Month: October 2011

Vanessa and Johnny duet on Lulu Gainsbourg album

As for Vanessa Paradis and Marianne Faithfull, who had worked with the father before the son, they did not hesitate to join the project. “Vanessa said yes right away because it is a tribute album. Ditto for Marianne. If it has revived things, it’s more for them than for me … that was not there. ”

Sly, Lulu smiled corner when we think the duo Johnny Depp / Vanessa Paradis, who responds by song on Melody Nelson. “Johnny is a musician in his own right. He has the soul and is quite a character. It was he who rebuilt the music. And the voice, I found it fun to switch roles: Jane is sung by Johnny and my father was taken by Vanessa. But it’s true that it is sacred first to have both as a duo. ”


The CD will be available on November 22, 2011 as Special CD/DVD Edition or just the CD.

You can here a sample of the song here

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Johnny Depp on Letterman Oct. 26, 2011

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: It’s a big show; going to get a big star – like Johnny Depp.

First guest is a three time academy award nominated actor and one of the all time coolest guys on the planet, he stars in a new film entitled ‘the Rum Diary’, which opens tomorrow
Ladies and Gentleman, here he is: Johnny Depp.
That’s good, good to see you.

JOHNNY DEPP, ACTOR: Nice to see you.

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: That sounded great Paul, thank you very much.
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny how are you?

JOHNNY DEPP, ACTOR: I’m allright.

LETTERMAN: Good to see you my friend.

DEPP: You too, thank you.

LETTERMAN: How was your summer? What did you do? Were you working?

DEPP: I was working.

LETTERMAN: Creating movies?

DEPP: I made a film.

LETTERMAN: What film did you make?

DEPP: I made another film with Tim Burton called ‘Dark Shadows’.

LETTERMAN: ‘Dark Shadows’ – and it’s a vampire movie?

DEPP: Something like that.

LETTERMAN: How is your family?

DEPP: They’re great.

LETTERMAN: How are the girls? You get like a teenager and a nine-year old.

DEPP: My girl is 12

LETTERMAN: Boy and a girl

DEPP: Yes, and my boy is nine and they’re just growing all too fast.

LETTERMAN: I remember one time, when the kids were much younger you described them like  beeing taking care of small drunks

DEPP: Yes, there is that syndrom ‘the tiny drunk’
LETTERMAN: And how has that evolved, hopefully it’s evolved, what is it evolved to now?

DEPP: It’s slightly less drunk, but still teetering.

LETTERMAN: What I’ve run into here now is a patch I hope it’s only a patch of everything is no.
Whatever I suggest, whatever I ask for – everything is no. And then you have to work around it
and boy, is it tiring

DEPP: Yes, there’s the ‘no’ and then there’s the ‘why.’

LETTERMAN: Believe me, I’m not a a quip for a ‘why’

DEPP: Yeah ‘why comes that’ – but it’s the endless ‘why’

LETTERMAN: But the girl now what is she – I mean she’s going to be in high school isn’t she?

DEPP: Yes, she’s in Junior High. She’s verging on tennagedom – which is frightening; I mean really frightening…make up and things.

LETTERMAN: Make up – believe me, if that’s all you got to worry about you’re home free.

DEPP: Yeah, she’s quite astonishing. I mean big trouble.

LETTERMAN: Listen: what happens if she comes home and says: ‘Dad I spent 14 years admiring your body art…what do we do then,

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Johnny on Graham Norton show

Johnny is scheduled to appear on The Graham Norton Show on November 4th at 10.35pm on BBC One

Episode Name:Johnny Depp, Ricky Gervais, Ed Byrne, Snow Patrol
Air date:11/4/2011
Summary: Graham is joined on the show by Johnny Depp, Ricky Gervais, Ed Byrne and Snow Patrol.


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