Interview Transcripts needed

While JDorg is nearly complete in everything, we seek one thing: interviews (and articles). The interview archives are relatively empty, and wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of archive that you can search through? Like “I know he said that but when was it?” and your an put in a word and have the interview?

It is very time intensive, and additionally – you need to know English very well to understand every single word of an interview.

This is where you come into.

Listen to one of the interviews with Johnny Depp, for example one of those from our downloads section, make a transcript like this – may it be directly into an email or in Word or any other way. Drop it to us by mail and we’ll add it to the site. Please add date (month or year if it is not known) and title (like “Oprah Show…”) to it, too, so we know where to put it. You’ll be listed as guest author of course. And if you get a chance to write in the comments, what you’re working on, that’d be great, so no duplicates will be there.

Everybody who sends in 15 transcripts or more can get a email account like “” as long as it is not already taken (if they have not been used for 1 year  or if you use them for illegal stuff like sending spam mails, I’ll remove the account, though)  and as long as we have email accounts (around 50). Emails are running through googlemail.

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