Month: March 2012

New “Dark Shadows” Banner and info

Click on the thumbnail to see it in its full size

In other news, “Dark Shadows” won the award for the Best Production to Work On, given by the The Film Artistes Association. You can read more about it HERE

Also, thanks to Dark Shadows News, we learned that Warner Bros will be promoting Dark Shadows at the trade event CinemaCon, which takes place on April 24 in Las Vegas. The presentation is expected to include sneak peek footage from the movie with personnel from the film in attendance.

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Three “Dark Shadows” TV Spots and batches of screencaps added

The marketing campaign for “Dark Shadows” has officially started and we are in for a treat, with 3 HQ TV Spots revealing scenes never before seen.

We added them in our gallery and you can download them from HERE
or by clicking on the titles below:
“Dark Shadows” TV SPOT #1
“Dark Shadows” TV SPOT #2
“Dark Shadows” TV SPOT #3

The screencaptures can be found:
HERE, for the 1st TV SPOT
HERE, for the 2nd TV SPOT
HERE, for the 3rd TV SPOT

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“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” screencaps added to our gallery

Yo-ho, yo-ho a pirate’s life for…us. We added tons of screencaps from the fourth installment of Pirates of the Carribean to our galleries. Check out the following updates:

Main Movie
“Johnny and Judy” featurette
“Two Jacks” featurette
“Mutiny” featurette
“Mermaids” featurette

Here are some previews:

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“Dark Shadows” TV Spots

The first 2 TV Spots for Dark Shadows have finally been aired and you can watch them right below.




Also, check the screencaps for the first TV Spot in our gallery HERE

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Hundreds show up for Lone Ranger casting call

Hundreds showed up for an open casting call in Durango for the Lone Ranger on Friday.

Richard Tavenner missed his first chance to be an extra.

“I found out they was having tryouts in Santa Fe so I hitchhiked down there and found out I was late,” said Tavenner.

But this time he was first in line.

“Well I slept by the river last night and I hitch hiked from Cortez yesterday to get here,” he said. Many of the hundreds in line traveled from far away.

“It was about a six hour drive,” said Colorado Springs resident Scott Stanley.

And some even dressed the part.

“I’ve done a few movies before. My sister works in the industry so this is old hat this is what you do,” said Durango resident Rod Sweet.

Casting directors are looking for men and woman over the age of 18, all shapes and sizes with any level of experience.

The movie, starring Johnny Depp, will start filming in June and calls for hundreds of extras. People said they weren’t surprised by the large turnout.

“Well i think it’s just part of America. Any western, it’s in our lore…it’s in our history,” said Stanley.

And everyone has high hopes.

“This is like a dream for me…just even this right here is a dream for me at the moment,” said Durango resident, Boone Grisby.


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Johnny’s condition to appear in the movie “21 Jump Street”

Johnny Depp, who started his career on the 1980s TV show “21 Jump Street,” was happy to return to his “Jump Street” roots for a cameo in the Sony movie — but only if his television castmate came along.

So not only does Depp have a cameo, but Peter DeLuise, who played Officer Doug Penhall on the Fox TV show, also appears.

IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE, read more HERE, but if you haven’t, stop reading, because there are BIG SPOILERS IN THE ARTICLE IN REGARDS TO JOHNNY’S CAMEO.

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