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Amber Heard Laughs At Him

I am very sorry this video is not available at the moment. It does show how much Mr. Depp would rather hit or kick an inanimate object than to hurt a person. It is obvious in the recording he had bad news or something, and she laughs. If she was afraid of him, she would go following him around recording, while he is obviously angry and wants to be away from her. The video just shows he is angry not at her, and he takes out his anger by slamming cabinet doors and kicking the lower ones. Because I can not provide the video yet I can send you to it.…

Heard’s Case Wrecked Live

This stream has been great, appreciate you both so much. I think there will be no other settlement. The lawyer told me to clean my ex out because he was wealthy and could replace every thing except me by the next day. I told him I just wanted out alive, and a little help finding a small place to live. He said -I am just reminding a lot of women come back after the papers were signed, there is no coming back and changing anything. Maybe it is different in other states, but in Scott County, TN.  Once those papers are signed that is supposed to be it.