Amber Heard Responds to Johnny Depp’s Denial for UK Appeal in ‘Wife Beater’ Trial


Author: Just Jared

Amber Heard‘s reps are responding to the news that Johnny Depp was denied an appeal in the UK trial against the use of the phrase “wife beater.”

Depp requested a retrial back in December for his 2020 libel claim against The Sun over an article calling him a “wife beater” amid his ex wife’s allegations against him, which a High Court judge found was “substantially true.” Today, he was denied.

Amber‘s reps responded, “We are pleased — but by no means surprised — by the Court’s denial of Mr. Depp’s application for appeal. The evidence presented in the UK case was overwhelming and undeniable. To reiterate, the original verdict was that Mr. Depp committed domestic violence against Amber on no fewer than 12 occasions and she was left in fear of her life. The verdict and lengthy, well-reasoned Judgment, including the Confidential Judgment, have been affirmed. Mr. Depp’s claim of new and important evidence was nothing more than a press strategy, and has been soundly rejected by the Court.”

Amber revealed a lot of bombshells on the stand and one of her emails to Depp was actually read aloud in court.

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