Bop, April 1989 – What’s All This Talk About Johnny Depp?!

Title: What’s All This Talk About Johnny Depp?!

Publication: Bop

Issue: April 1989


Photo1When you’re John Christopher Depp II, you get used to being the prime subject of conversation.

Fortunately, Johnny (which he prefers to be called) doesn’t take himself too seriously. His attitude is that people are going to talk, so why not let them?

Since most of the chatter concerning this 25-year-old talent is positive, Johnny’s feelings are rarely hurt, nor, surprisingly enough, has he let any flattery go to his head. He simply takes it all in stride.

“Getting attention from the public is very nice, but it’s still a little strange, you know?” he ponders aloud with a clear gaze in his brown eyes that lets you know he is too strong to ever allow fame to affect his ego.

If there is any truth to the study of astrology, then it’s only natural that this Owensboro, Kentucky-native takes an easygoing stance on his celebrity status.

According to the stars, it is a characteristic of those born under the sign of Gemini, as Johnny was, (June 9, 1963 was the magical date) to be the most talked about and controversial folks in the entire zodiac!

Of course, Johnny didn’t exactly choose a career that’s custom-made for those who prefer to keep out of the public eye. As someone who’s dedicated to the field of entertain­ment, the son of John and Betty Sue Depp has shown that he’s quite willing to open his heart and soul to the people of the world.

The fact that his role as “Tommy Hanson” on 21 Jump Street has made him an instant role mode for teenagers, who gain insight into such issues as drug abuse, sex and moral responsibility when they watch the show, places him even further in the spotlight of public discussion.

Again, this attention has not made Johnny shy away. Rather, it makes him proud because he sees firsthand that he is making a difference, which, to him, is the entire purpose of being an actor.

“I’ve talked to teenagers who have told me a certain episode of Jump Street made them under­stand that their problems weren’t unsolvable. It’s great that we’ve been able to help them in that way,” smiles the 5’10” tall performer.

“Natural cool”

Part of what makes Johnny so charismatic and influential on the screen is that he has what some refer to as “natural cool.” In other words, he doesn’t try to be cool—he just is!

Many people work hard at creating an image by wearing only certain clothes, talking in a certain way and hanging out at all the right places. But Johnny doesn’t have the time to play this image game.

There are no trendy outfits in this unique guy’s wardrobe. He wears only what is comfortable. As a matter of fact, this lover of antiques admits that sometimes he looks a bit on the sloppy side! And yet, to others, Johnny always manages to look sharp!

When approached on the subject of image, modest-minded Johnny simply remarks, “1 don’t know what cool is. I just be myself.”

Johnny’s commitment to being an individual is something that comes through in his humor, and it’s also something that makes people eager to figure him out.

Though the usually serious subject matter handled on Jump Street rarely allows him to show off his comedic skills, those who know him well say that Johnny is a regular barrel of laughs that is if you can appreciate humor of a decidedly offbeat sort!

For instance, when asked what he would do if one day he woke up and his acting career was over, Johnny matter-of-factly replied that he would move to a faraway island and sell turtles for a living! You see, Johnny comes up with remarks that are so unusual, and even silly, that you just have to laugh.

But because his brand of humor is anything but typical, Johnny’s jokes often leave folks saying to themselves, “Is he kidding or could he possibly be serious?!”

Sight for sore eyes!

One characteristic about Johnny that is definitely not controversial, yet still has a lot of folks talking, is his gorgeous looks! There is no question about it—with his lean build, sensitive eyes, soft brown hair and well-chiseled features, Johnny is a pleasure to look at!

And although Johnny himself doesn’t make a big fuss over his looks, others do, especially those of the opposite sex!

With the popularity of 21 Jump Street, Johnny’s handsome face has become familiar to girls all over the world. But all this attention from the female of the species isn’t anything new to Mr. Depp.

It was back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when Johnny was a member of an aspiring band called The Kids that he received his first taste of sex symbol status.

Recalls Suszanne Witkin, the wife of one of Johnny’s former bandmates, “When you’re a member of a band, you naturally tend to attract a lot of attention from girls. But there were five guys in The Kids, and most of the girls liked Johnny the best.”

At first, being admired by the opposite sex made Johnny, who is shy by nature, a tad embarrassed. However, as time went on, this adaptable fella began to like all the positive female feedback!

To this day, Johnny takes his knack for attracting attention all in stride. He understands the need people have to know about one another. After all, he has a curious streak himself. And besides, he’s enough of an optimist to believe that folks will talk about the good rather than the bad!

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