988/06/15 Australia

1988/06/01 TDaFoWC Premiere

1988/05/13 Nosotros Golden Eagles Awards

1988/05 APD Golf Tournament

1988/03/22 Opening JC/Nightclub

1988/02/14 LAX


1987/12/13 Feed the Valley Homeless Benefit

1987/11/21 JS Promotional Event

1987/02/04 Guest Appearance

Childhood (1986 and earlier)

1985 filmed Private Resort

1984 filmed “a Nightmare on Elm Street”

1983/12/24 Marriage in Miami

1983 moved to L.A with band “the Kids”

1981 member of the Kids, growing up in Florida

1963/06/09 8:44 am Johnny is born as John Christopher Depp II in Owensboro, Kentucky

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