Month: January 2010

+++ WARNING +++

I don’t want to discuss this terrible hoax here.


The only reason somebody started this hoax is to get as much people as possible to click on obscure links!

So please: Everybody who clicked on links that promised some more information about this ‘story’ please check your computer for Trojans and spyware!!! Some of these links are contaminated for example with spy software “Troj/Dldr-DB” or “Win32tr_yBanker”. This software is designed to steal online banking information. It could be that your normal antivirus software does not find this Trojan. So please check your system also with an anti-Malware software like Ad-Aware.

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Update-Pirates Of the Caribbean 4

Filming for POTC 4 On Stranger Tides is starting very soon. Johnny was at Disney studios for two days last week for his fittings and meetings there. The black pearl left its harbor two weeks ago and set sail, for filming to begin. Johnny is still in Los Angeles but is thought to be gone very soon to begin filming.

Also some extra information-
Marty will not be in this POTC movie. Most of the crew is not going to be there. The script is going to be very different from anything they have done before.
Filming time will be cut in half to reach the release and post production dates that are set.
Parts of the movie will be filmed in Hawaii.

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