Time line

2022 Jeff Beck Conerts

2022, Oct. 4Washington D.C., The Anthem
2022, Oct. 6Boston, MGM Music Hall at Fenway
2022, Oct. 7Port Chester, Capitol Theatre
2022, Oct. 8Port Chester, Capitol Theatre
2022, Oct. 10Red Bank, Count Basie Center for the Arts
2022, Oct. 13Kingston, Ulster Performing Arts Centre
2022, Oct. 14Huntington, The Paramount
2022, Oct. 15Huntington, The Paramount
2022, Oct. 17Toronto, Meridian Hall
2022, Oct. 19Nashville, Brown County Music Center
2022, Oct. 20Cincinnati, The Andrew J Brady Music Center
2022, Oct. 22Louisville, The Louisville Palace Theater
2022, Oct. 23Chicago, Chicago Theatre
2022, Nov. 1Phoenix, Celebrity Theatre
2022, Nov. 2Temecula, Pechanga Resort & Casino
2022, Nov. 4Las Vegas, The Pearl Concert Theater
2022, Nov. 5Thousand Oaks, Bank of America Performing Arts Center
2022, Nov. 6Los Angeles, Orpheum Theatre
2022, Nov. 8Anaheim, City National Grove of Anaheim 
2022, Nov. 9San Jose, San Jose Civic
2022, Nov. 10Sacramento, Hard Rock Live
2022, Nov. 11Reno, Grand Theatre, Grand Sierra Resort


2014/06/17 Blue Hills Pavilion preforming with Willie Nelson in Boston, MA

2014/06/09 Filming for “Black Mass” in Boston, MA

2014/05/29 Filming for “Black Mass” in the North End

2014/05/07 Apollo Theatre in NY

2014/05/06 Met Ball Gala 2014

2014/04/24 Broadway opening night of “Cabaret” in Studio 54 in NYC

2014/04/16 Press conference  for “Transcendence”

2014/04/13 Presents at MTV Movie Awards

2014/04/11 Ellen Show

2014/04/10 Premiere/After Party of “Transcendence” in LA

2014/04/07 Jimmy Kimmel Live

2014/04/05 LA Pressjunket for “Transcendence” in LA

2014/04/04 Today Show

2014/04/03 Late Night with David Letterman

2014/03/31 Premiere of “Transcendence” in China

2014/03/27 CINEMACON 2014, Las Vegas

2014/03/21 Promotional visit in China 

2014/03/15 His engagement party in LA

2014/03/07 Main Stage of Rodeo Austin, TX concert

2014/03/06 Texas Film Awards in Austin, TX

2014/02/17 Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Awards

2014/02/13 “3 Days to Kill” Premiere 

2014/01/25 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert in Anaheim

2014/01/13 Presented at the Golden Globes in LA 

2014/01/12 The Art of Elysium Gala in LA


2013/11/11 Filing in London for “Mortdecai”

2013/09/24 Dined with Sir Elton John and Lady Gaga in West Hollywood

2013/08/19 9th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever in LA

2013/08/10 BBC Radio 6 music

2013/07/24 Paris preiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/07/21 London premiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/07/19 Berlin premiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/07/17 Press conference/premiere “The Lone Ranger” in Japan

2013/07/16 At Narita Airport in Tokyo

2013/07/02 The Reelz Show 

2013/07/01 Jimmie Kimmel Live

2013/06/30 CBS Sunday Morning 

2013/06/27 Moscow premiere of “The Lone Ranger”

2013/06/26 Late Show with David Letterman

2013/06/24 Hollywood Walk of Fame honoring Jerry Bruckheimer

2013/06/22 Premiere of “The Lone Ranger” in LA, CA

2013/06/21 Attended the Comanche Nation premiere of “The Lone Ranger” in Lawton

2013/05/31 Getting gas at Chevron gas station in California

2013/05/16 Shooting with Morgan Freeman in South Valley in Albuquerque

2013/05/10 Shooting in LA for “Transcendence”

2013/04/27 Welcome to the 30th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

2013/04/17 CinemaCon, Las Vegas

2013/03/23 Kid’s Choice Awards, Los Angeles

2013/03/23 filming/recording with Keith Richards and others in Los Angeles

2013/03/15 seen in Los Angeles

2013/02/25 filming “Lucky Them” in Carnation (about 25 miles east of Seattle)

2013/02/21 David Letterman Show, New York

2013/02/10 introducing Mumford & Sons at Grammy Awards, Los Angeles

2013/02/09 attended Pre-Grammy Gala at The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles

2013/02/08  attended MusiCares Person Of The Year Honoring Bruce Springsteen at Los Angeles Convention Center

2013/01/15+16 in studio with Alice Cooper working on title track for his new album

2013/01/06 attending Marilyn Manson’s birthday party


2012/12/26 (? – probably eralier) photoshoot with Christopher Ameruoso

2012/12/22 visiting Mystery Pier Books in Los Angeles

2012/12/15 Visiting Rolling Stones concert in Newark, New Jersey

2012/12/08 playing with Alice Cooper at Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding, Comerica Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

2012/12/07 playing with Bill Carter & The Blame at The Mint, Los Angeles

2012/12/03 playing at Aerosmith concert, Staples Center, LA

2012/11/29 playing at Alice Cooper concert in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre

2012/11/28 rehearsal for Alice Cooper concert

2012/11/20 seen in Los Angeles

2012/11/15 playing at Petty Fest at The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles – day 2

2012/11/14 playing at Petty Fest at The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles – day 1

2012/11/09 with Lily-Rose at “One Direction” concert

2012/11/02 at shooting range in Los Angeles

2012/10/25 attending David Furnish’s (Elton John’s partner) birthday party

2012/10/15 publishing company “Infinitum Nihil” announced

2012/10/12 playing at Patti Smith concert at The Wiltern in LA

2012/10/00 filming his part for Disney’s new “Legend of Jack Sparrow” ride in Los Angeles

2012/09/29 Comanche Fair in Lawton, Oklahoma

2012/09/27 filming TLR in Los Angeles

2012/09/23 visiting Brooklyn Projects store in Los Angeles

2012/09/21 book presentation at Barnes & Noble in New York with Damien Echols

2012/09/18 filming TLR in Los Angeles

2012/09/12 recording with Bill Carter in Los Angeles

2012/09/09 getting the bird tattoo on his hand in Toronto

2012/09/08 Toronto International Fim Festival

2012/09/07 arrives in Toronto

2012/08/29 seen watching Mumford & Sons concert in Colorado

2012/08/25 playing with Gore Verbinski at New Mexico wrap party

2012/08/06 playing at Aerosmith concert in Los Angeles

2012/07/29 seen in Los Angeles

2012/07/18 Nice airport

2012/06/25 visits Austin tattoo shop for guitar player tattoo

2012/06/22 three hour meet & greet in Creede

2012/06/18 visits “Rare Things” shop in Creede

2012/06/03 MTV Movie Awards, Los Angeles

2012/05/31 working with Bill Carter on his new album at his home studion in LA (according to Bill Carters facebook page)

2012/05/25 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the Mint, Los Angeles

2012/05/16 adoption by LaDonna Harris and her family into Comanche tribe, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2012/05/13 Dark Shadows press event, Tokyo

2012/05/12 Dark Shadows premiere, Tokyo

2012/05/10 recording interviews for Dark Shadows promotion, London

2012/05/09 Dark Shadows premiere, London

2012/05/08 recording Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres shows, Los Angeles

2012/05/07 Dark Shadows premiere, Los Angeles

2012/05/06 Dark Shadows press conference, Los Angeles

2012/04/28 and 29 voiceover for Ralph Steadman’s movie “For No Good Reason” (according to Steadman’s facebook page)

2012/04/25 seen leaving Las Vegas with private plane

2012/04/24 CinemaCon , Las Vegas

2012/04/21 filming The Lone Ranger (photo with a fan while still in full makeup)

2012/04/19 Elton John concert, Las Vegas

2012/04/14 private concert with Steven Tyler, Marilyn Manson, Bruce Witkin, Bill Carter and others, Los Angeles

2012/04/12 meeting visitors from the Navajo Nation while filming The Lone Ranger in the Monument Valley

2012/04/11 Revolver Golden Gods Awards, playing with Marilyn Manson, Los Angeles

2012/04/07 meeting Larry King (according to Larry King’s facebook page)

2012/03/30 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the El Rey, Los Angeles

2012/03/29 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the Mint, Los Angeles

2012/03/17 gig with Bill Carter, Bruce Witkin and others at the Continental Club, Austin, Texas

2012/03/12 filming “My Valentine” video with Paul McCartney

2012/03/01 seen in LA

2012/02/28 start filming The Lone Ranger (according to Jerry Bruckheimer’s facebook page)

2012/02/27 seen in New York

2012/02/25 seen in New York

2012/02/12 visits pre-Grammy-gala, meeting Paul McCartney, Los Angeles

2012/02/07 seen having dinner at Sunset Tower Bar in LA

2012/01/15 Golden Globes, Los Angeles



2011/12/31 seen in Los Angeles

2011/12/01 visits Iggy Pop concert, Los Angeles

2011/11/22 seen in Los Angeles

2011/11/18 seen at Matt Umanov’s guitar store in New York

2011/11/08 The Rum Diary Premiere Paris

2011/11/07 Paris for recording of TV Show

2011/11/05 Q & A atOxford University

2011/11/03 The Rum Diary premiere London

2011/10/26 New York – Letterman Show

2011/10/25 The Rum Diary Premiere New York ( and playing with Keith Richards at the after show party)

2011/10/24 Q & A at Columbia University

2011/10/22 Q & A at University of Texas (Austin)

2011/10/21 The Rum Diary Premiere at Austin Film Festival, Texas

2011/10/17 Q & A University Berkley, San Francisco

2011/10/13 The Rum Diary premiere at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

2011/10/12  The Rum Diary Press Junket in LA

2011/10/11 Haute Living art exhibit at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles

2011/10/10 filming interview with Larry King

2011/10/10 seen leaving Madeo Restaurant in Hollywood after he had dinner with Elton John

2011/10/08 seen leaving 25 Degrees Restaurant in Los Angeles

2011/10/07 seen with Damien Echols (West Memphis Three) on Sunset Strip visiting Shamrock Tattoo

2011/09/13 seen while filming for Dark Shadows in South Devon, UK

2011/09/06 GQ awards, presenting the “writer of the Year” award to Keith Richards,  London

2011/09/03 filming for Ralph Steadman documentary

2011/09/02 seen at Bar Solo, Camden (London)

2011/08/17-21(?) seen in the south of France on the Vajoliroja

2011/08/06 visiting soccer game England vs. Wales together with Tim Burton

2011/08/00 visiting Vintage & Rare Guitars in London

2011/07/28 (?) filming for Rick Gervais show

2011/06/26 playing with Alice Cooper at the 100 Club in London

2011/06/20 seen in London, posing for a photo with fans in a restaurant

2011/05/28 seen in Los Angeles

2011/05/14 PotC4 Premiere Cannes Film Festival

2011/05/12 Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Premiere in Westfield Shopping Centre London

2011/05/11 Johnny at the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” at Moscow, Russia

2011/05/07 Johnny at the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” at Disneyland in Anaheim, California

2011/05/04 LA press conference for POTC 4

2011/04/29 recording of Ophrah show in Chicago and visiting local guitar store (Chicago Music Exchange)

2011/04/10 seen at the Magic Castle, Los Angeles

2011/04/02 Johnny Depp at the Kid’s Choice Awards at Galen Center / Los Angeles

2011/04/01 Johnny Depp supporting Penelope Cruz’ getting her Hollywood Star on April 1, 2011, Los Angeles.

2011/03/04+11+23 seen in Los Angeles

2011/03/02-03 Japan arrival and next day premiere/press conference for ‘The Tourist’.

2011/03/01 seen at Burbank Airport, Los Angeles

2011/02/20 (around that date) 2 days shoot for a “21 Jump Street the Movie” cameo

2011/02/18 seen at Vanessa’s concert in Los Angeles

2011/02/16 seen at Vanessa’s concert in New York

2011/02/14 Rango premiere and press call Los Angeles

2011/02/11 – 13 Rango pressjunket Los Angeles

2011/02/07 seen at The Standard hotel in Los Angeles

2011/01/27 and following days seen in Los Angeles

2011/01/18 and following days filming cameo for ‘Jack and Jill’

2011/01/16 Golden Globes Los Angeles

2011/01/05 People’s Choice Awards Los Angeles


2010/12/19 seen at Miami Dolphins game in Miami

2010/12/18 seen at Justin Bieber concert in Miami

2010/12/17 seen in Paris shopping at Ralph Lauren

2010/12/16 The Tourist premiere and pressconference Madrid

2010/12/15 The Tourist premiere and pressconference Rome

2010/12/14 The Tourist premiere and press conference Berlin

2010/12/07 Letterman show New York

2010/12/06 The Tourist premiere and pressjunket New York

2010/12/01 – 02 pressjuket for The Tourist in Paris

2010/09 – 10 filming POTC 4 in London

2010/09/15 dinner with Keith Richards in London

2010/09/14 seen in a hotel in Paris

2010/09/11-12 seein Paris, dinner with family at Brasserie Lipp

2010/09/08 until 2010/09/10 filming and photoshoot in Puerto Rico for PotC4

2010/09/08 arrival in Puerto Rico

2010/08/28 playing and speaking at the “Voices for Justice”, Little Rock, AR

2010/08/23(?) until 2010/09/07 filming for PotC4 at Universal Studios, Los Angeles

2010/07/09 possible visit at Montreux Festival (Switzerland)

2010/06/?? until 2010/08/17 filming for PotC 4, Hawaii

2010/06/07 Los Angeles

2010/05/18 Figaro Madame/Chanel dinner, Cannes

2010/03/22 AIW premiere Japan – press conference

2010/03/ ?? until 2010/05/17 filming in Venice for The Tourist

2010/02/27 arrival Venice

2010/02/25 Alice in Wonderland premiere London

2010/02/24 press junket for Alice in Wonderland in London

2010/02/20 press junket for Alice in Wonderland in LA

2010/02/19  Great Big Ultimate Fan Event for Alice in Wonderland in LA

2010/01/30(?)  filming with Keith Richards for documentary in L.A.

2010/01/15 leaving Serbia

2010/01/14 workshop and press conference Kustendorf Festival

2010/01/13 opening ceremony Kustendorf Festival Drvengrad

2010/01/12 arrival in Belgrad for Kustendorf Festival (Serbia)

2010/01/08 seen on his way to a business meeting in Hollywood (Los Angeles)

2010/01/06  People’s Choice Awards at the Nokia Theatre Los Angeles (Favourite Movie Actor of the Decade)


2009/12/20 seen while leaving the Shamrock Tattoo shop on Sunset boulevard in Hollywood (Los Angeles)

2009/12/13 Career Achievement Award Bahamas

2009/12/10 Public Enemies premiere Japan

2009/12/09 Public Enemies press conference (press junket) Japan

2009/12/08 arrival Japan

2009/11/17 Museum of Modern Art New York, opening Tim Burton exhibition

2009/11/08 at gallery opening of Kellisimone Waits and Tiffany Trenda,Frank Pictures Gallery, L.A.

2009/11/02 Halloween Special Event at the White House in Washington, D.C.

2009/10/17 Spike TV Scream Awards, Los Angeles

2009/10/13 at Bob Dylan concert, Los Angeles

2009/09/22 directing music video for Babybird at Hatfield House, Herts, UK

2009/09/11 appears at Disney Expo D23 as Jack Sparrow, Anaheim

2009/08/25 arrives at Nice airport

2009/07/23 Comic Con in San Diego

2009/07/03 leaving the Plaza Athenee hotel in Paris

2009/07/02 Public Enemies premiere Paris

2009/06/29 Public Enemies premiere London

2009/06/27 Da Silvano restaurant New York

2009/06/25 David Letterman Show

2009/06/23 Public Enemies premiere Los Angeles

2009/06/19 press junket in Chicago for Public Enemies

2009/06/18 Public Enemies premiere in Chicago

2009/03/22-06/09 filming in Puerto Rico for The Rum Diary

2009 /03 /20 Johnny reportedly in San Juan

2009 /03/ 12 Johnny supports World Kidney Day

2009/02/22+23 visits Paris

2009/02/02 starts recordings for the movie Rango in L.A.

2009/ 01 /27? Johnny spotted at Sunset Tower having lunch

2009/01/11 presenter at the 66th annual Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton


2008/10/13 appearance in L.A.

2008/09/30 Johnny in Guanajuato, Mecico, for finding the shooing place for the Rum Diary

2008/09/24 Disney Showcase as Jack Sparrow at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood

2008/09/14 Johnny in the Phoenix Satdium Glendale

2008/09/08 acceptance speech National Movie Awards

2008/08/26-30 Johnny in Florida, Kids Concert on August 29th and 30th

2008/07/03 Johnny on his yacht Vajoliroja

2008/06/30 Filming in St. Anita

2008/06/27 Filming in Lockport and St. Anne, meeting fans

2008/06/20-24 Filming in Chicago and meets fans

2008/06/15  flying home to L.A.

2008/06/10-13 Filming in Milwaukee and meets fans

2008/06/09 Filming in Chicago

2008/06/01 Wins two awards At the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

2008/05/30 Filming in Chicago and meets fans

2008/05/22 Filming in Chicago

2008/05/19 Filming in Chicago

2008/05/14 Filming in Columbus

2008/05/13 Filming in Beaver Dam

2008/05/12 Filming in Columbus

2008/04/27 Filming in Manitowish Waters

2008/04/24 Johnny wields a tommy gun shooting his latest movie

2008/04/17-18 Filming in Oshkosh and meets fans

2008/04/15 Johnny meeting fans in Winchester

2008/04/14 Filming in Oshkosh and meets fans

2008/04/07 and /11 Filming in Aurora and meets fans

2008/04/02 Filming in Chicago

2008/03/26 Johnny leaves Crown Point, Indiana

2008/03/25 Filming ‘Public Enemies’ in Crown Point, Indiana

2008/03/24 Arrives on the set in Crown Point

2008/03/21 Columbus, Wisconsin meet and greet with fans

2008/03/20 Darlington, Wisconsin meet and greet

2008/03/19 Dillinger Farm visit filming

2008/03/18 Meet and greet in Columbus

2008/03/17 Filming in downtown Columbus, Wisconsin

2008/03/02 Dillinger Farm visit with Jeff Scalf

2008/02/24 Academy Awards

2008/01/29 Johnny seen at Musso & Frank Grill, LA

2008/01/22 Johnny and Tim Burton interviewed by Jonathan Ross

2008/01/16 Paris France premiere for Sweeney Todd

2008/01/11 Press conference for Sweeney Todd in London

2008/01/10 UK premiere for Sweeney Todd, at Leicester Square Odean, London

2008/01/09 Sweeney Todd press conference in Japan.

2008/01/08 Japan Sweeney Todd premiere


2007/12/05 Sweeney Todd screening/Today Show L.A.

2007/11/26-28 Johnny in London for Sweeney Todd press conference and Christmas shopping

2007/09/05 Venice film festival

2007/07/20 near Elba (Italy) on his Yacht

2007/06/03 MTV Movie Awards

2007/05/26 in California

2007/05/23 Japan Premiere for At World’s End

2007/05/22 Johnny in Japan

2007/05/19 Pirates of the Caribbean: at Worlds End Disney Premiere

2007/05/07 interview day in The Dorchester in London

2007/05/03 last shooting day for Sweeney Todd at the Pinewood Studios, UK

2007/04/11 in London at the River Thames

2007/03 Sweeney Todd Shooting at the Pinewood Studios, UK

2007/03 Lily/Rose Melody in hospital, seriously ill

2007/01/28 Johnny playing guitar with the Kids at the Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert

2007/01/26 apperance in the Paul and Young Ron Show / Johnny in Miami

2007/01/07 in London, seen at Ciprianis


2006/12/30Edward Scissorhands Show

2006/12/12 End of shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: at World’s End

2006/11/21 Musso and Franks Restaurant on Hollywood Blvd

2006/10/19 Guadalupe Dunes/Redondo Beach, California, USA, shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – at world’s end

2006/08/22 Guadalupe Dunes/Redondo Beach, California, USA, shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – at world’s end – beginning

2006/08/20 Johnny at the 8th Annual Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre

2006/07/27 New York / Letterman Show

2006/07/10 – 9Tokyo – DMC Premiere

2006/07/06 Paris – DMC Premiere

2006/07/04-3 London (DMC Premiere 3rd)

2006/06/24 DMC Premiere Disney

2006/06 Make a Wish

2006/06/23 DMC Press Conference

2006/06/09-1 West Hollywood

2006/05/16 Sheriff Headquarter Los Angeles

2006/05/04 Nizza

2006/04/05 Geneva, Mont Blanc

2006/03/07 with Freddie Highmore

2006/02/24 Bahamas

2006/01/18 L.A.

2006/01/16 Golden Globe Awards

2006/01 Bahamas


2005/11/24 The Libertine Press Conf.

2005/11/11 AFI Fest.

2005/11/10 LA BAFTAs

2005/11/09 the Libertine Screening

2005/11/08 Rolling Stones Concert

2005/10/31 New York

2005/09/28 LAX LA

2005/09/22Jack on Stage

2005/09/16 Hand//Footprint Ceremony

2005/09/12 3rd Corpse Bride Press Conf. Toronto

2005/09/11 -10 Corpse Bride Press Conferences Toronto

2005/09/05-3 CATCF Press Conf. and Premiere Japan

2005/08/20 Hunter S. Thompson cannon ceremony

2005/07/17 CATCF Premiere London

2005/07/16 CATCF Press Junket London

2005/07/13 Jay Leno

2005/07/10 CATCF Premiere Hollywood

2005/06/26 CATCF Press Conf. Nassau

2005/05/21 Back to LA

2005/04/07 shooting PotC2 in the Caribbean

2005/04/02 Kids Choice Awards

2005/03/10 streets of L.A.

2005/03/05 Hunter S Thompson memorial

2005/02/27 Academy Awards in LA

2005/02/05 SAG Award in LA

2005/02/03 in Paris

2005/01/16 Golden Globes

2005/01/15 Tsunami Aid

2005/01/09 People’s Choice Award

2005/01 London


2004/12/04 Ciprianis, London

2004/11/29 Ciprianis, London

2004/11/17 Handprint Event, LA

2004/11/02 Oprah Winfrey Show

2004/10/30 AFI New York City

2004/10/29 New York City

2004/10/17 Finding Neverland Premiere London

2004/09/06 Burano

2004/09/05 -4 Film Festival Venice

2004/09 London

2004/07/18 France

2004/07/08 St. Tropez

2004/06/13 TV Interview

2004/06/04 MTV Movie Awards

2004/05/15 Rugby Game

2004/04/22 R & J Show

2004/04/14 Brussels

2004/03 Secret Window TV Interview

2004/02/29 Academy Awards

2004/02/28 Secret Window Press Junket

2004/02/15 BAFTA UK

2004/02 SAG Award

2004/01/27 LA Brea


2003/12/12Los Angeles

2003/12/07 Los Angeles with Jack Osbourne

2003/10/18 New York City

2003/10 Canada

2003/09/07 OUATIM Premiere New York City

2003/08/29 – 28 OUATIM Premiere Venice

2003/08/24 OUATIM Press Conference

2003/08/24 New York City

2003/08/23 OUATIM TV/Interview New York City

2003/08/17 New York City Restaurant

2003/07/07 Paris

2003/06/30 unknown

2003/06/28 POTC Premiere Disneyworld

2003/06/27 Jay Leno

2003/06/21 POTC Press Event

2003/06/18 Lettermann Show

2003/06/17 Bristol Hotel Paris

2003/03/03 St. Vincent

2003/02/18 Los Angeles


2002/12/22 Bristol Farms

2002/12/07 Los Angeles

2002/11/22 Los Angeles

2002/11/06 Los Angeles

2002/11/04 Rolling Stones Concert

2002/10/31 Los Angeles

2002/10/16 Los Angeles

2002/10 Beverly Hills

2002/07/25 LILM Party UK

2002/07/01 Dolce & Gabbana

2002/07 London

2002/05/22 St. Paul de Vence

2002/05/17 Cannes Film Festival

2002/04/10 Paris

2002/04/09 Jack John Christopher Depp III born

2002/02/26 New York City

2002/02/25 A & E’s Show

2002/02 London

2002/02 TV/Interview

2002/01/28 World Music Awards


2001/10/23 LA Court Date

2001/10/17 From Hell Premiere Los Angeles

2001/09/08 From Hell Premiere Venice

2001/09/07 From Hell Photocall Venice

2001/09/05 Blow Premiere Deauville

2001/07/22 Carhaix

2001/07/18 France

2001/06/22 San Diego

2001/06/06 Mexico, filming OUATIM

2001/06 OUATIM TV Interview

2001/05/22 Blow Premiere London

2001/05/06 London

2001/04/02 Los Angeles

2001/03/29 Blow Premiere Los Angeles

2001/03/25 Vanessa Paradis Concert

2001/03/16 Blow Press Conference

2001/01 Blow Press Conference Toronto


2000/12/15 Rosie O’Donell Show

2000/12/04 Chocolat Premiere New York City

2000/12 Chocolat Press Conference

09/2000 Spain, filming LILM

2000/07 Last Fast Show

2000/06/11 Prague, filming From Hell

2000/06/2 St. Tropez

2000/06 Bath

2000/05/09 Blockbuster Awards

2000/03 Los Angeles

2000/02 Blow TV Interview

2000/01/06 SH Premiere London

2000/01 Paris


1999/12/12 Iggy Pop Concert Paris

1999/11/19 SH TV Show

1999/11/18 Jay Leno Show

1999/11/17 SH Premiere LA

1999/11/16 getting the star on the Walk of Fame

1999/11/15 SH Charlie Rose Show

1999/11/12 sH David Letterman Show

1999/11/12 SH Press Conference San Francisco

1999/11 Los Angeles with Vanessa

1999/11 Los Angeles

1999/10/31 New York City

1999/10/29 Anniversary party

1999/10/27 Los Angeles

1999/10/24 Los Angeles

1999/10/11 Los Angeles

1999/09/09 MTV Music Awards

1999/07/30 Paris

1999/07/18 MTV Studios

1999/06 Paris

1999/05/27 Lily-Rose Melody Depp is born

1999/03/18 France

1999/03/15 St. Maxime

1999/03/12 Guest appearance

1999/03/06 Cesar Awards

1999/03 Havana, filming Before Night Falls

1999/02 Vienna

1999/01/30 London



1998/11/08 Los Angeles

1998/09/15 Toledo

1998/09/14 Ninth Gate Press Conference Toledo

1998/08/16 Paris

1998/07/12 France

1998/07/07 Paris

1998/06/01 LAX

1998/05/21 Book signing with Hunter S Thompson

1998/05/19 FaLiLV Premiere NYC

1998/05/15 FaLiLV Premiere Cannes

1998/05/14 Ninth Gate party Cannes

1998/05/11 FaLiLV Charlie Rose Show

1998/05/02 Los Angeles

1998/05 FaLiLV TV Interview

1998/04/05 Film Festival Paris

1998/02/15 RS Concert

1998/01/16 RS Concert

1998/01 Costume fittings

1998 meeting Vanessa in Paris


1997/12/15 Vienna

1997/12/13 P Concert Vienna

1997/12/11 Press Event Vienna

1997/11/10 RS Concert

1997/10/27 FaLiLV Party

1997/09/12 David Bowie Concert

1997/07/11 INXS Concert

1997/06/27 Book signing

1997/06/21 Ginsberg

1997/06/12 NYC Book signing

1997/06/11 Players Club NYC

1997/05/30 OWL Farm with Hunter S Thompson

1997/05/17 AmFar Dinner Cannes

1997/05/11 Cartier Reception Cannes

1997/05/10 The Brave Premiere Cannes

1997/03/13 Donnie Brasco Premiere Paris

1997/03/12 Film Festival Paris

1997/02/24 Donnie Brasco Premiere

1997/02/17 Hollywood

1997/02 Donnie Brasco TV Interview

1997/02 Donnie Brasco Press Conference

1997/01/04 London

1997/01 LAX

1997 Filming The Brave


1996/12/12 FaLiLV Wave Speech

1996/12/10 Cafe Europa

1996/12/08 Felix Award

1996/11/11 FaLiLV Anniversary Party

1996/09 Viper Room

1996/06/23 Sex Pistol Concert

1996/06/04 Mustique

1996/05/05 Dead Man Screening

1996/03/29 FIA Party NYC

1996 with Andy Gill


1995/12/02 Versace Bd/Party

1995/11/20 NoT Premiere LA

1995/11/19 Sinatra ABC Special

1995/11/11 Group Party NYC

1995/11/07 Dead Man Press Conference Japan

1995/11/06 Dead Man TV Interview Japan

1995/11/06 Dead Man Photocall Japan

1995/11 NoT Jay Leno

1995/09/11 Bookparty

1995/09/04 HELP/Project

1995/09/03 TV Show Big Breakfast

1995/09 NoT TV Interview

1995/08/01 London Airport

1995/07/20 Divine Rapture

1995/07 London

1995/05/27 Dead Man Photocall Cannes

1995/05/26 Dead Man Premiere Cannes

1995/05/26 Dead Man Press Conference CannesCameo in Cannes Man

1995/05/22 Ed Wood Premiere Cannes

1995/05/22 Ed Wood Press/ and Photocall Cannes

1995/05/22 DJdM Photocall Cannes

1995/05/18 France

1995/04/29 Film Society Award

1995/04/03 DJdM Premiere LA

1995/03 NY Fashion Week

1995/01/21 Golden Globe

1995/01/17 Slayer Concert

1995/01/09 St. Barts


1994/12 Aspen

1994/11/01 Anna Sui Fail Fashion Show

1994/10EW TV Interview

1994/09/28 Top of the Pops

1994/09/28 Meeting Shane MacGowan

1994/09/25 Kids for Kids Benefit

1994/09/25 Mickey Rourke Birthday Party

1994/09/24 EW Premiere

1994/09/14 Orologia Restaurant NYC

1994/09/13 NYC Appearance Music Video

1994/09 Platoon TV Interview

1994/09 Book Party Naomi Campbell

1994/09 EW Press Event

1994/07 Paris

1994/05/04 APLA

1994/04/14 USoP

1994/04/13 FEZ

1994/04/05 Premiere for Serial Mom

1994/03/21 Academy Awards

1994/03 St. Barth’s

1994/02/22 DARE Benefit


1993/12/12 WeGG Premiere

1993/12WeGG Press Conference

1993/12WeGG Press Event

1993/12/03 Viper Room

1993/11WeGG Promotion Film Festival Barcelona

1993/10/14 NbC Premiere

1993/10 Viper Room

1993/08/14 Viper Room Opening

1993/05/17 Planet Hollywood

1993/04/01 Bash Night Club

1993/04 London

1993/03/17 Music Festival Texas, first gig of Band “P”

1993/02/25 BaJ Premiere LA

1993/02/22 BaJ Screening

1993/02/19 with John Waters

1993/02/11 Film Festival Berlin


1992/09/25 Single White Female Premiere

1992/05/10 Rosselini Prize Dinner Cannes

1992/05/08AD Premiere Cannes

1992/05/08 Cannes

1992/05/08 AD Photocall Cannes

1992/04/23 APLA

1992/03/28 IFP


1991/02/01 SotL Premiere

1991/01/19 Golden Globe Awards


1990/12/10 Mermaids Premiere

1990/12/06ES Premiere

1990/11ES Promotional Event

1990/09/27 Avalon Premiere

1990/09/24 Pacific Heights Premiere

1990/09/18 Herb Ritts Birthday Party

1990/07/16 the final 21 Jump Steet Episode on air

1990/06/14 LAX

1990/04/06 Cry Baby Premiere

1990/02/08 ShoWest Convention


1989/10/04 21 JS Screening

1989/07/31 Parenthood Premiere

1989/07/12 Vancouver

1989/06/26 GBoF Premiere

1989/03 Court Appearance

1989 filming Cry Baby


1988/08/21 21 JS Promotional Event

1988/08/05 Soleil Moon Frye’s Birthday Party

1988/07/25 Fox/Network/Party

1988/07/12 Die Hard Premiere

1988/07/09 AIDS/Benefit

1988/06/25 TV Show

1988/06/15 Australia

1988/06/01 TDaFoWC Premiere

1988/05/13 Nosotros Golden Eagles Awards

1988/05 APD Golf Tournament

1988/03/22 Opening JC/Nightclub

1988/02/14 LAX


1987/12/13 Feed the Valley Homeless Benefit

1987/11/21 JS Promotional Event

1987/02/04 Guest Appearance

Childhood (1986 and earlier)

1985 filmed Private Resort

1984 filmed “a Nightmare on Elm Street”

1983/12/24 Marriage in Miami

1983 moved to L.A with band “the Kids”

1981 member of the Kids, growing up in Florida

1963/06/09 8:44 am Johnny is born as John Christopher Depp II in Owensboro, Kentucky

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