• Yes! Thanks so much!

  • Can u get the .u.my tweights in no gym hours Hours my. Arms legs be all toned upoxic sweat wrap 60 min it has u sweat it all out 60nmin one goes down 2 sizes they’d charge me $100 even ddegenddegenerous go there it’s warm. Gauze feels rwas genius did tiny hole with tube when got home saw it all Drain out if it burt & u swallow infection its serious Happened to my cat she kept up a meow 24/7 vet told me too.late if I hit that she will pass I persuaded lust go round area & clean hervmouth she got mad hit the Abscess my Cat died in my arms uvfeel bad as u don’t know better but Ellen’s wrapper caught mine before it broke u could ask them in Switzerland the SPA people do that don’t even have it in Vegas her spa was in Santa Monica makes u slender fastreal good she kept making gauze wrap. Its 110 today warm it all Sweats out instead vheavy weights Last time she wrapped my cheeks my mouth was Throb throb ow Ran into my dentist he looked I n said theirs ACCESS up near jr cheek has Drain out fast U know Ellen u gave her expensive Elephant painting ..She owes you..hope your king FAMOUS COOL KING..

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