Fans Devoted to Depp in Oshkosh

Even though Mann was on set no one seemed
to take notice as devoted Depp fans waited
for a glimpse of Johnny except for occasionally
chanting Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! they mostly waited in
silence. Streetwise was taken by surprise by this
devotion to Johnny. They have no desire to see
Hollywood in action unless it involved Johnny.

Excited breaks out as a simple wave finally comes
their way from an SUV as Depp returned to the
Masonic Temple to shoot a scene involved cheers and
ended in a mad dash to the filming front lines.
This simple gesture seemed to make the crowd happy
even though it was just a simple wave. They were
satisfied that Johnny knew they were there and
that he appreciates them. Streetwise feels he made
their day.

Article Credit
jbollier [at] thenorthwestern [dot] com

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