Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Premiere


I had begun working in NYC in early May while on break from school. Well 3 of my close friends happened to be in the city on the day of the Fear and Loathing premiere, although I had no idea it was going on. Well they got wind of it mid-day and hurried down (camera in hand) to capture the whole thing for me.

My friend Jesse, a sometimes over zealous fellow, somehow got into the press box at the premiere. He said that it had been getting late and he thought that maybe Johnny wasn’t coming. However, out from the last limo to arrive, stepped Johnny himself.

I will now tell the story as Jesse told it to me:

Johnny stepped from the limo wearing a dark suit and the appropriate dark sunglasses and began to walk the red carpet. By now the photographers and on-lookers were whipped up into a frenzied excitement. Jesse said that people were climbing all over each other, shouting his name. Jesse, who is usually calm, said that at this point even he was star struck. I guess he was swept up in the moment or something but he became obsessed with getting Johnny’s attention.

Jesse started taking pictures and shouting his name but did not think he could be heard over the photographers who were doing the same thing. Well just as Jesse was sure that Johnny was about to pass him–Johnny stopped with his back facing Jesse for the photographers. Jesse started shouting for Johnny’s autograph–and with that Johnny turned around–lowered his sunglasses, and as Jesse tells it looked “intensely” into his eyes. Jesse repeated his request and Johnny was polite and took his time signing an advertisement for Fear and Loathing that Jesse had taken from a magazine. Jesse thanked him and Johnny said “your welcome” and that concludes the close encounter—although I made Jesse tell it over a few times to make sure I had savored every detail.

I realize that this is not the most action packed meeting and although it comes to me second hand, I did make out with a few crazy little souvenirs (photos, autograph, etc.) that I enjoy. My favorite, however, is the blue sharpie marker Johnny used to sign with. He had put one end in his mouth and bit down when pulling off the cap leaving his teeth marks clearly defined on the other end. Ah…the little things that make me happy!

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